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  1. Thanks for the follow, have one in return 😛


  2. Hope everyone's enjoying 1.42... I did after spending hours adjusting forcefeedback to get it perfect to then remind myself I have a new wheel coming tomorrow, so going to have to change it yet again 😄


  3. Happy Birthday! Let's hope you actually grow up! 😛 🥳

    1. Lena'


      Happy birthday Charlie 🙂

  4. Sad to see you leave, take care and hope to see you back soon ❤️


  5. Hello stalker, I see someone hasn't changed their name yet 😛


    1. Scania LTD l Elitenoddy

      Scania LTD l Elitenoddy

      hey fez and no i didnt want to just yet 😀

  6. Thanks for the follow ❤️


  7. Fezz big fan ❤️



  8. amdin Big Fan <3333333333

  9. Fezzzzzzy I challenge you to drive test me on C-D


    whenever you feel like doing so




  10. amdin foto pls


  11. Thank you very much for following me  ❤️

    1. Fezz98


      Would be rude not to return the favour 😉


  12. Thanks for the follow ❤️


    1. [JET BLUE] david_12

      [JET BLUE] david_12

      without any problem and thank you very much for following me  ❤️

  13. Always remember where I am if you ever wanna talk ❤️


  14. Thank you for all the advice and laughs over the years, hope to see you back soon ❤️


  15. Thank you for all of your hardwork since the beginning of time, take care and hope to see you back down the line ❤️


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