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  1. dIQhDlN.png

    6 Years, many memories made, great friends along the way too, this is the #bestcommunityever without a doubt. 

    Here is to the future! ❤️  

  2. So 6 years, how times fly. Who's excited for what the future holds?

    1. TeamAudi_Chemistry_EM


      Future..? maybe don't recruit anything to fly? Nah xD


    2. VeLociTy XTRoLl

      VeLociTy XTRoLl

      Excited to see what's to come! 😁

  3. Going live over at https://twitch.tv/z1rox with @Smoky_TMP. We are doing a Q&A as well as driving around!

  4. Remember, stay safe out there and wash those hands!

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    2. Bin4T.


      #StayAtHome ❤️ 

    3. Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Yeh,Everyone should take care of themselves and pay attention to hygiene!I wish you all peace and health!

    4. TeamAudi_Dongkyu_EM


      Take care of yourself, too! 😀

  5. We doing that stream thingy again 👀

  6. Thank you all for the congratulation messages ❤️

  7. Thank you all for the Birthday Messages yesterday 😍

    1. Caernage


      Oh I completely forgot your birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY even if I'm kinda late but it's ok, let's go take your cake ( do you want chocolate, nuts, strawberries? ) and let's start a PPPAAAAAAARRRTTTTTTYYYYYYYY.


      DJ, let's go play the sounds!

    2. JamesS014


      Happy late birthday.

  8. https://www.twitch.tv/z1rox We are live! Come drop by 😍

  9. Experienced in Events and Convoy Control? Why not check out our latest recruitment!

  10. Not up to much this morning? Why not come and hang out at the Ministry!


    1. [BEARS] Respect

      [BEARS] Respect

      Have a safe journey!

  11. Weekend is here! What are you up to for the next couple of days? 

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    2. Zirox


      Apart from TMP, work both today and tomorrow :(

    3. SarahMaddy


      Aw no! That sucks.. I am sorry to hear. 

    4. [BEARS] Respect

      [BEARS] Respect

      Morning work and then winter, forest, children, mountains :) and TMP :)

  12. Good Morning!

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    2. MarkON


      Hi. Have a nice day CM :tmp:


    3. -Cary-


      Good morning!

    4. [BEARS] Respect

      [BEARS] Respect

      Good Morning!

  13. Thank you for all the congratulations messages! I am looking forward to my new role ❤️  

    1. [BEARS] Respect

      [BEARS] Respect

      Good luck and patience! Continue to contribute to the development of TMP!

    2. Snap Dragon

      Snap Dragon

      Ziroxyy 🤗🥰

  14. VJ2mKag.png


    1. SarahMaddy


      That is wonderful, I like it. 😍😍

    2. Drexyy


      good picture :wub:

  15. Late Night Admeeen Work, Come say hey!

  16. Thank you to all those who supported me on my streaming return tonight, much love ❤️ 

    1. RB1988


      It was good fun, I look forward to more where I can actually watch on PC, can’t make much out on mobile 😏

  17. dlDkiG7.pngktHSJga.pngg41T0Ds.pngj7BSfWt.png

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    2. Samito_BG


      Awesome photos Zirox, I really like them! 🚔

    3. Der Joey

      Der Joey

      Who can not drive there? 🙄😱😁

    4. Zirox
  18. Hello

    1. Chris [PL]

      Chris [PL]

      OmG HeLlO aDmEeN cAn I tAke PiC? :kappa:

    2. Zirox


      OmG yEs PlS!

  19. Great convoy with @courtz49, @Krewlex @Beales and more!





  20. jr9h4Gw.png



    1. K0rnholio


      Your starting to get a little to flashy with your truck designs. :LUL: I think the first pic with the sunlight hitting it is :love:

    2. Chris [PL]

      Chris [PL]

      Not bad my dude, not bad :wow:

  21. Decided to go a bit more pimped on this Merc..

    Lemme know what you guys think!





    1. aalb75


      Great pictures, nice truck looks good :)

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
    3. [VIVA CC] JTrocks55
  22. Morning Admeen Stream! Come pop by! https://www.twitch.tv/zirox_tmp 


    1. Guest


      I'm already here :LUL::D

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