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  1. Hello! Have your recruitment applications been accepted or not yet reviewed? My application has not been reviewed

    1. Wesjet


      They will reply to you when they get to it 😀

  2. Dear my followers,

    Add-On Team recruitment is open. Do not forget apply if you want. Good luck

  3. Hello! Have your recruitment applications been accepted or not yet reviewed?

  4. I am very excited. Will I be a Report Moderator?

  5. How many hours have you played Euro Truck Simulator 2 in your Steam library?

  6. Have you received any bans this month?

  7. What's your mood?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Knight of the Night

      Knight of the Night

      I hope you will be happy soon

    3. [KızılTürk] Sinyordess

      [KızılTürk] Sinyordess

      thank u broo have good day 😇

    4. Knight of the Night

      Knight of the Night

      Thank you. Have a good day

  8. Guys, I completed the application. I hope the one who deserves wins. Good night everyone

  9. Dear my followers, 


    I am going to apply GM. I hope whoever deserves it wins. Good luck everyone.

  10. I think I'll be GM this time. I'm confident

    1. I am Faridh ~

      I am Faridh ~

      I'll apply too, good luck bro :HaulieLove:,

    2. Knight of the Night
  11. Thank you for following @aesthxwolf

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