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  1. My favorites are the new DAF XG+ 2021 and the Freightliner Cascadia.
  2. I am from the USA but I live in Europe. I have driven trucks in both regions so I am partial to both ETS2 and ATS. Hopefully Texas will give ATS a little boost. Essentially they will need to expand closer to the east coast to entice a larger player base.
  3. Congrats mate! 😄


  4. Congrats on the new position! 🎉

  5. Congratulations, wish you good luck in your new position! ☘️

    1. Nightmare_se


      Thank you 🥰

  6. Congratulations! Good luck to new position 🙂

    1. Nightmare_se


      Thank you 🥰

  7. Congratulation 😄

    1. Nightmare_se


      Thank you 🥰

  8. Congrats Nightmare! Great to see you in this position, also don't stop streaming :kappa:

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