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  1. Usually after a long day of work or whatever, people might come home and want to do something fun and driving fast is fun to some people. They see it as a rush, a sort of excitement to race around, driving as fast as they can while overtaking as many people as possible. People obviously can't experience this sort of driving IRL because its dangerous and unethical and ETS2 is a virtual game after all so they say "why not?" like curious human beings we all are. However, those are the people who overlook the word "simulator" in the game title.
  2. You can check here to see where the highest concentration of players are on each server: http://ets2map.com/. Most players on Europe 2 stick to the Calais-Duisburg-Paris area.
  3. It depends on the server and where you are driving on the map. The road between Calais-Duisburg is notorious for having aggressive and reckless drivers. Here's a protip: if you want to drive with more obedient players, stay away from the Europe 2 server. In general, most people aren't trolls and just want to drive like a normal human being. There are a lot less trolls nowadays compared to about a year ago but there are still a couple here and there. Just remember to keep your screen capture running.
  4. Third party mods like the ones you mentioned will not work in multiplayer.
  5. It's going to be hard pushing out so many pixels at once with a big screen resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate without having to upgrade your system specs. I have a 27-inch Dell S2716DG with 1440p at 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time with G-Sync to complement my GTX970 and i find that to be decent immersion for me... of course it depends on the person's taste. The main things that i recommend are sticking sticking to a 1440p resolution with a 144Hz refresh rate -- those two are the holy grail of immersion. Monitor size and dimensions can be whatever although if its too big, it might get a bit overwhelming for the eyes. I have yet to try out an ultrawide or a curved ultrawide so i can't comment on those.
  6. I don't see any problem with it. As long as you can control your cargo, not ram other truckers or drive recklessly, you shouldn't get banned at all.
  7. This has been discussed before: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/28866-multiplayer-on-a-mac/ TruckersMP is not supported on a mac
  8. What are your computer specs besides your graphics card (like your processor, RAM)? Also, try running a speedtest and post your speed because it looks like your internet maybe an issue as well.
  9. An optimal steering wheel should be able to turn 900 degrees from hard left to hard right. It depends on what brand your steering wheel when you want to set it up to turn like a real steering wheel. For my G27, its in your Logitech Gaming Software > Device > Game Controllers... > Select your USB steering wheel controller > Properties > Settings, and under the "Rotation" heading, you can adjust your steering wheel to turn up to 900 degrees of rotation.
  10. maybe some photos or error messages of your problem would help a lot because the world of trucks webpage isn't unstable and doesn't crash for me. you can always try clearing your browser history and cache and see if that helps
  11. I have an i5-3450 with a stock GTX970 which can stream ETS2 at 720p with around 30fps. A 1060 is slightly better than my 970 so yes, by looking at stats that should be enough. But still, try some test streams to see if your computer and internet speed is capable of streaming well
  12. Everything you need to know about broadcasting on steam is in your broadcasting settings page. Go to your top left corner of your steam window, then Steam > Settings > Broadcasting from the left menu In this window, you just have to change the privacy setting to "Anyone can watch my games" in order to broadcast in public on steam Yes, its recommended to have a good computer to broadcast something acceptable (i5 processor minimum/i7 processor recommended, a decent Nvidia or AMD graphics card) and a good connection as well. You should try to test broadcast to a friend that you know and trust so you could do some testing and see what settings you can broadcast well at. Usually, its acceptable and best to broadcast at 720p with a bitrate of around 2500-3000kb/s, but that of course depends on your system/internet capabilities. If you have any more questions, just ask away
  13. Just like previous DLCs, it will take a while for the non collision zones to be properly mapped for hotels, garages, companies, etc (the usual stuff). That may damage your cargo if your trailer spawns on other players so it'd be best if you wait a week or so until they get that handled
  14. I believe it will be priced about the same as the Scandinavia/Vive le France/Italia DLCs which was 17.99USD of course there will be people who buy the expansion once it releases and you'll see other players on the new roads however most will wait for it to go on sale and stick to the CD road as usual
  15. It's definitely worth when you buy it during a steam sale, but it doesn't have the consistent high player population like you get on ETS2 servers... unless there's a big release like the Volvo VNL
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