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  1. Good morning everyone.^^

    1. MHT_


      Good morning! :)

  2. My only goal, is my goals. Good night TruckersMP.


    1. stilldre1976


      nite matey take it easy bro B)

  3. Hello; I agree. Europe 4 is an area of No collision
  4. Happy birth day. ^^

  5. Driving at a low speed!

    Hello; If you stand intentionally, you will be forbidden. If there's a problem, use quaternary signal. Best regards.
  6. what do you guys/girls hate about trolls

    I don't hate it, I let it go.
  7. Downloading ETS2

    Hello; Have you done it before? If the answer is yes: Delete old files. Best regards.
  8. I'm an air expert.



  9. Keep in mind! You very strong.



    1. Ricky65


      Great pic! Love the colour scheme you got going on :lol:

    2. MHT_
    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great Photo and Volvo :D

  10. [SCS Blog] Oregon: Scenic road 101

    Unbelievable! Good work.
  11. When the game will update to 131?

    There is nothing definite yet. My guess is about 1 month.
  12. why scs don't put offroad or dirty road in the official map?

    I like this idea.But Scandinavian roads are very convenient. I hope that road DLC's will be added in the future.
  13. Should SCS make an Australian Truck game ?

    Why not? I wanted to see the road trains.