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    When trolls invade C-D road
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    Witam wszystkich forumowiczów. Zajmuje się tworzeniem tachografów dla firm (systemy VTC - zarządzanie wirtualną firmą). Szukasz własnego systemu oddawania tras dla swojej firmy? Wszystko do dogadania, zainteresowani proszeni są o napisanie do mnie wiadomości prywatnej żeby dowiedzieć się więcej na ten temat. Tworzyłem systemy zarządzania firmą dla 3 wirtualnych spedycji, grafiki dla wielu osób i każdy jest zadowolony :) Przykładowy wygląd interfejsu oddawania zleceń:
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    Bardzo profesjonalnie wykonane i dopieszczone do każdych detali. Zawsze dotrzymuje słowa i wyrabia się na czas. Ogólnie polecam usługi tego pana.
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    Time for work! Take care this night
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    I have to get back to work. One more crate to pack and I can park the fork lift and drive my rig home. See you all soon.
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    And now I can't find a single working wall socket to recharge my laptop at Oslo Airport, how am I now gonna survive 1 and a half hour on a flight probably next to bloody kids again... Worthless.
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    Why do I always end with kids around me on flights, second flight in a row now with noisy bloody kids around me and one of them just crushed my knee my tilting down his back on his seat. I swear I must be cursed or something...
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    Nastepne dlc bedzie nosilo nazwe "botanic" Czyl scs nadal w lesie
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    Zgadzam się z opinią świetnie zrobiony tachograf działający już długi czas bez żadnych zarzutów. Krótko mówiąc POLECAM dla każdego pracę @[SpediStar] PolishBandit JakubP \\ SpediStar
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    Polecam Bandyte jak i jego tachograf. Jestem szefem firmy SpediStar, jak rowniez jestesmy pierwsza firma ktora miala tachograf od Bandyty jestem ja jak i kierowcy bardzo zadowoleni. Prosty, szybki i ladny graficznie tacho ktory nam ulatwia zycie w oddawaniu tras. Polecam tego Pana jak i jego dzielo (tacho i grafika) bo ma chlopak talent. Wiecej info jakby ktos chcial to piszcie priva. Jeszcze raz POLECAM i pozdrawiam. Shaq -SpediStar. #SpediStar #Shaq #tachograf
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    I guess I have to play single player first, then go online.
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    After seeing 3 orange DAFs with orange trailers today (they had a bit yellow and black on them 2) at 3 different times/places, think they where food transport but not 100% sure and tried getting a photo but missed all 3 not easy to get photos of moving trucks in a moving car Anyway for some reason it give me an idea for a Noorfood matching truck and here it is but which is better 1 2 I also plan on getting this paint on one of the new Scanias whenever they come I think that paint matches the Noorfood trailers quite well I like Noorfoods trailers
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    Wow, it's been a while. Haven't played TMP in a month since my PC broke. @Burner @Rekoil_ @Clarkinator @FirestarteR93 <nub @stilldre1976 @Fuso/ Derpy And a lot of others. Miss you idiots <333 blazie will be back soon!!
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    Hi xxmogoxx4, Can you ensure with me; you do not have a family shared copy of ETS2 / ATS? Please note: family sharing is not compatible with the TruckersMP modification. Please make sure it is disabled.
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    And guess what, to a surprise I ended up with 2 annoying kids behind me again on my 3rd flight for today. Unable to be quiet and smacking the table up and down on the chair I'm sitting on. God I just love flying surrounded by kids....
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    да - месяц. Доказательства старше месяца не принимаются (были попытки обмануть - но тщетно. Это предостережение)) ) Если это та же ситуация за которую он уже наказан - репорт будет отклонён. Как и всегда актуален. Для понимания: за первые сутки новой системы было отправлено более 24 000 репортов и как бы не говорили и что бы не делали - как минимум половина репортов просто...назову их хламом. Репорты посылаются ПО ЛЮБОМУ поводу! Едет шкода, сама не справилась с управлением, сама перевернулась, никого не задела, легла на крышу - кто-то отправляет репорт за блокинг. Что делать админу? тратить 2 минуты чтобы увидеть где же было нарушение.. А его нет. И таких примеров - уйма. Я не устану говорить о том, что вся эта ситуация с репортами, как в игре так и на сайте, создана самими игроками. Я не говорю про тех кто здесь бывает(хотя не исключено), но из всех репортов в действительности половина хлама. Вот репорт, автор пишет - он меня подрезал, а потом перевернул - накажите его. Где доказательства? Просто игнорировать всё это мы не можем и вынуждены это перебирать, разбирая репорты сотнями в сутки - это для понимания объёмов. Как с этим бороться? Есть задумки. есть планы, но как всегда - их нельзя реализовать за сутки.
