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  1. I have 3 months of intership and I'm so tired :( 

    1. Mirko9


      Go trucking with friends ,and u will be fine :) 

    2. [0413][NL]MarocTelecom.
    3. Mirko9
  2. I see that you are from belgium, so I'll replay in dutch and english. In ETS2MP kan je niet spelen met mods. Je kan alleen mods op deze site toevoegen aan multiplayer en ermee spelen; http://mods.wotmp.com/ In ETS2MP you can't play with mods. You can only add these mods on multiplayer and play with it; http://mods.wotmp.com/
  3. Hey TruckersMP, I'm back after 3 days :( How it is going on?

    1. Forraz


      I'm going great :) How are you feeling?

    2. Skywalker93


      Welcome back soldier.

      i'm fine and you ?

    3. [0413][NL]MarocTelecom.


      @1nYX @Skywalker93 Yes I'm fine too. Thanks for asking :) 

  4. My setup is a laptop
  5. Respect is the most important thing.Thank you.I hope you understand what I'm saying.:)

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    2. MP4PLW


      I'm not saying that you don't understand!For this you thanks.Good for you.Nothing wrong with my words there.

    3. _Pingu_


      The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters. The most important thing in the world is family and love. When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.

    4. stilldre1976


      Good to hear mr pingu sounds like you've cracked it ;) 

  6. What is going on TruckersMP!!

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    2. Forraz


      xD Inconsiderate. What is inconsiderate is them taking showers, hammering up things to their wall or wahtever when I try to sleep at night when I 9/10 of the time can't sleep. But I play when the ones that can hear isn't home so they don't need to hear most of it and what they would hear in their apartment would be a feint sound of the bass due to the thick Concrete walls but if you go into the apartment stairs you will hear the music ofcourse. @3567


      And yeah the apartment building is still standing as my speakers arent even close to strong enough to destroy something :lol: @antrax 737

    3. Sentinel.


      If they have just moved to the house then it is to be expected, after a while they should quieten down but if it keeps bugging you then you can just contact the housing, council or the police. 

    4. Forraz


      Nah they have lived here for a while now :) It's not a nice neighbourhood. We have people all the way from junkies to old people. The ones that is wall to walls with my room is 1 junkie, the group of people under me that showers and runs around in the middle of the night (I don't complain to them as I am used to it but theres one that isn't), the last person is the guy who is like me and cant sleep at nights so he sleeps at days and I play when he isn't home so he isn't even going to hear anything when I have the window open.


      And technically in the rules I am allowed to play my music as I please from 11am to 7pm. If I want to go beyond the limit of what I can play before I get thrown out I will have broken the speakers :lol:


      Note: I've been living in this apartment for most of my life and if it isn't loud enough to make my family kick in my door then the neighbours shouldn't even be bothered by a small boom sound.

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