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  1. Is there MP version for SteamOS/linux version of ETS2 and ATS?
  2. The team processing the reports has to be trustworthy and reliable, I don't think anyone wishes to have vigilante group delivering bans haphazardly. I think the situation is acceptable as long the reports get processed eventually be in a few days or in a week, but the process would need a revision if drivers who are reported never got punished for their transgressions.
  3. Three quarter that answered no don't drive on C-D road And people don't read announcements either or don't understand English at all. As few drivers said already when I catch someone I'll let them drive in front as they'll take head on accidents caused by reckless drivers from opposite direction.
  4. As there are different kind of people so exist different kinds of VTC's. Some demand driving and hangout with the group, some VTC's allow you to drive alone as long you record your job with them. Most VTC's offer some trial period. I'd suggest you to browse the VTC calls, find one which suits you most and do a tryout. Many VTC's organize public convoys you can participate in and see how you like the VTC.
  5. I got impression that three quarters of players commute between Calais and Duisburg. As many already suggested use alternate routes during peak hours.
  6. Let me clarify my question. For example, I have two separate installations of ETS2, one Steam and the other from CD media, which I can update on their own terms. I wonder if that's possible with ATS?
  7. I'd like to have ATS 1.5 for single player and whatever other version is required for MP. I wish to avoid download every time I switch between beta and regular. I searched the forum and discussions on Steam but didn't find any usable answer.
  8. Although there are only few studies regarding whether skills learned in a driving simulator transfer to the road I'd advise to all who participate in the traffic in real life to obey road rules and to stop at red traffic light. Running the red light becomes a habit too easy.
  9. maybe you can start with these http://modding.scssoft.com/wiki/Main_Page http://forum.scssoft.com/viewforum.php?f=172 for painjob mod you need only Ets2Studio http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=172&t=191933
  10. Recently I had few deliveries on the C-D road during off-peak hours. Everything went quite fine except multitude on the road spawns which caught my truck resulting in huge damage.
  11. Joj Junnky, ts3 je ful potiho. Sem te dodal na steamu.
  12. I completely understand you. Those, I'll call them overtaking trolls to avoid using nasty words, with their stupid driving infuriate me. But I don't wanna be the one causing accident. Yield. Let the loonies pass. Maybe you could try be bit nicer "... it is nice to slow down a little so the other driver has a chance to overtake you." BTW Do you realise you're speeding sometimes almost two times the road speed limit?
  13. DLC's are on sale in Steam
  14. Because it is boring. Trucking as a job is boring and it should be. If you drive day by day you don't want to be exhausted as a racing driver after few hours of pushing to the limits. As a truck driver you make a mileage without even a single mishap in a lifetime. It's a challenge but not for everyone's taste. Thou I wish there were less racers in the game I rather mingle with racers than drive on empty roads. I don't see how to force someone to stick to the rules. Even IRL truckers do flip their trailers. In game there's little consequence so there's more racing than trucking. My two cents
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