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  1. [SUPPORT TRAINEE] @maksch has been promoted to Trial Support.
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  2. [RETIRED TEAM MEMBER] @W4chund rejoins the Game Moderation Team.
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  3. First status update of 2021 Got to start off the year with a photo from the 3rd annual New Year's Event hosted by Prime Logistics. So great to see over 150 drivers join us for the event on the beautiful roads of the UK in ProMods ? Safe virtual trucking friends
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  5. The cold times are upon us I just went outside and almost froze, it's too cold. However, Picky said I could steal this picture so, here it is, just a brilliant shot from the other night! See you guys on the road w/ @[ConSecGroup] Picky99, @EuroLuke_, @Ben Kempson
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  6. [PLAYER] @Angel . joins the TruckersMP Team as Support Trainee.
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  7. I'm not phenomenally skilled but I'm phenomenally willed!
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  8. C-D Drive @enoble_yt | @HandOfClash | me | @Roenz
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  10. 4K?? #4EverGÖKBÖRÜ MAN TGX Euro 6 <-> Istanbul-Tekirdag Highway
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  11. Nizam Logistics, Best Company of the Year!
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  13. After that record breaking RLC Convoy with 400+ participants of last tuesday, today I take the time to drive around and explore ?
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  15. Thx for this meeting @HandOfClash @smackywacky_ @enoble_yt
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  18. Family ℱ????? ???? ???? @[email protected]@Roenz ? With @Speedy_Yama @MiniClipper and @Curt_95 ? ? have a nice day TMP
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  19. The first RLC convoy of the year! what a turnout it was! It was great to see so many people much love to you all Here are some of the shots that i got while doing media
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  20. Witajcie, Wszystkie nadesłane zdjęcia były naprawdę ładne, walka o miejsca w Top 3 była wyrównana. W konkursie wzięło udział 16 osób. Zostały wybrane 3 najlepsze zdjęcia, oto one: 1 Miejsce Wykonane przez: @[C-S] Marek1986 2 Miejsce Wykonane przez: @RoadHunter66 [PL] 3 Miejsce Wykonane przez: @[BTS] Lolcia_785 Zwycięzcom gratulujemy! Zdjęcia zwycięzców zostaną tłem na officjalnej grupie TruckersMP Polska na Facebooku - LINK Chcielibyśmy podziękować wszystkim uczestnikom za udział w konkursie na zdjęcie miesiąca. Do zobaczenia w przyszłym miesiącu z waszymi fotkami! Konkurs Styczniowy - Pozdrawiamy Polski Team TruckersMP oraz Ja ?
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  21. Been a while since i've posted anything. W/ @.Ace.
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  23. @Dylan R @Owen. @quality_productions @[ConSecGroup] Picky99 and @Ben Kempson who isn't in photo
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  24. I'm glad to have been voted Maus Of The Year 2020
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  26. Candyfloss Truck came out again for the second time and on C-D too! Soooo it was another drive on C-D this time with @[email protected]_ and a wild .... I'm starting to realise the fun of C-D
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  27. 1st RLC Convoy of the year ? Loads more photos here ---> https://imgur.com/a/DWPAS07
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  29. loving the view why having a brake
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  30. I love winter it makes so beautiful.
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  32. A while back I managed to get a picture with @MsMist! Thought I'd share it! Have an awesome year TruckersMP Community! ?
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  33. [COMMUNITY MODERATION MANAGER] @Nameless GhouI has been promoted to Project Coordinator.
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  36. For all Orthodox players. I wish you a Merry Christmas good luck to all and above all good health.
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  37. Happy belated new year guys, i wish you all the best for 2021 | Some pictures playing Single Player ?
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