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  1. Empty roads are depressing. There is no reason to slow down, no challenge, nothing to pay attention to.
  2. Convoys, but only if we speak. It's great fun to speak with people we would otherwise never know or meet in real life.
  3. We all know that the most conflictive zones are the No Collision zones exits. This can be clearly seen at any populated city garage or repair shops. If we did this, I think we would only move the problem to another zone. Maybe there would be less collisions, as there wouldn't be a one lane entry/exit point, but it wouldn't be 100% solved. Reports will still happen, not only because of negligent or reckless people, but also because of trolls, which can be seen everywhere at the C-D road. C-D will always be a problem. It has its pros and its cons, but that's another discussion.
  4. As many have mentioned before, the idea is good, and for me, it makes sense. However, I think that the easiest and simplest way to close a road would be the admin directly blocking it with the blue lights on. By using this method, everyone should understand. After all, there is an emergency vehicle blocking the way. To understand that, no English or graphics setting is required. TLDR: good idea, but can be done easier.
  5. Would this be useful? Yes. Is it really necessary? I think not. You can always check for traffic by looking far on the road or by using (even virtual) mirrors. Even if you don’t like these, you could even use the GPS blue dots as reference.
  6. Just like Nelicopter said, removing cars won’t remove trolls. Cars are just more convenient, but don’t blame the tool, blame the one who uses it.
  7. I think that adding variety to the game can’t be bad. The only negative points I could think of is performance. But after all, that would still be an issue in the base game. So for me, it’s a +1
  8. Simply agree with both the original idea and the SilverCrusher45 (^) suggestion.
  9. Agree, but it would probably be the GPS would become messier with fewer trucks than now, and that would actually affect the simplicity of currents GPS. Nonetheless 1+.
  10. Although I agree with the concept of it, many people just use a modded profile where money isn't a problem or they have the "Traffic offence" option disabled.
  11. Most of the accidents are caused because of human factor. It doesn't matter the specific cause. People take risks while driving in and out of this game. There had been in-game accidents because of distractions, and it can also be because of this simulation. I mean, which is the difference between being reckless by using your phone or by having this option enabled and not resting? It doesn't matter as long as it is punished. There is no reason to say "no" to this. +1
  12. I think this should be implemented just because I can't really see any downsides to this. I hope to see this, at least as a test, soon.
  13. ^ I have seen lots of trolls in cars, but also in trucks with and without trailers. I have also seen car drivers that drive better than truck drivers. If someone wants to troll he will make it, it wouldn't matter the vehicle.
  14. +1 Folks, we already know it is a Truck sim, but in real life trucks "live" in the same habitat as cars, don't they? What would be a truck simulator without cars? Do you really think a "truck only" world would be better? Trolls drive cars and trucks, and this will only give some more realism (that many people want) and some more variety to the game. Really loved the idea, nice to see it in "Open for discussion". Drive safe!
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