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  1. I cannot wait till those C-D angels find the northern most road of Iceland in ProMod servers. ?
  2. Yeah, today everything seems fine. What I don't get is that lie they tell as about reconnection. ?
  3. I've had those connection issues yesterday. I tolerated three of those and then I quit driving. I don't mind the server connection to be lost from time to time, but to be forced to restart the TruckersMP and the whole game is too much. It says in the chat window "you will be reconnected automatically", but I've never found that to be true. Have anyone experienced those disconnections today?
  4. Did you check the logfile to get some hints what might have caused that?
  5. Thanks, that's what I wanted to know. It seems that the first 15sec of each video is jittery and then it starts look as good as it originally was, like this one: https://plays.tv/video/5d60137c14eba35678/rep-reckless-6 The quality of the video is not the problem since they have worked just fine before and those that I uploaded today looked great on my computer. Plays rolled out an update on 21st, I installed it on 22nd and the problems has been present since then. All the report videos on 21st and before are just fine. Anyway, thank you for the answer! And yes, I got my answer and it says that I did useless job today making reports.
  6. Hey, I have a problem! I was uploading to Plays an evidence video, and it looks just great on my computer, but the uploaded video has like a frame per hour quality. Sure, you get some sort of picture what happened. I even tried to reupload a video, when I noticed that, but it still has terrible quality. It seems that some uploads are only half that bad and suddenly stops lagging and shows the real quality. Are those still going to be ok evidence or not? Here's an example: https://plays.tv/video/5d6019a6214b86d99a The video was recorded as 1080p, 30fps and it does look like it on my computer, but not on Plays. And if those are not good, what would be a better service to upload evidence instead of Plays or Youtube, since the first one seems to kill the quality of uploads?
  7. Anyone using this road should really be aware of what this sign means: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yield_sign
  8. Hey, does this mean that the restriction zone of double trailers is now off and you can use them everywhere in Germany? Those city areas are way off! Milan, Paris, Calais... Though it doesn't seem to make much difference anymore since you cannot drive 130km/h.
  9. I wonder that myself since there are roads where you can cause even worse chaos when overloaded with players.
  10. Ptterz


    Haha never thought of copy paste before! I guess it will be enough.
  11. Ptterz


    But when there is a lot of players near you, it is hard to find out who it was. Actually none of those is quite what I was trying to look for. What I've done before is that I find the player from the spawning log file by his name and number. To have the /pinfo in the video is sometimes really hard and sometimes impossible if I cannot see player's number. What I'm asking is that is the spawning log not enough anymore? How about when the player takes off before you get his number? It is then impossible to use /pinfo. Isn't the only way to report in those cases the way I've done it before by using spawning log to get the ID?
  12. Ptterz


    Hey, when creating a report it now says that "Please provide all evidence, including /pinfo or similar". What does this mean exactly, like how does it differ to earlier reporting? Is it a must that /pinfo is visible on that video? Sometimes it is hard to see the number when something happens.
  13. Oh, sorry that you had to wait! It didn't show me notifications until now! And yes, my question is now answered. Maybe it would be best to turn those off when playing in multiplayer.
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