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  1. I wouldn't worry about it, player numbers always fluctuate, and you'll find the best times in the weekends, when majority of the people have free time to spare!
  2. Aaah what a lovely reason to go for a nice drive on ProMods now!
  3. Playing mind games with people is really fun! @flowahh :troll:

  4. Hello! I tend to play ATS quite often for long peroids of time, It might be worth remembering that medal tv can help you record the last x amount of seconds if you ever end up in an ancident as you're able to report them! Furthermore, don't forget that there's a report function in the actual game it's self, feel free to use this if rules are quite clearly being broken! Kind Regards, Fezz98 ~ TruckersMP Game Moderator Trainer
  5. Sorry to see that you left! I wish you the best ❤️


    1. slushbro


      Thank you, you too.

  6. Thanks for the follow! :D


  7. Congraulations on making Trainee! Goodluck!

    1. Geology Rocks

      Geology Rocks


      Thank you


  8. Hmmm, to play ProMods or to play ATS? 🤔

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    2. Scania LTD l POLISHEDTURN


      tbh i think you shoud play anything other than ats or ets for a week or so :D

    3. nιgнтмαяe
    4. Sweet-LittleTreasure
  9. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy it! :D


  10. Good Morning TMP! Give us a wave if you see us on the road today. 😎 🚚☁️☁️

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    2. Linardinio


      Good morning bruv! ❤️

    3. Fezz98


      @ReacherK Ah nothing special, just beating the drivers miles, I'm sure someone will have something to say.... @Scania LTD l Elitenoddy

    4. Scania LTD l Elitenoddy
  11. Welcome back! ❤️


  12. Thanks for the follow! :D



  13. Thanks for the follow! :D


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