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  1. Bergen is empty, C-D road is empty, Rotterdam is empty - where are all the players?


    1. LordBenji


      With the server still being full, do you realize you could have been driving through everyone in your way without knowing it? It is known as a desync glitch and can be confused as NCZ hack (usually players need a strong evidence to prove if it was hacking).

  2. Jag kör gärna lite nu under eventet, var kan jag finna er?
  3. How does the Heavy cargo DLC work in MP? 


    Let's pretend that I drive around with a truck configurated with parts from the DLC hauling a trailer from the DLC. 


    1. Will I crash others?


    2. Will other players load the textures? If no, what will happen if they drive in to the area which is obtained by my trailer?

  4. What's the thing with SCS and their DLC-giveaways? Those who are working/studying or just havn't got time to grab the DLC at those excact two hours, ot those who live in a part of the world eight hours before us, should they be punished? You know better @RootKiller and the others at SCS!

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    2. mutlob


      Come on man, don't complain about something free. SCS doesn't have to do something at all, let alone cater to your individual needs... (no, I did not get the free DLC unfortunately, I was late as well)

    3. El Gran Rojo

      El Gran Rojo

      i work and do others thing too i just looked facebook 4hours ago an took me 5mins in my phone so you're just crying because you are lazy and dont want to take that little effort to get a FREE item, they can do it the way they wanted and they cannot be forced to discuss this with anyone. in any case sorry for your lost.

    4. Tandre


      @Valroy_CL Lazy!? That one made my day! I'd rather see an event for the DLC, which would require more effort of the players..

  5. Why does it take so long time to get the trailer-DLC supported? 

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    2. Spirit Omega Wolf

      Spirit Omega Wolf

      @Aragon0450 SCS are nothing to with TruckersMP. They're free to code it however they like. With new hit boxes with them and more detailed textures the code will be different. Just give MP devs time and wait. If you want it so badly go learn to code and help them. 

    3. Tandre


      @TrademarkGamer, @Spirit_Wolf


      I havn't even got that DLC, so it's not bothering me! I was just curious, but I'm sorry if you got offended, I truly am.

    4. Spirit Omega Wolf

      Spirit Omega Wolf

      Not having a go at you Owl. Sorry if it seemed like that. Just had a go at Aragon for blaming SCS for the delay.

  6. Hello,


    Does anyone here know about a currently working winter mod, which makes the roads slippery?

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      I don't, but if you never fix your tires, you should get the same effect.

    2. Tandre


      Will try- thank you! 

  7. Probaly not. I'd rather buy something DLC-like, maybe some special paintjobs, some special accessories for your truck? Maybe exclusive acces to events hosted on special servers and so on... That's what I'd like; however it seems like the very majority would buy a T-shirt, so I might have to give way on this one!
  8. Iceland wins, 2-1 against England, this means that they will meet Italy in semifinal... England is out. First brexit- now this... The whole coutry is probaly shaking!

    1. Mirrland


      I knew England would be out before Wales :D

  9. Have someone noticed that when you quit exit game, and then tab out, you're still in the game? 

    1. stilldre1976


      you mean the exe still running matey? last few updates ive had this, alot of extra play time on steam too haha

    2. adr29truck


      Ya indeade..

  10. PENALTIES!! 


  11. Anyone whatching the Madrid-derby right now? What do you think so far? :)

    1. Stuart  (GB)

      Stuart (GB)

      I am From Derby -sort of- but i dont follow footy

  12. Hello,


    Anyone here up for some Trucking, Spintires, Battlefield or Farming Simulator? :) Would be fun if we could get together a little crew in honour of the easter! 

    1. PursuitGamer6


      Ehm, i'm up for some BF4 (PC) within an hour. Add me: FightingFTW

    2. Tandre


      Great - frined request sent! If someone else wants to join; add me, "MargaretaDrejare" on Origin (Ofc without " ".) 

  13. Happy easter everyone! :)

  14. @The Leeds Lad Havn't you got your PC back yet?
  15. Hello, It's not only you having this issue, it's a common issue. I hope you manage to sort it in some way! Regards, Owl
  16. Before praying for Belgium; can we pray for some other countries too? How about Syria, where those attacks is commonplace? Maybe Afghanistan? Or why not Bulgaria?


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    2. Amazing Red Panda

      Amazing Red Panda

      Syria is handled by military, its a war zone. People pray for belgium because its a civil area and not in a war.

    3. Darth Wazawai

      Darth Wazawai

      ^that would be understandable if, and only if the people in Syria moved there knowing full well what they where getting into. Truth is most are either stuck their or born there etc.


      It's like saying all north koreans dont deserve our prayers if a natural disaster was to happen there killing thousands... The only difference is one country is at worth with its self while the other is at war with the world (behind closed doors doing everything they have been told not to do).


      You're also saying this girl does not deserve a prayer to ensure her safety and well being? Prayers have no limit when it comes to people in need. The question is how many are willing to pray for all?


    4. Amazing Red Panda

      Amazing Red Panda

      We all give those people support in middle east without relising it. All those soldier fighting in middle east got their food and water is from our tax :D

  17. New police car video!

  18. Interesting... Will check this out!
  19. Wow, BeedanGamingTV, aka. T7 Pilot... Hello time machine! It's not reasonable to be permanently banned for ramming an admin, and you've been banned for over one year. Drop Clarkinator a PM and I'm sure he will sort this out. Best of luck, Owl
  20. Awesome! Do you have any in-action video? -Owl
  21. What a fast update - tribute TruckersMP-team!

  22. Kenworth W900 Hype!

  23. TruCkDr1V3r, can you speed Chinese? :P

    1. konfig0


      Nope, all credits to SprinterFS ;)

    2. Tandre


      Ah, I see; thank you for fast answer! :D

  24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0Mq7mkZnJ0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0Mq7mkZnJ0 - I find this advert so disturbing. Talk about prostitution...
    1. Flashylights


      You do the maths

    2. Puncake
    3. BadDriver


      lol, the ads for Dacia are cooler on other countries than in its origin country, Romania.

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