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  1. Hello there, Please make sure your specs are at least as good as the minimum required. Can you post your specs? It might also be that you have a CPU or RAM problem, it might be that your CPU is overheating. You can check this via a 3rd party program like CoreTemp. Is your CPU properly equipped with thermal paste and is your CPU cooler suited for your CPU? If not, please try to fix these things, it might resolve your issue. Kind Regards, JonathanGJM
  2. Thank you for the follow.

    1. JonathanGJM


      No problem mate!

  3. Hello there, Just move the brake intensity bar all the way to the right when driving a Scout car. The braking power will be fine this way. Always keep good distance and don't get distracted especially at high population areas. Kind Regards, JonathanGJM
  4. Hello there, The mod manager is disabled if you launch from the TruckersMP launcher, so you won't see any mods installed. In SP the mod should work, but I prefer to use Cheat Engine to cheat in some money, as it's 100% legal to do. Kind Regards, JonathanGJM
  5. Hello there, I've had this problem myself. I had malware installed on my PC which prevented me from connecting to servers such as TruckersMP's, and you might have malware too. What I did was install Anti Malware Bytes and I then scanned my computer, and then restarted it. I hope this resolves your issue. Kind Regards, JonathanGJM
  6. Hello, This is allowed, as it doesn't change the hitbox or engine output etc. But I'm not sure if this will work with MP, since mods are disabled on TMP and I'm pretty sure that you can't make this work by so called "Auto Saving". It also might be a good idea to read Paragraph 3 of the rules. You can do that by clicking here. Kind Regards, JonathanGJM
  7. Goodmorning everyone!

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      good morning and have a nice day :) 

    2. JonathanGJM
  8. Hello, Go to Steam, then to games, then to ETS2, then uncheck and recheck all of your installed DLC's. If that doesn't work, try reinstalling the game. Kind Regards, JonathanGJM
  9. Hello there, Please try uninstalling TruckersMP and then reinstall it. Then run the application as Administrator. Kind Regards, JonathanGJM
  10. Happy birthday! Thanks for managing the community!

  11. +1 I really like the idea. A member of the team said that this will potentially happen
  12. +1 Good idea, I hope this will become a thing.
  13. Hello there, Do you have your own truck? If not, that could be your issue Kind regards, JonathanGJM
  14. Hello there, I saw someone from the community say that they have possible plans for a server economy. He also said that if the server economy is added, a shared company will probably also be added. Kind regards, JonathanGJM
  15. +1 Very good idea, it would clear things up for a lot of people.
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