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  1. What was your most favourite Alternative Vehicle?

    1. Braco Van
    2. Patreon Van

    Mine was the Patreon van ? 

    1. .Quality


      2. I really enjoyed the smaller side. The interior mirrors were actually useable too! 

  2. Happy Birthday ? I hope you have a awesome day and don't have too many stressful reported to deal with ? 


    1. WarSniperr


      Hahaha, Thank you ❤️


  3. Brought myself a new Kenworth 900 Day Cab for the heavy haul runs. Never had one before so now is the time. Just need to save edit the chaise and I'll be happy. 


  4. Thanks for the follow kanka! ?

    1. Mr Thornton

      Mr Thornton

      No problem bro

  5. Hey! Thank you for the follow, appreciated! ?

    1. Mr Thornton

      Mr Thornton

      You're most welcome and thank you for also following me ❤️

  6. Good Evening.

    Congratulations on passing you training period and becoming a full catto ? ? please don't ban me though ❤️

  7. Absolutely shocked to discover that OVH SBG2 Datacentre had a fire during the night which unfortunately got completely destroyed by the fire.
    For those that don't know OVH SBG2 Datacentre site is the server provider for TruckersMP European server, I hope no one was injured during the major incident in Strasbourg.


    ? Well done to the firefighters and other emergency services that attended quickly ?

    EDIT: Thankfully there was no reported injuries during the incident 


  8. Thumbnail Photoshoot

    Last night myself, @AssassinGoEasy and @xBestBBx went on ETS2 Arcade server to snap some Thumbnails for future reference.

    (Oh prior to this we had a race from Duisburg - Calais via CD Road and yes Amdin Assassin cheated in the race ? we want a rematch please)


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Nightmare_se


      Cheating or thinking creatively ?

    3. xBestBBx


      It was really fun. Assassin just had to ruin it though smh. ❤️ 

  9. TruckersMP New Weekly Vehicles

    In Photo @Krewlex @Nameless Ghoul & EHHVTC Driver


    1. Twitch.Tv/Ki3ron


      how do you get these? !!!!

    2. Nightmare_se


      The vans are available for Patrons.

    3. Mr Thornton

      Mr Thornton

      Hi @Twitch.Tv/Ki3ronYou can get the Patreon Vans buy subscribing to TruckersMP $5 tier on Patreon and the Braco is usable for everyone. Sorry for the delayed response. 

  10. Hello Fezz

    Thank you very much for following and have followed you back in return :love:

  11. Good afternoon everyone, How are you all doing today? 

    1. Fezz98


      Good thanks, just doing a bit of my daily stalking :troll:

    2. Mr Thornton

      Mr Thornton

      @Fezz98 @[GökBörü] Yusuf.K Glad you both are doing well and I am doing very well thank you very much just been relaxing and now sorting out my van

  12. Cannot Escape


    1. Guest


      Looking Good Photo ❤️

  13. fake admin bro lol

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mr Thornton

      Mr Thornton


    3. FY96


      OHH  NO


    4. Nizam I ibizz Smallz

      Nizam I ibizz Smallz

      Hi mate, 
      What 's going on here, I don't need to fake it, I do the real thing

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