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    [GAME MODERATOR] @LUIG_TMP leaves the TruckersMP Team due to personal reasons. Thanks for your time and effort!
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    [TRANSLATOR] @DarkScream38 joins the Discord Moderation Team as additional rank.
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    @[GökBörü] Jungil [16]
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    [Report Moderator] @Knusperschnitzel wurde zum Game Moderator befördert.
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    [Trainee] @Koneko_ wurde zum Report Moderator befördert.
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    Besser spät als nie: [Game Moderator] @WhiteTiger_TMP hat das Team verlassen. [Game Moderator] @[WT] AlexXX wurde zum Game Moderator Leader befördert. [Report Moderator] @[WT] Talwinter wurde zum Game Moderator befördert.
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    Good afternoon. Do you plan to synchronize the weather for all players on the server? Because not very pleased to go and look as each goes to under sun, and have you on computer rain goes in entire and only you wave your wipers. Will there ever be such a thing or can you forget?
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    Suggestion Name: Create seasons in-game Suggestion Description: This is another hard suggestion, but maybe you could try reworking the map assets (that's the hard part) for each season. The length of a season should be decided with players, by a poll. How to implement it, I was thinking making this either optional, so not force everyone to download a huge update pack, update it once with all the seasons and then just change them at one point, or update the assets every time, by downloading the new pack, and so on. And yeah, delete the old one. Any example images: Nope. Why should it be added?: I think it will add a little bit of dynamics to the game. And hence everybody loved that winter mod, getting it constantly in-game, once in a while, will bring enjoyment to players.
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    Hello there! We are proud to announce that a new version has been released! Features Support for Euro Truck Simulator 2 [ 9864276fd8ba ] Support for American Truck Simulator [ 8de099f4740c ] New system of game permissions which allows us to make events even better Internal improvements for staff members Added support for: New truck paint jobs in an update of Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Chinese Paint Jobs Pack Company trailer paint jobs in Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Road to the Black Sea International Lonestar truck paint jobs in American Truck Simulator - Space Paint Jobs Pack Content for the Racing Championship - Spring 2020 event Fixes Fixed the option for toggling the group for names displayed when the CB radio is used Fixed the synchronization of the job offer expiration time which should lead into a final fix for an empty job market Changes Applied Patron's/staff's color to the nametag above a disconnected trailer Created a new setting for toggling the group color (Patrons/staff) which is now stored and synchronized with the game server Increased the render distance of player dots on the world map (from 400 meters to 500 meters) Changed the time for lights check for the winter mod: Euro Truck Simulator 2: 16:00 - 7:59 American Truck Simulator: 19:00 - 7:59 Blocked g_set_climate game command
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    Might not be as nice as my other trucks but it was my first ever save edit! Creditits for the beautiful pic @PanterC
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    [PLAYER] @[C-S] karol_domag dołączył do teamu jako Trainee
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    have a great weekend all! hope to see you guys at the ATS convoy tomorrow night!
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    [PLAYER] @[C-S] karol_domag joins the TruckersMP Team as Trainee
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    Thanks for today, It was great, driving truck with you. w/ @K0rnholio
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    Today's Prime Convoy ! w/ @courtz49 @Falco [ITA] @P3rMoDz [ITA] and many others Thanks again for this great convoy
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    My mood currently: "IT'S THE WEEEKKKEEEENNNNDDDDD"
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    Took my truck on a journey through the beatiful countrysides of Spain in ProMods. Definitely recommended to check it out yourself, especially if you like to scenic rural roads with lots of nature! Did you also know that our event team has organized a new TruckersMP official convoy next Sunday (January 26)? We will quickly be crossing into the latest DLC, Utah, where we explore some of the most stunning views the state brings. Enjoy your weekend and I hope to see many of you on Sunday!
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    Nice tour in the evening with @NeonLeon
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    Dear friends, Happy New Year, today is a special day, that is, 2020 is the new year for China. I wish all friends of TruckersMP a happy new year, a smooth work in 2020, good health, good luck and happy new year.
