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    So many things but i never had one of them...
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  1. @M A R T I N . @Soufiane_SCANIA. and his new friend (I didn't remeber his name, sorry). Thanks for the great drive! You guys give me back some of the passion i had before for driving! :tmp::love:e04lGX1.png

    1. [MCG] Masunio

      [MCG] Masunio

      Don't give up your passion! Nice pic ❤️ 

    2. Erik0301


      Thank you! I won't :love:

  2. Happy birthday my friend. ??

    1. Erik0301


      Thank you, Pries colleague ❤️

  3. Happy Birthday Dude :P❤️ 

  4. Ah December. Those days came again.. But there's nothing i can do, work never stops (Except at Christmas). :80::90:^_^Ej8cZsz.png

  5. Thank you for following me!

    1. Erik0301


      Np, you followed me, so i followed back :)

  6. @TeamAudi_3601_S @DeyDoNN @MARTIN_13[BG] It was great drive :love:  (I know it's not snowing anymore don't bully me)YMDRGRz.png5R9dxXy.png

  7. Congratulations big admin :wow::wub:

  8. Thanks for the ride @Angel .  @MARTIN_13[BG] and i forgot the other person's name.. sorry :D?bYZMpyN.pngj33RKRL.png

  9. I know what everyone thinks when they see this car on the road.. But you know what? In the right hands, this could be a really safe vehicle :car:;)WHiaSHF.png

  10. Woah Congratulations ? (Now i noticed sry)

  11. The "Romantic" Gas station  :love:BQ6p6bT.png

    1. Buтaмuнka


                                         ?    Iceland     ?    Isafyourdyour    ?         

                                                           Nice  shot   ?      cool truck   ?     

  12. Did a long drive today with @Myself  :thisisfine:MC8UFUg.png

  13. Why this creepy guy is watching me? :ph34r:R6Nx36R.png

    1. Wingerion


      cuz he is gonna rape you:kappa:

    2. Erik0301
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