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  1. Happy Birthday Cooper 🎂

  2. Proud to present our newest skin for our vtc members to enjoy.
    The first image can be found here:


    1. EHHVTC - Ollie

      EHHVTC - Ollie

      Lovely skin, loving the edit too. Nice one.

  3. As a vtc founder myself I would agree that this guide is solid. Lets put out that having a vtc and maintaining it is not easy at all. But the good moments you get out of this is something truly amazing!
  4. Congratulations! happy to see that you got TGMO! :)

  5. Gefeliciteerd en succes. Laat ze eens zien wat een goede admin is.

    1. [Founder] Cooper

      [Founder] Cooper

      Dag Sheltie, Ik zal zeker me best doen. We gaan ervoor.

  6. Oi oi congratulations 

  7. Lad we have talked about this a few weeks ago. 


    I am glad you made a decision that makes you feel better.


    Thanks for everything you have done for the TMP team. 

  8. Thanks for all the birthday felicitations!

    1. Pillow


      Happy birthday Cooper!

    2. Bull [NL]

      Bull [NL]

      Happy Birthday Cooper

    3. [Founder] Cooper
  9. Happy Birthday sir :) 

  10. Happy Birthday!  ;) 

    1. Fanatico


      Happy Birthday

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