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  1. Renault <3                          YnCfut7.png

  2. Erik0301

    Word Starting With The Last Letter

  3. I think i don't have more reasons to play this game.. 

  4. (Event done) yeee, i should go buy my new accessories. Going to the servise, add my new accessories and...RBMProM.jpg

  5. I can't undestand something about the event in the details says that i have to deliver 10 different etrc cargo trailers and to deliver one of the etrc trailers to 5 different destinations.. hmmm the deliveries are only 10 if i deliver 10 different trailers i wouldn't have change to deliver one trailer to 5 different destinations cause the event should be completed at 10 deliveries and if i deliver first 1 trailer to 5 different destinations i wouldn't have change to deliver 10 more different trailers for the same reason.. how should i do it to receive all the rewards? 

  6. Can someone tell me why the new destination for the event (as i see is Bratislava) didn't apear in the deliveries? if i remember right they say that will apear at 7:00 25-03-19 (guess european time) i've been waiting 1hour and nothing

    1. aalb75


      Hi. the event time is in UTC. I believe Greece  is UTC + 2 hours

    2. novice


      The delivery destination change every three days at 07:00 UTC

    3. Erik0301


      ohh thank you guys:) i never understand those hours.. 

  7. Waiting 7:00 to open the new destination for the event. ^_^qfnCjyB.png

  8. #ONETRUCKFAMILY utAu1oa.jpgAuC1lQw.pngcGTmWEK.jpg

  9. I get so much happy when someone in the game says "Renaultttt 19 the best caaar" it's really the best car <31989_r10.jpg

  10. If you don't go to bed in the next minute, you will automatically fall asleep. Gn :tmp:PPsy7lh.png


    Local police officers protect us:)  @sshadmin SvQYlXj.jpg

  12. Erik0301

    Why Scout have to be nerf after nerf...

    Whaat? I didn't realize that the scout with 180hp (Or 170hp whatever) makes only 35km\h at first gear and 50 at second i have been in an Renault 19 (Car from 1989) with engine 1.4 80hp and in first gear makes 50km/h in second 90km/h in thirth 120km/h in fourth 150km/h and in five 174km/h (In a bit more rpm's could reach 190km/h) wtf is wrong with this Skoda??
  13. I play 2 hours morning, and 3 hours evening, so 5 hours per day, without Saturday and Sunday. Those days, i can play all day, or only 1-2 hous. Depends on how much i'm tired.
  14. Good Moning all, wish you an great day ;)qZWcyMC.png

    1. JJay


      Good morning. Thanks, Have a great day!;)

    2. BL4CK$K1LL


      Good Morning, thanks mate, you too ^-^