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    Was a nice drive at the RLC ATS Convoy yesterday. Here are some pics from after the convoy where I parked up.
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    Bir yıldız kaydı diye yas tutar mı gökyüzü?
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    We should be feared @RB1988
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    Was very foggy this morning Photos for those who can't see the imgur links
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    w/ @[BAR] Ayı Oğlu Ayı @[BAR] Selim-K53 @[BAR] SinanKNTR
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    [GAME MODERATOR] @Jeronimeau additionaly joins the Translation team. [PLAYER] @B&Č Transport RedPiggy joins the team as Trial Translator. [PLAYER] @El Reja [ARG] joins the team as Trial Translator. [PLAYER] @EGGSY_DEV joins the team as Trial Translator.
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    Face reveal ... https://bit.ly/2QvbuwU
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    Suggestion Name: Create a police paintjob for trucks for admins to use. Suggestion Description: A police paintjob for the trucks should be similar looking to the one found on admin cars so players will have little chance get confused. If possible there should also be a police beacon and a siren for trucks. Any example images: I guess this will do. This is a police truck from the UK. Source: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/local-news/police-use-own-articulated-lorry-to-check-106535 Why should it be added?: This will give the admins freedom of choice to drive either a car or a truck, if they want to drive around as police using a police paintjob. Not only that police trucks would be much more visible to players from a distance.
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    [Game Moderator] @White Wolf. hat das Team verlassen.
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    We had some awesome photos this year, good luck in the POTM competition in 2020 guys!
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    I dont really like busy areas,simply because people seem to drive rediculasly.
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    IMHO, since the speed limit to 110 kmh, the general behaviour became better. I abandoned MP, because it wasn't funny after a long distance transport, to be smashed into pieces by a spoilt kid, running into other with 150 kmh, loosing time, money, xp. Nice surprise when I realised the implementation of the speed limit. I would say because of that the numbers if trolls has went down (also thx to a great admin work). Bad driving always happens, is it because of iag of talent or equipment, or simply some kind of selfishness in some cases, I get around it driving later at night
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    Additional Customisation is making a return. New mod, new way of it working; take a look: Where the old version needed over 40 Thousand files to do what it did, this version can do all of that and more - with only 3568 files including DLC compatibility! This is still being worked on and there is no set release date. It will be released as is, and use of it will be at your own risk - you will need to make sure you comply with the rules yourself. Please leave your thoughts below, any improvement suggestions or similar will be appreciated
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    In this topic all support team members will be listed, as well as their native languages. You can find all supported languages by the TruckersMP Support Team in this topic. Please remember that all members listed below can support you in English and their native language. You can click on a language to get redirected to the help section of that language. Posts in the main help sections should be written in English only. - English ONLY @Ali. - German @Linciano @NeonLeon - English ONLY @Beenz. @Stubborn__ - Turkish @TutoriaLs. - German @sanamaria @BlizzardCrow - Russian @Skazochnik - French @NightSword^ - Spanish @NightSword^ @SarahMaddy @Mystere - Hungarian @Krisi1051 - Portuguese @Mystere - Danish @General18 - German @Polyxena [GER] - Romanian @MightyPower - Greek @MightyPower - English ONLY @Winter~
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    Salut @nico1900x Juste pour info, le meilleur moyen de supprimer l'effet de la neige qui tombe, c'est d'aller dans le menu TruckersMP (au volant de ton camion, presse la touche [TAB], puis fait un clic droit avec ta souris pour faire apparaître le pointeur). Dans l'onglet "Général", tu trouveras une option discrète, qui arrêtera enfin de faire tomber les flocons (voir capture d'écran ci-dessous).