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    Problem solved, thank you to all the contributions. /Locked and moved to solved.
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    I see that your steam Profile is set to public and you have played at least two hours, so this is not the problem. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198180113585/ Please try some of the other points here:
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    Does this mean the problem is solved @GarfiiCZ ?
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    Hi @GarfiiCZ and welcome to the forum. The problem is that the time in MP is different from the time in SP. So when you start a job in SP, have never been in MP and finish it in MP, the game thinks that you needed the whole time difference. To avoid that, I would recommend you to enter MP after you bought your first truck (and when you don't have a Job). If you don't want to do so - no problem. This happens only once. After that, the big time difference does not exist anymore and you will get paid for your next jobs. The empty job list is a famous bug. Read here how to avoid that: If you don't have your own truck, your not able to sleep and you cannot do fast travelling. Resetting the economy is the only solution until you have your own truck. How to reset the economy : http://prntscr.com/fuui1x (found in this guide):
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    When doing a job, you will need to complete the job without leaving ets2mp for too long. When you cant find another job: Try sleeping Quick Drive to another garage and go back
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    Hi Dear @GarfiiCZ İf you will play in mp after get your job Please make sure that you get your job from Mp . İf you get it from Single player . İt can be a problem When you get it then join Mp . Your time is chanced by sytem King Regards BalddemarDeutsch...
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    Je te remercie de ta gentillesse et merci pour le recrutement oui on devrait trouvé pas mal de personne après il faut être volontaire. Sur ceux a plus tard sur les cours et bonne continuation
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    Tutaj trzeba stosować modyfikacje. Po pierwsze potrzebujesz DLC do Scanii ,,Mighty Griffin,, Potem poszukaj w necie jak to zrobić, jest to dozwolone
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    Система его не проверяет. Просто если в течении 10 минут репорт не был рассмотрен админом, то система его удаляет и присылает вам сообщение об этом. В этом случае нужно отправлять репорт через сайт (если есть доказательства).
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    Welcome back to next episode of the UtH series. First of all, we'd like to thank you for all of the good feedback you've given us under previous articles dedicated to the deeper description of how things are made at SCS Software. The last article became quite a wall of text, so I'll try to grow something shorter and smaller this time. Yes, the word grow is used as intended there, because today we're going to take a look at assets of vegetation in our games! So grab your gloves, shovels, clippers, fertilizer etc. and let's go gardening! You need to know what you want to grow Maybe it starts to sound quite repetitive, but the creation of vegetation assets begins at the research phase too. As we've written a few times already, when you want to make in-game content close to reality as possible, you need to gather all available information about everything you're going to recreate. And vegetation is no different. You definitely don't want to bring roads, mountains, buildings and everything else precisely created by real exemplars and then ruin the final feel of the whole new zone by adding trees, bushes, plants etc. who are totally not even from the same climatic zone. For example, just imagine desert full of deciduous trees. That'd look really foolish. Hence, as in the other realms of a creation of our games, we do deep research for vegetation too. When a new zone is being researched, we gather information and useful material about places and zones located near the roads and highways which are going to be implemented. And not only the plants, but also ground and terrain such as fields, forests, meadows and so on. For this purpose, we use every possible way of getting quality material. For example an external database of textures, photos, online photos and videos searching tools, applications similar to 'streetview', satellite shots and also our own photos and videos which we try to capture every time some of our colleagues are somewhere on the roads. Sometimes it's easier, sometimes it's not. As you probably know, our company is located in Prague, Czech Republic. That means we're located in Central Europe. So when we create a new state or zone for ETS 2, it's much easier to get good material by our own doing than for new areas in ATS. Yes, vegetation is different in each European country too, but it's still quite similar, well known for us or at least not so far away. If you're asking that it means we sometimes simply take a camera and go into the woods then the answer is yes. For example, in the team of asset designers, it's quite normal that one of the artists dedicated to vegetation systems says something like he's not going to be available in the office tomorrow if the weather will be good for shooting. Maybe we can publicly admit, that some of the deciduous forests in France had their foundation in material captured in the nature of the Kunratice valley, a small part of Prague. Does it sound like our colleague got it too easy? Unfortunately, he didn't. Because when he was there, the weather suddenly changed from partly cloudy to quite a big storm and he came back wet and cold as an abandoned dog. But as it's said, there's no greenery without water. Seeds, ground, and patient care, right? Or not? But how are the vegetation