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  1. Krooser

    Other trucks flying past me!

    Hi, I'm all fixed now, guys. The 'sleep' solution worked, and I now have the Job Market working as per normal. Thanks again guys for all your help.
  2. Krooser

    Other trucks flying past me!

    Thanks for all your replies, guys! I'm out today so will try those fixes either this evening or tomorrow and will report back! Thanks again!!
  3. Krooser

    Other trucks flying past me!

    Ah, I'm using external contracts, which seems to be the reason. I'm doing this because, no jobs are available in the Job Market. How do I fix that, please? Thanks for your replies, guys.
  4. Krooser

    Other trucks flying past me!

    Why are other trucks flying past me? I assumed that the server set the limit, as I can't alter it in "Gameplay"? Are they circumventing the server setting?
  5. Krooser

    Money mod not showing up in mod manager.

    Ah, yeah, I never thought of that. I have used ProMods, Rusmaps and various sound mods, quiet blinkers, etc, but no other map mods, or truck mods. But, I've no idea which files to bring over.......or how to delete the mods out of them,if it's at all possible. And I'm nervous of just dropping a bunch of files into my MP profile in case it ***** everything up. I've just spent ages getting the SP game up and running again after the v1.31 update, and not being able to load the damn thing because of incompatible mods! Maybe I'll just earn my keep and keep safe?.....
  6. Krooser

    Money mod not showing up in mod manager.

    Thanks for the replies, guys. Before I download a file or profile, I had a quick thought........Couldn't I use the profile from my main SP profile? Perhaps not, as someone would have already suggested it, but thought I'd ask anyway......
  7. Hi guys, I've been playing SP for years, but have only taken the plunge into MP, after watching one of Squirrels MP videos! Anyway, I've created a new profile, brought my config from SP across, and have done a few trips in MP. But now I realise that it's going to take ages to be able to afford a new truck etc. I have never taken a loan out in SP, and don't intend to now, so I downloaded the money mod from the link in the setting up post and dropped it into my profile, but it's not showing up anywhere! Should I have done this right at the beginning when I set up my new profile? If so, am I stuffed, or is there a way to get it working? Thanks.