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  1. Apart from common sense and other aspects discussed here, some other tips are: Remember, rain reduces grip drastically, inducing understeer and making braking distances longer. If for some reason you don't want to check both sides before crossing a traffic signal in the middle of nowhere, you can always press 'TAB' and check if there are players nearby. If there aren't, the rules allow you to cross even though the signal is red. A lot of people after overtaking go back to their lane as soon as their trailer is ahead of the truck being overtaken. Big mistake, other players can see you as behind as one truck's length, this meaning that in their screens, you will be cutting them off, giving them reason to report you and get banned.
  2. Just like Stvrtle, I choose my tires based on how they look. I didn't even remember that they had different behavior. Next time I log in, I will check them, but I use more often than not the big Michelin ones.
  3. I used to use 6 or 12 Manual when my Logitech Shifter worked, but after it broke, I use only real automatic with 12 gears.
  4. I try to drive to places I would like to visit (or have visited), usually enjoying some music at the same time. I take ETS as a relaxing experience, more than anything. Sometimes it's just good to leave the truck in the garage and taking the car out for a relaxing cruise.
  5. I agree on it being updated, just because of how it looks. The current one is really outdated.
  6. Solange es nur für 8 Spieler ist, wird es TMP nicht bedrohen. TMP ist viel mehr als Convoys, es geht um Freiheit. Fahren mit wem und wohin man will, neue Leute kennenlernen, in massiven Convoys teilnehmen, das ist alle nur bei TMP möglich.
  7. Eso no debería ser difícil de implementar, pero quizás el equipo piensa que no vale la pena el esfuerzo para la cantidad de gente a la cual beneficiaría.
  8. A mí me parece que no supone amenaza alguna. Quizás el día que implementen un sistema de servidores dedicados y entrada libre, pero falta mucho para eso, ya que tendrían que crear un sistema de moderación y una plataforma que soporte mucha más gente de lo que actualmente tienen. En cuanto a incompatibilidades, no veo causas probables.
  9. Rumors are rumors. If this isn't too hard for the Add-On team, then there wouldn't be many reasons to be against this implementation. +1
  10. Although what the Add-On Team is working on is unknown, I agree that it would be better to have new vehicles less frequently if they are provided with interiors, as it is a must-be for those who seek immersion.
  11. I personally like the idea. Being able to customize the car a bit more, would not only make the roads less monotonous, but would also make their drivers able to express themselves better through its customization, which is very positive for a community like this. Regarding the updates, the car really needs it. +1
  12. We all know that the most conflictive zones are the No Collision zones exits. This can be clearly seen at any populated city garage or repair shops. If we did this, I think we would only move the problem to another zone. Maybe there would be less collisions, as there wouldn't be a one lane entry/exit point, but it wouldn't be 100% solved. Reports will still happen, not only because of negligent or reckless people, but also because of trolls, which can be seen everywhere at the C-D road. C-D will always be a problem. It has its pros and its cons, but that's another discussion.
  13. As many have mentioned before, the idea is good, and for me, it makes sense. However, I think that the easiest and simplest way to close a road would be the admin directly blocking it with the blue lights on. By using this method, everyone should understand. After all, there is an emergency vehicle blocking the way. To understand that, no English or graphics setting is required. TLDR: good idea, but can be done easier.
  14. Would this be useful? Yes. Is it really necessary? I think not. You can always check for traffic by looking far on the road or by using (even virtual) mirrors. Even if you don’t like these, you could even use the GPS blue dots as reference.
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