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Calais>Duisburg Road: Information and Alternative Routes

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Thanks for the info @heyhococo


I shall use this route from now on, to avoid the ridiculous shambles of the jams of Calais - Duisburg (yes, I hate traffic with a passion).

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Just noticed (At least for me) that the images have broken themselves- I'll fix this tomorrow when I get back from holiday. Sorry about that. :)


Edit: Hmm, apparently they're fine again. Oh well- perhaps just an issue with the image hoster yesterday. :P


Edit 2: Turns out the image hoster I used is going down due to an issue on their part- so I'll update OP using a different image hoster soon enough.

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Some people just don't listen, there are similar roads available to use like Frankfurt am Main to Praha, Dortmund to Dresden, Liverpool to Swansea. It's not only Calais to Duisburg road. People should meet other drivers in different places not in one packed road that puts admins under-pressure but I must admit Admins are the Key to this game!!! Great Job!:)

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What ive noticed with this route is that its okay, until everyone starts using it, or until traffic builds up on the A1/A16. Then it falls apart, the better alternative from Rotterdam is to go straight up to Amsterdam and follow the road that way round, and from Calais, go south down towards The border with Belgium, then head east from that point onwards.

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On 3/12/2016 at 5:12 PM, Alfa131313 said:

Those are good alternatives, but i think that the Calais-Duisburg route is still a faster option

Only out of peak hours or if not many drivers are on it. At peak hours, that route may be shorter, but never a faster option, unless you use NC hack to drive through the traffic jams.


EDIT: And if you drive like me, respecting the speed limits, even if the road is empty it isn't faster, there are some 60 Km/h stretches. The alternative routes use mostly highways.

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