assets made? When we have all the good data and material we need, the phase of creation begins. It starts with a texture and mask. You need to capture and recreate the look, colors, pattern of foliage, bark, translucence, shine, shadows and so on. Then it's time to create the whole model. To make the width, height, shapes, roots or treetops. To decide how big the vegetation asset will be, how small, how it will look dry, fresh, healthy or withered. As we've been gaining experience with every new zone we made for our games, we started to create more looks and versions of every single vegetation asset we create. The reason is probably really obvious - to have more options, to be able to create the whole forest composed of different trees and plants of the same or similar species. No one wants to make a greenery zone full of exactly the same models of vegetation. When the models are done and the textures are put on them, the whole compositions are recreated a few times again but with different 'Level Of Detail' (as you can see on the picture below). The purpose for that is to bring even more options for map designers as they need to distinguish highly detailed assets which are placed near the roads where players are able to drive or lower detail assets which are placed on the horizon far away from the player's close range. The whole set of new vegetation is further assigned to the map designers along with new textures for ground, terrain, 2D 'walls of textured horizon' which serve as coulisses at the maximum viewed distance. And also the information and suggestions of its use and placement. Gloves + shovel or keyboard + mouse? Definitely keyboard and mouse. Like the other assets and models in our games, which are made in graphic applications and software, vegetation is no different. Two colleagues out of our team of asset designers are currently dedicated for vegetation systems, and they use the same or quite similar tools. It doesn't matter if they're going to make new buildings, traffic signs, or trees and plants. So if you're interested in which software they use, we can give you some tips such as Adobe Photoshop or our own SCS plugin for Blender and Maya. This plugin also includes specialized Vegetation tool. As you can see in the gif below, one of our colleagues found passion and love in vegetation asset development since one classified space program ended. Do you recognize him? The whole process of new vegetation asset creation is really complex, comprehensive and quite difficult. As you can probably imagine, every single tree or plant, ground or terrain texture needs a different approach if you want to make it well. And even when you have enough time, material and skill, you can't capture nature's diversity exactly as it is in reality. Moreover, there are many other things which we need to keep in mind but nature doesn't. For example the impact on players' hardware, polygons, scale or texel (pixels in a meter) detail limitations, a transition between models' LODs (level of details), vegetation translucence, wind animations (set manually for each single branch) of the whole trees or in the leaves, and much more. There are so many things you mustn't forget. And our games are not located right in the middle of nature but on the roads. We can imagine how hard it must be for studios which make for example RPGs or FPS shooter games. But on the other hand, they often don't need to do everything according to reality, right? Don't forget to water the plants Well, it looks like I failed with my initial intention to write a shorter article than the previous one. Hope you don't mind and that you've enjoyed reading it, that it has brought new information about how another part of our games is made. As always, thank you for your time and I'm looking forward to reading your comments, criticism, feedback, and suggestions on which topic you'd like to see covered in the next article from the Under the Hood series. Until we meet again, have a great time and don't forget to water the plants. At least those you have at your flat or house. And we'll keep an eye on those which are in our games. Do we have a deal? Related articles: Under the Hood: #1 Research , #2 Assets View the full article
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    i bought another steam background
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    Bonjour à tous, je me tourne aussi vers le plus simple pour ma flotte solo Motorisation entre 450 et 580 cv grand max Voici les trois premiers arrivés au sein des Transports des Hauts de France
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    Jumped on my legit profile and was rocking my stock Renault truck and needed to do some maintenance - guess who I see
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    @Eduardo[BR / RJ] Se você acha que foi injustiçado por um banimento indevido, ou não, você precisa fazer uma apelação persuasiva e construtiva, neste link https://truckersmp.com/appeals . Você precisará ser muito convincente para isso. Por outro lado, aparentemente, você não possui nenhum banimento ativo. Você pode jogar normalmente.
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    If you can survive driving on the C-D road in heavy rush hour with no damage. You will be a pro irl.
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    When someone gets sent flying:
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    A interesting place to park.
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    Had 90 people and 2 admins at my convoy earlier, im shatterd! *insert tired face emoji here*
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    Goodbye to all, see you!
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    Very happy with the new report menu Now I can view the steam/tmp ID of perpetrator without even needing to type /pinfo. Great job TMP! Additional reason for our ease is awesome too *relieved*

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