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  1. Güneş balçıkla sıvanmaz. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. A winner will do anything to win. No matter how long it takes, how much work, or what it costs. They will get it done. Success comes when it's no longer a choice. It's do or die. Demand it.





  3. The standards you set for yourself will define who you become. Do it right or don't do it at all.



  4. Mornin' all! Hope that you're having a great weekend so far! With my boss, @JeffSFC


  5. Your ability to hold on to that belief is what will carry you through the deepest and darkest valleys, all the way to the top. w/ @RequieB




    1. AdaBey


      Bütün gözler üstümüzde, çekemeyen çok. Kimin ayak izi nerede bilmem ama, Börü ayak izi bırakmaz. (:

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      Silent Death_53

      haha tam AdaBey'lik bir şarkı. Onda da para çok ama bize birşey ısmarlamıyor. PUHH :troll:

  7. Everybody have a goal, what are you doing for get it?



  8. Yaşadığım süre boyunca, her zaman ve her yerde benimle olacaksın Gül Pembe.. 



  9. When things go well, that's not a time to sit back and ease off. It's a time to go even harder. Lift your game.



  10. Congratulations on your new position adabey:D

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
    2. AdaBey


      Thank you. (:

  11. Tebrik ederim kardeşim, hakkında hayırlısı olsun. (:

    1. [TR] SkortiL

      [TR] SkortiL

      Sağolasın aslan kardeşim. :wub:

  12. For #BlueEyes



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      Göttingenli Ethem

      doşlantta mı çekilde bu amdinim

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      Soryn Official

      Arabaların konumunu gerçekten seviyorum :wub:

  13. The battle isn't won in front of crowds or in public, they're made in those early mornings and late nights, when no one is around to see you grind through those thousands of repetitions to perfect your craft. Don't be like one of those people who talk about how much work they've put in and how hard they grind. When you've put in enough work, you'll shine so bright, the world will inevitably realise, "This person's put in an insane amount of effort to get where they are." In memory of @izm07