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  1. How is everyone doing today ? :)

  2. Hope everyones afternoons are good :) What are we all upto today?

    1. Silent Death_53

      Silent Death_53

      I'm Good, ty for askıng. How about You?
      Have a nice weekends!

    2. Twitch.Tv/Ki3ron


      Im good thanks man hope your weekend was good!!!


  3. Streaming Blue Eyes Charity Convoy Now @Twitch.tv/Ki3ron come join me !!!!!

  4. How is Everyone Doing Today ? :) 


    1. TruckerJ


      Good thank you, how are you?

  5. When @Redux GB Dances To My Drum And Bass :D :D 


  6. Any admins available about 300+ Trucks in paris and its just Wheezy alone tryna sort it there is no collision hackers,blockers,rammers and its a right mess any help be appriciated!!!! , Im streaming the madness on my twitch @Twitch.tv/Ki3ron :)

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