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  1. Should I report this?

    You can report other people even if you have not been involved directly. As many have said above also ^ But in this situation I wouldn't take the time to report as I can pretty much guarantee that no admin will ban for that. It's his own fault for following too close but doesn't break any of our rules substantially enough.
  2. Rule §2.20

    Default meaning however SCS made it available, you can play with in MP. You can't alter the trailers at all if it means going into singleplayer with mods and doing something, like changing how many trailers there are, the wheels of them, etc.
  3. #Double Trailers rule

    SCS limits them to Scandinavia. This could be a rule that they just put in for the release of 1.28 so I doubt 1.28 will let you take it elsewhere in the world.
  4. #Double Trailers rule

    Doubles are only allowed in Scandinavia.
  5. help

    You can only change your name once a month as of the new website update. So make sure when September 8th comes around you will chose a name that you won't need to change instantly.
  6. I ban players for going wrong way no matter if they cause a collision or not, since it's in our rules. I've watched the report video that you were asking about and that is a special circumstance in my opinion. The player recklessly drives to an intersection at a too high of speed to make it into the correct lane, while this is a offense in itself cities usually have a lot of breaks in the middle guard rail so it's easy to get back over. Like the player did, though I can't explain why he went back over after you passed. I usually kick for wrong way in cities *unless there are other offenses* For highways it's different because there isn't a real way to go the wrong way unintentionally, taking out of account switching from mainland to England. TL:DR: Keep reporting wrong way people, but just use your own judgement if it's in a city like that. If they get back over within the next break (given it's a short wall) I wouldn't bother reporting.
  7. My first collision

    To further answer your second question. If you are blocking the road after an accident it isn't considered blocking as there was a collision. The best thing to do is to either F7 or move off to the side then do what you need to do, like load an autosave or type in chat. However is can be considered blocking if you are there for an excessive amount of time.
  8. Test Trail Server No Cars??

    Basically the same as EU2 right now but with no cars.
  9. Double Trailers

    Anything that SCS is putting in that update will come to multiplayer once the full release of it it out. So if there is a dolly in it then we will support it (haven't actually played the beta yet so I'm not sure if there even is one)
  10. admin please help me, you threw me this, but first my last 1 year so it has been with me from the new system, according to the last 3 this ban. it's supposed to be me. please look at the dates and re-evaluate. please admin

    1. Aestrial


      REC TurkeyTrucker,


      Please do not come onto the forums with the intention of just complaining about your ban. This is not allowed, please refrain from doing it, and adhere the forum rules in the future.


      In addition, if you think the response to your appeal was wrong or unfair, and/or have a complaint, you can send a detailed email to [email protected] including all the relevant information.


      Any more questions, please send me a private message, and don't make status updates or topics.


      Locked from further replies.

  11. Banned for not recognizing me
  12. Map-based Server Regions

    +1 I like this idea a lot but I would have a few questions. We currently have 3 different types of servers: Simulation (EU1), 'Casual' (EU2/3), and freeroam (EU4) I imagine that EU2/3 will be merged with this 5 server system, but that would mean three more servers to maintain and use (which costs money) 1. So, are you wanting to do the same with the Simulation and Freeroam servers? That'd mean an additional 8 servers on top of the additional three, which no one really plays on anyways. I'd suggest to just leave them as they are. 2. Also, how about would you select which server to play on? Let's say you haven't played in a week and forgot where you left off and you pick a server at random. You picked wrong and now need to connect to the correct one which means quitting the game and selecting the right one. It'd just be a pain, not to mention having to stop and reconnect to a different one when you (let's say) go from france to the UK. My solution to this potential annoying issue for #2 Instead of having to select which server to connect to, the game will do it for you. You just press 'Drive' and wherever you are-the server will determine what server you should go in. (Same thing while, ie. going from France to the UK) This would eliminate the need to quit the game and select the other server --- This idea would be really cool to add to add players to a single map on different servers but I don't think this will get implemented anytime soon. Sure it would be really nice I think they have better things to do with their time. Mainly because this would mean having to add even more 'behind the scene' features for us admins to be able to do. For example, if we are watching a DEMO of a player and they have to change servers, how would that work? Not to mention plenty of other things that would have to be reworked. This great server 'revamp' suggestion would be really cool to see, but I'd like to see other features first, like the economy system that was mentioned a while back. (No news of it since though )
  13. Um can you please look at my appeal.




    1. Aestrial


      Hey @carolinaz3,


      Syntog will review your appeal when he has time; posting on the forums will not speed up the process.


      Just wait patiently, your appeal will be seen soon.


      Any more questions regarding the above, please PM me.



  14. Went for a name change. 

    CentralProcessingCat is no more!

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    2. RHG // SgtBreadStick

      RHG // SgtBreadStick

      Noooooooo. Not the kitty :( xD Like the new name and no Nate, you can't have the name, it will still be impersonation if you use it because he is still CPC.

    3. DrEGZo


      I liked your old Name <_< Change it baaack 

      jk Syntog is nice too :P But it sounds similar to this one....

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Wut :o Nooooooooooo :( RIP CentralProcessingCat :unsure: New name is nice too tho but think they old one is nicer :P