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    OUTDATED If you have been banned and you don't know what for or you would like to appeal your ban, please follow this guide: https://truckersmp.com/kb/1 Oh no, you got banned? Please follow this small guide to know what you can do and what you can't do. Step 1 - Know your ban It's important to understand why you are banned. Don't forget to take a look at all the information involved with your ban. Go to your profile on our website and check out your ban, an example can be found beneath. Example of a ban You can see who banned you, why you are banned and until when you are banned. Due to our "new" way processing bans, a 4th, 5th and 6th ban will be longer then the first 3 you have. This can result in a small offense being a 1 or 3 month ban or even a permanent ban. So make sure you don't get that many bans. More information about this can be found here. Step 2 - Acknowledge your ban You recieved a ban, now you need to know for yourself if the ban is deserved or not. You've read the rules when you logged in on our website to download the mod so you are aware of the rules, you can't say you didn't know our rules. If you know you are wrong and you broke the rules, there is nothing left to do but wait for the ban to expire. You broke a rule, you got caught and are punished for it, end of discussion. However, if you don't think the ban is deserved in any way, you are free to create a ban appeal. Creating a ban appeal makes it possible to explain to the admin who applied the ban why it's wrong in your opinion. Creating a ban appeal doesn't mean you are automatically being unbanned, only create a ban appeal if the ban is wrong according to you. There is no point in creating a ban appeal if you are clearly guilty. Step 3 (optional) - Create a ban appeal Be smart and create a good appeal with a valid explanation and if possible add some evidence that shows you the reason is not your fault. Some reasons why an appeal might be rejected: You are lying, telling things that are not true There is no evidence to proof you are not guilty You are not polite or you don't show any respect to us Spamming the appeal system after rejected appeals. An admin is not convinced based on what you told/showed him Most of the times, if you are honest and create a valid appeal if the ban is wrong, it ends here. Your appeal gets accepted and the ban will be lifted. If you just want to see evidence of your ban, you can also create a ban appeal with this request. Step 4 (optional) - Appeal gets rejected but I do not agree! It can happen that an appeal gets rejected, a reason why will always be left in the chat so you know why. But I do not agree with that decision, what do I do now? Please open a polite feedback ticket here. Make sure you add enough information in your ticket so the project manager can easily review it and knows what the current situation is. Once the message is sent, you need to wait for them to answer you, spamming them won't speed up the process. It can take a while as our project managers can be very busy. Important! - What not to do... Don't create topics/statuses on the forum about admins not doing their job properly disgusting work of admins, banning the people who behave and not banning the trolls your ban and you need to be unbanned your ban in general Don't send a friend request on Steam to the admin as you will most likely be blocked, you can have a talk with the admin in your appeal Don't put statuses on the admin's profile Don't create support tickets instead of appealing your ban. Support Team cannot unban players. Frequently asked questions. Someone is banned for something similar but has another banlength, how is this possible? Every situation is different and can be reviewed different by any admin. Admins also look at your history before applying a ban, this can have a negative effect on the length of your new ban. I am banned on ETS2:MP but I can't play ATS:MP This is one network covering both mods, you have 1 account for both games. So if you are banned on ETS2:MP, you also will be banned on ATS:MP and vice versa. I'm not happy about the decisions or actions made by a specific admin, what can I do? Feel free contact feedback here. Please see this topic for more info: I recieved a permanent ban because of my username, is that even legit? Yes, it is possible you will get a permanent ban because of a bad username, profile picture, tag or plate. We mostly try to warn you first, but it can happen that we directly ban because of time and n° of reports in-game. You simply need to change your username, profile picture, tag or plate and create a ban appeal telling you did. If it's about a profile picture and username, we can verify by ourselves, otherwise you need to provide a screenshot proving you changed. If the ban is not involved in a 4th, 5th or 6th rule, the ban will be lifted and you can play again. According to my ban, the ban should have been expired already but I'm still banned? Time is noted in UTC notation, so you might want to do the conversion to your local timezone. Why I get banned in-game without evidence? Evidence will be added afterwards since we might still being busy processing reports in-game. If you want to make sure that ban reason is legit, you can create a ban appeal with ban evidences request.

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