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  1. Hello @ScaniaDriver2014, you can use Open Broadcaster Software, Nvidia ShadowPlay or AMD Radeon Relive to record your gameplay. This softwares don't decrease your performance and don't affect your FPS. You need to use an Nvidia graphics card and Nvidia GeForce Experience software in order to record with ShadowPlay. You need to use an AMD graphics card in order to record with Radeon Relive. You can use Open Broadcaster Software no matter which graphics card you have. You can create and submit your reports to here. For further information about reporting please take a look at the thread below.
  2. Hello @The_trucker5[SPA], are you absolutely sure about whereabouts of your Euro Truck Simulator 2 directory? Please check your Euro Truck Simulator 2 files. Maybe they are installed in a different folder and if they are, you should type that folder's address as your game directory while installing TruckersMP.
  3. -1. This kind of system can be abused by players with bad intentions and ulterior motives. We can not know who is giving an honor point whether sincerely or insincerely.
  4. This can be a kind of emotional comment. I'd like to tell that "Before trying to become an in-game administrator, can you answer the questions below affirmatively?" Do I know the game rules, do I adopt them, do I obey them, can I enforce them correctly? Do I have the instinct of Justice, am I capable of giving serious decisions about people? Can I admit the responsibility as well as authorization? Can I work enough to perform my duties properly? And the most importantly, "Do you know that being an admin doesn't just mean kicking or banning people, it is something about helping players as much as you can, thus you represent TruckersMP very well and make players respect you. Can you understand that TruckersMP is a family?
  5. Racing is not allowed in TruckersMP as you can read the rule below: Racing Having races or anything similar. This excludes races occurring on the Arizona Race Track.
  6. Hello, @twix bar, the experimental server is the server where game developers try new features to improve and develop the game. It is basically the server which the game developers make experiments.
  7. Hello @blair, after you've bought the Heavy Cargo Pack DLC, go to your Steam Library and click on Euro Truck Simulator 2. There you can see DLCs you have. Find "Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Heavy Cargo Pack" and make sure it is ticked and its status is as "Installed". Then, your DLC must work.
  8. @brandonlea, I wish you a good night. There is a program called "Virtual Speditor" which gives you the opportunity of creating your own custom jobs. You and your friends can use this program to haul same cargos to the same destinations if this is what you ask for. You can find the "Virtual Speditor" in the topic below. All credits go to "Xyzan" from SCS Software Forum and @Mirrland for sharing the program with us.
  9. @Vargur, after you buy a DLC, it won't be installed automatically. So, do not forget to tick it.
  10. Merhaba @Aslan?ll, TruckersMP websitesi ve serverları UTC(Coordinated Universal Time) saat dilimine göre çalışmakta olup bu saat dilimi Türkiye'nin de içinde bulunduğu UTC+3 Doğu Avrupa zaman diliminden 3 saat geride bulunmaktadır. Ban cezanız Türkiye saatiyle 17:45'te açılacaktır. Bilginize..
  11. @kopitegaming, American Truck Simulator Multiplayer does not support any map mods. You can only drive in its original map and DLCs made by SCS Software. You can not use any mods changing game files in TruckersMP, but you can use allowed mods which only edit your save-game. Allowed mods & guidelines can be seen by clicking the topic below.
  12. @Smalley - Truckers.FM, it is way better than if they just click "I accept the rules" without reading those rules. If 1/10 of players are reading the rules before downloading TruckersMP now, 5/10 of players will read the rules when we make them have to wait before accepting the rules. There is no way to prevent rammers or trollers completely but we can minimize the damage they can give.
  13. @Smalley - Truckers.FM, I did not say let's unban new players who commited an offense, I said we can clear the punishment histories of them if they don't do it again in a year. A player whether read the in-game rules or not is responsible of his/her acts. I just suggested that if we make the new players wait for a period of time and make them read the rules, we can decrease the violations in the game.
  14. This is what we all expect to hear from players. Welcome to TruckersMP and the community, have fun.