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  1. This year santa tuned a lot my truck so.. maybe it's time to show it?
  2. Why this creepy guy is watching me? :ph34r:R6Nx36R.png

  3. Happy Birthday Alon 🎂:)

    1. Alon_TMP


      Thank you Erik0301 ❤️

  4. Erik0301

    Winter is here!

    Last year Snow Mod was better at least i could control my truck while drifiting now i'm just sliding until i crash somewhere
  5. Congratulations Stuff Lorcia 😄🎉

  6. @FernandoCR [ESP] The point was that people who drive normally will drive normally everywhere and people who want to drive like idiots will drive that way, whether if they're in city with 60km/h or on highway with 110km/h, (also they will drive on sim1 because there are a lot of people) the only good thing of the speed limit is that tmp has fewer reports, but if tmp stuff wasn't lazy, this won't be necessary. I suppose you would say that this is good for us too, because there won't be idiots to ruin our deliveries and trucks? well, if you drive somewhere away from the c-d there are not really people who will search for only 5-6 persons to damage them, idiots are always on the c-d, whether if there's speed limit or no so if you wish to go there well.. it's on your own risk, but this has nothing to do with the speed limit.
  7. Oups don't mind me i forgot the rules..
  8. That's exactly what i think, tmp should stop being lazy and start dealing with reports instead of trying to get idiots/trolls bored of this game. Those who want to drive with 90km/h will drive like that no matter if the speed limit is 200km/h or 300km/h.
  9. Just another dlc that i have to buy because i have no choice..
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