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  1. Dont you just hate that you post a help thread to assist someone and when you submit it someone put something similar :( lmao :P 

    1. DrEGZo


      You need to type faster ;) :D

  2. A1. They wont see the DLC they will just see a standard one I believe A2. Depending on your pc specification you may not be able to run Ultra / High settings for a more FPS and smooth running if this settings are an issue goto Medium or Low make sure to check the game requirements and compare to your own setup.... If you have the recommended that means high possibly ultra will be fine if all is ticked Minimum System Requirements OS: Windows 7 Processor: Dual core CPU 2.4 GHz Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: GeForce GTS 450-class (Intel HD 4000) Hard Drive: 3 GB available space Recommended System Requirements OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 64-bit Processor: Quad core CPU 3.0 GHz Memory: 6 GB RAM Graphics: GeForce GTX 760-class (2 GB) Hard Drive: 3 GB available space A3. A simple forum search would have located a post for you which already has this answered for you
  3. Finished 10th :P on PUBG also got a crate with a sweet sniper I got one kill and it was with that sniper head shot I could have had a second but im rubbish got killed by grenade lma

    1. Rekoil_


      Was fully stacked a match ago, M416 8x scope, M249 with holo, - 540 rounds in total. Ended up (again) second, enjoyable match though.

    2. lxl Semper lxl

      lxl Semper lxl

      gotta add me on steam and do a few round we me :P learn me I was fully stacked with shotty n assault peeked out room and boom got my head took off lol

  4. hey you  I seen you on admin stream  last night was the railings in your road  and did you enjoy your teleport :P 

  5. It is amazing how many people read the title of this topic but didn't actually read the post properly it clearly states that its a staff convoy not a community convoy and the staff is allowing the community to view via twitch if they would like to
  6. You should do a Bergen to Kristiansand at some point breath taking scenery....
  7. Sorry people had to cancel stream asthma attack starting and cant stream... breathless and so forth will stream tommorow if I have time !

    1. Riley [EN-US]

      Riley [EN-US]

      Take it easy and stream tomorrow - get better soon. 

    2. Killua (DavidOC93)

      Killua (DavidOC93)

      Oh sorry to hear that :( hope you feel better soon :)

    3. lxl Semper lxl

      lxl Semper lxl

      Thanks guys thats me just getting back to normal now was a long one it starts with coughing then chocking cause of the pipes in my throat swelling up and at times when it gets bad feels like the inhalors dont work..... but the worse is over now so I am happy once again......

  8. @richisdisturbed welcome to the TMP Community enjoy the multiplayer and experiance the game on a whole new level.... You should pick it up pretty fast and you will start to eventually know the good and the bad ares I suggest if you have the Scandanavia DLC its lovley
  9. TMP Bloopers E.5 in production :)

  10. Hi there this isn't really a solution for this issue your having but it is... an alternative if your looking for a specific job I would suggest setting up Virtual Speditor and before you use it I suggest you watch a setup tutorial and get everything correct first I just myself learnt of this and started using it thanks to a friend in the community helping me.... You can pick as followed Starting Destination along with depot of choice Finishing Destination along with depot of choice Choose from all the cargo in-game including heavy DLC if you own it.... Links below to the latest version of Speditor you will need winrar to get this unzipped Winrar: http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm Virtual Speditor: https://www.adrive.com/public/bKuf7d/Virtual_Speditor1_93.rar P.S: If you decide this is what you want to do if at any point you get stuck you can always Private Message me on the forum or you can chat to me via the TMP Discord and I will assist you the best I can as this after installing and using for the first few times is really easy to use hope this helps you and I would appreciate your feedback Setup Video:
  11. If your having issues with the launcher being corrupt after download what I suggest doing is downloading CC Cleaner free edition....and installing the software which will clear all your temp files and cache's also goto your c:/downloads or the location you selected to download folder locate the launcher files and delete them once this is done try re-downloading the application again and it should work... please note this is a .zip file not .rar so winrar isnt really needed just your normal windows unzip will work fine I hope this helps you please let me know if anything is solved thanks. https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download
  12. I like the videos of Assetto Corsa put that and FS 17 in my wish list thats me complete
  13. Try running the mod in Administrator mode this will solve the issue all the mod is trying to do is connect to TMP Server to get the latest update for the mod nothing more and your computer is restricting this whether down to cpu right or firewall rights but this seems to be one of the most common issues in TMP make sure 100% that Administrative rights are giving to this mod and you should be fine..... Select Truckers MP then right click mouse and select Run as administrator