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  1. I have a post exactly like this. Nice to know other people want this to
  2. ^ That would work but a lot of people would probable rather use their accounts. A big part of the game is grinding to pimp out your truck and that would ruin it in my oppinion. I can see what you're saying though.
  3. Nice to know there's new people supporting this right after the forum is back! Thanks everyone!
  4. I didn't know this was a thing once. Sounds like that could have been great if it was completed.
  5. Suggestion Name: Party System for American Truck Sim. Suggestion Description: Ive recently started to play on your server and found it really fun to see other truckers. I got my friend to get the game being really exited because I thought it would be so fun to travel on the same routes as him. I found out soon after that it's EXTREAMLY hard to find the same route as my friend, so I figured it would be helpful to all with this same issue if there was a way to get into a sort of "party" with your friend and the "party" leader could select the route that you and your friend would do. The rout
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