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  1. oolala11 i agree with you, i think it's not possible to change logo because the "data base" of the vtc will often change. About the competition, i have an idea in order to keep good relationship , if a VTC can't make a travel, this VTC will pay an another VTC for this (developping the caring between vtc). But the first companies have to win advantages to did this.. With the competition, different ways to manage, differents specializations of vtc ..
  2. Yes, i thought there would be also this features in game, not only with an software interface. And i would add ,for example, in game on the "market jobs" we have the logo of a company ( kaarfor departure, euroacres arrival), but with the mode we have logo of VTC created
  3. Suggestion Name: EXPerience and Cooperation for the mod Virtual Truck Companies Suggestion Description: It should be considered that companies VTC are created : If a driver finishes a mission, he brings experience to his VTC. The VTC can rise in levels (like driver in the game) and unlock some skills (more hire, more truck, trailer allowed). But in order to avoid the risk of rivalry in the game, the VTC who deliver and the VTC who receive win experience ! Also, it's possible VTC create alliance. Why should it be added?: It will bring more realism (manage a buisness) and goals (become the best transport buisness)
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