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  1. alryt guys a got a crash log message when a was logging in 2 truckersmp after the new update it crashs any help XD

    1. GGF MD

      GGF MD

      Take a look at this topic:


    2. The Flying Scotsman

      The Flying Scotsman

      thanks GGF MD appreciate it XD

    3. GGF MD
  2. congrats on GM good luck XD

  3. Hello guys hw r u all today good a hope? XD

  4. Hey Guys my friends mouse keeps frezzing on the launchpad of ets2 but works fine in sp any info how 2 fix thanks

    1. Sentinel.


      Tell your friend to run TruckersMP as an admin.

    2. The Flying Scotsman

      The Flying Scotsman

      thanks Sentinel. HerrSwizz fur replying soz it took this long 2 reply hes going 2 try it and thanks fur info Xd

  5. Hey guys just started a youtube channel any 1 free 2 check it out and hit subscribe button all help and support will be great thanks. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeCs9OVsw-pnMeD91pDj1VA

    1. DevonGamer22


      i start it long ago but no one care about my video pluse i havent upload them lol but i well help ye out by support if someone do same for me :) btw ill wish ya luck on your channel and have fun 

  6. Hey Guys quick question any1 knw wen they r taking the winter mod off mp XD

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    2. KhaosHammer


      You can disable the Winter mod by doing the following :


      First, the falling snow :



      Now the mod itself :





      Now the winter mod and its snow falling should now be gone. But I don't know when they are going to remove the mod for everyone.



    3. Samiz [FIN]

      Samiz [FIN]

      Last year winter mod was removed May 2, 2016, maybe about same time this year

    4. The Flying Scotsman

      The Flying Scotsman

      thanks guys for the info didnt noticed that a could remove it from there so thanks again guys fur the info XD

  7. Hey Guys am starting my own yotube channel plz have a look and subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeCs9OVsw-pnMeD91pDj1VA
    the respect and support would be great thanks any info u need bout wen am live add me on steam .XD

  8. there always 2 many players in 1 spot most of them like the traffic like me but its better wen u dnt overtake at busy times and duisburg and calais r both just bad a think :0
  9. Hey guys having problem with ets2mp wen a start it up it seems to load  but then cancel bk 2 desktop straight away any1 knw hw 2 fix or wats the problem XD

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    2. DevonGamer22


      weird . lol it should work find or maybe just steam beta thing need to change around sometime i have to do that

    3. The Flying Scotsman

      The Flying Scotsman

      Devonracer02  kl thanks man a will try that and see hopefully it does or it just fixes it self :)

    4. _Pingu_


      it may be a number of problems but you can quickly find out what the problem is try doing some of these

      1. Uninstall all mods
      2. send a crash log.txt to a help forum
      3. run game as admin
      4. update drivers
      5. end process in task manager (if the game is running in the background)
      6. if all else fails uninstall ets2 and ets2mp and re-install




  10. Finally bk in 2 forums after almost months trying 2 get on it all a kept getting was an error and contacted the forums and nuthin happened but thought a would try it again 2day and wow worked lmao Xd

  11. Looking forward 2 this dlc looks amazing and it will take sum time fur it 2 come 2 mp
  12. MY Wishlist Mafia 3 planet coaster fern bus watch dogs 2 But a kin take of mafia 3 and watch dogs 2 of the list now getting them in next few days
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