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  1. You can find the cars att all truck dealers. And you are only allowed to use it on #eu2
  2. It may also be network stutter that´s my problem. Running on Wifi or enthernet cable?
  3. Ok so as you dont seem to find a solution I´d recommend to uninstall MP and uninstall ets/ats then go into you document folder and see if ther still are files from the game in it. Then delet them if ther is any. (the save games will also get deleted). Now install ets/ats and lanch it. Any problems? If not go download MP and make sure you select the correct directories when installing it. Then I´d think it will work. Thats my point on what you should do but you still decides wether or not you want to peform this action.
  4. Okay so to make this clear. To make You jobs synced between players you will need to use one of the webpages provided below. Then to get it setup and ready you will need to: Go to your documents folder, choose American Truck Simulator or Euro Truck Simulator 2, and edit the config.cfgMy example path: Documents\American Truck Simulator\config.cfgOnce you've opened it, press Ctrl + F and search for g_save_format and change the value to "2".uset g_save_format "2"Save the file and start ATS/ETS and save your game. After that find your newest game.sii file in the profiles folder and upload the file to one of the provided webpages. http://atssync.de/ http://www.ets2sync.com/ Note! That you will need to re download the save games after that you sleep, take a ferry, restart the game or somethimes even after you have done F7 + Enter. Hope this was helpfull!
  5. If you want to use a VTC you need to make a VTC in http://myvtc.net/ or something similar. Then everyone who joins goes to that webpage and log in to you conpany where they will be able to logg ther drives and you conpany will earn money. so to say. Hope this helped
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