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  1. Yes, I listen to truckersfm, simulator radio and I used to rip CD's like this month to listen to music? Why? I didn't have spotify premium which means I had constant adds and the audio bit rate I believe was 160. It was in the 100's I know that for a fact. I was about to actually put songs in the folder for ETS2 but remembered that I had spotify premium for a week now. I will still continue to burn CD's as I can use it on any device including mp3 players or an old ipod. I know you can download spotify songs but they can ONLY stay on the app.
  2. I always speed but I do stop at traffic lights if people are there and I don't drive like a butt hole. And I'll wait the 2 or even 10 minutes in a traffic jam and not pass on the C-D road when there are 20 + players or when I know I won't have enough time to speed up and get over. I hate people on the C-D that pass then notice they don't have enough time, so then they have to cut you off in the right side of the road. I had a gaming pc ever since June so I would more than happily record someone and make a report. On my laptop that didn't even have a GPU it will lag like crazy. On my gaming pc doesn't lag that much.
  3. @DJFrontierYes it has been. And thank you everybody for replying!
  4. @szykaro23 I already knew that heavy cargo was allowed but I was just asking if it was allowed on C-D road. But thanks for the reply.
  5. So yeah I normally don't drive heavy cargo down C-D road and I was wandering to my self is that even allowed. I drove down with it and didn't get warned or kicked. So just to be safe I'm just asking if it's allowed.
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