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  1. [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @GGF MD has been promoted to Support Manager.
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  2. [REPORT MODERATOR] @Owen. has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator.
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  3. Hey Truckers, As the temperature lowers and the chance of snow increases, it can only mean one thing. It's becoming winter again! For the first time ever, we have been supporting seasonal modifications for an entire year. We have teamed up with Grimes once again to support the Frosty Winter Weather Mod on both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. To use this modification on our servers, there are a few steps you need to follow. As we have done previously in addition to the mod creator’s request, you will have to download the mod from a third-party website. You can find all t
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  4. Christmas Convoy 2020 What a day! A full 12 hours (and a bit extra) of convoy control and driving. It's been a pleasure and I'll never forget it. I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and a great new year. See you on the roads. Thanks everyone for the congratulations also!
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  6. Enjoying the new Event and the Winter Mod
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  8. I WANT TO WISH YOU HAPPY YEARS, TODAY WE PARTICIPATED IN CONVOY WHICH TMP ORGANIZED AND I SEE SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE FROM SOMEONE HERE !!! @Whitelodge @Cyberskilzz @Raymond_ @Jeronimο @Owen. @JamesS014 @MaverickTD @RB1988 @Winter~ @MsMist @Polyxena [GER] @Geology Rocks @•Nika• @DJ ccowie @szykaro23 @Kid Fabi @Emma.x @theonlylukon @Tuna_ @Aek177 @TFM_George
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  9. Final RLC Convoy of 2020! A massive thanks to all of the RLC Event Team for making these events happen! We would also like to thank the TMP Satff member who help to provide us with weekly event servers and helping to moderate our convoys. A massive thank you to everyone that attends these convoys every week and supports RLC it is greatly appreciated. Hope to see you all in 2021 for another fun pact year.
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  11. Great drive with @TFM_George getting some of the Christmas Gifts delivered for santa!
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  14. Spoke to the Supervisor nicely and took the old girl out for a spin. First entering service 19 years ago, and still doesn't disappoint.
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  15. [REPORT MODERATOR] @CreatorInDeep transfers from the Report Moderation team to the Add-On Team
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  16. Next Round of some Trucking Time. Come Join & Have Fun!
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  21. List of changes from 19th December 2020: Support Frosty Winter Weather Mod, v8.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and v3.0 for American Truck Simulator. Add Christmas Charity Convoy 2020 modification content. Remove support for Late Autumn/Mild Winter. Fix removing the game traffic.
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  24. Doing an event Kind Regards, Dominik [SK] TruckersMP Game Moderator
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  25. Merhaba tırcılar, Sıcaklıklar düşüyor ve kar yağma ihtimali artıyor. Bu tek bir şey demek olabilir. Yine kış geliyor! Bu zamana kadar ilk kez, tüm bir yıl boyunca mevsimsel modifikasyonları desteklemiş olduk. Frosty Winter Weather Mod'unu hem American Truck Simulator hem de Euro Truck Simulator 2 için desteklemek adına, Grimes ile tekrar birlik olduk. Bu modifikasyonu sunucularımızda kullanabilmek için takip etmeniz gereken birkaç adım bulunmaktadır. Önceden de olduğu gibi, mod yapımcısının isteği doğrultusunda bu modu üçüncü-taraf bir web sitesinden indirmeniz gerekmektedir. Bu
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  26. I've been trying some new methods of colour correction with some photos and I'm very pleased with the results!
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  30. 1-day break on delivering bans. So I can deliver some Christmas gifts.
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  31. had a lovely drive yesterday / early this morning with a few cuties @Roenz @Jamie_ @Dylan R @Shay_Gaming @4lord_ford(cymru am byth)
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  32. [PLAYER] @Rescue193uk joins the TruckersMP Team as an Official Streamer.
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  33. New Song! I hope you enjoy http://hyperurl.co/unity
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