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  1. Event Team Recruitment From the 27th of September until the 11th of October, we are looking for talented individuals to join our Event Team. The Event Team is responsible for the planning, management and coordination of official events within the TruckersMP community. Loading saves and directing players along the route is a crucial task, which sometimes involves the privilege of driving special vehicles. Core Requirements: Have good knowledge of TruckersMP and the rules Must be a member of TruckersMP for at least 12 months Must be registered on the TruckersMP forum for at least 3 months Must be at least 16 years old No bans / forum or Discord punishments within the last 12 months; Must have no more than 3 bans in the last 24 months Must have overall good behaviour, which includes forum, Discord and our official social media pages You have sufficient knowledge of the English language Good communication skills Resilient, active and flexible Ability to work within a team and on your own at times Eager to learn and progress your knowledge Organised and adaptive Be able to accept constructive criticism At least some activity on our forums and/or Discord Specific Qualifications: Able to communicate quickly and effectively, in English, in a voice channel. Have a clear microphone to allow for effective voice communication. Be available during times when events most often occur (weekends & evenings). Having all map DLCs is an advantage, but not a necessity. Languages This position does not require any specific language skills, however fluent English (written and spoken) is still a requirement. Before you submit an application, we strongly recommend that you read the following Knowledge Base article with many tips and information regarding our recruiting process: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/1019 If you think you'd be a valuable asset for the Event Team, you can apply here.
  2. SCS recently changed the way accessories are shown, meaning that even people without the DLC can now see parts and skins. See this post for information: // Done
  3. // Done The recent client update ( enabled fatigue simulation to work properly.
  4. Hey, Thanks for your suggestion. This has been a big topic of discussion internally and the decision was made to not add this on public servers. There are too many issues with confusion (as most people don't read the rank, they just see the red/coloured name and assume admin). Additionally, the red name that GM+ have in-game is a tool and not a perk, and this tool would not be needed for non-GM staff as they don't have the authority in-game like moderators do. // Rejected
  5. Phon


    Hey, This sort of change to the physics is something SCS would have to do, not us. We can't change the game at such a core point to change the fundamental way the physics works. Please ensure you follow the Suggestion Format in future as well, which can be found in the red bar at the top of the New Suggestions page. // Rejected
  6. Hello, Fundamental changes like this are things that SCS would have to add, not us. The core way the satnav works is something SCS would have to work on, you could consider going over to their forum and having a discussion there. // Rejected
  7. Hey, These sliders should become available soon. The time option also doesn't work at the moment because of the way TMP works with the in-game time system, but these are fixes that are planned to be added later. I will consider your suggestion accepted, however this was already going to be added. // Accepted
  8. Phon

    AI Cars

    Hey, It is rather well known that we aim to add AI traffic into TruckersMP at some point in the future, however due to this being a major project and SCS constantly changing the way the AI traffic works in the game, it has not yet come to fruition. You can find various pieces of information about AI traffic that we have published over the years, in blogs and announcements. While we do hope to be able to add this at some point, I will reject your suggestion for the sake of keeping the forum organised and without duplicates. // Rejected but planned
  9. Hey, In future, please ensure you follow the suggestion format when making your suggestion. It can be found by clicking the red Suggestion Format bar at the top of the New Suggestions area. Anyway, this is not something we can do. Load swapping is something SCS would have to implement as a feature in the game, and is not something we could develop ourselves. // Rejected
  10. Hey, The #TMPX server is a special server that we only open on our birthday, for good reason. While the server is fun to use what with having reduced rules, it does not capture what we are trying to achieve at TruckersMP with our idea of Simulation and realism. Not only would this server take away from the simulation aspect, it would also likely not have very high activity anyway so would be a waste of our resources. // Rejected
  11. We host regular supporter convoys for Patrons, Nitro Boosters and Twitch Subscibers. You are allowed to use Alternating Vehicles at these events, there is no need for a separate AV only event. // Accepted
  12. We don't just give you new things at Christmas There is a new box at the top of your profile which can be expanded to show your rank, all your badges, your reputation count and your community answers. At the moment there is no way to have specific badges showing, for example, because they are just all shown there.
  13. / Moved to Forum Suggestions Please create topics in the correct place.
  14. At the moment the manual badges are not listed here as we haven't fully decided how and where we are going to use them. If and when we do, you can be sure to expect them adding here too
  15. Hello everyone! We have introduced a new system for ranks and badges on the TruckersMP forum! This replaces the old cargo ranking system and allows you to earn exclusive badges depending on how you interact around the forum! A comprehensive guide is available here. Let us know your thoughts on the new badges and ranks!
  16. TruckersMP Forum - Reputation, Ranks & Badges Up until now, the TruckersMP Forum used a rank system based on different truck cargo loads, with increasing size and weight as your rank goes up. Recently, this rank system was removed and replaced with a clearner, more refreshed version. The new system calculates rank differently and more fairly, being based less on post count alone and more on other interaction around the forum. This topic will explain each of the new ranks on the forum you can obtain. It is important to understand the difference between ranks, reputation, badges and roles. Reputation Levels 0 points Truck? 25 points Unlicensed 100 points Sunday Driver 250 points Trainee 500 points Reserve Driver 750 points Local Driver 1000 points National Driver 1500 points International Driver 3000 points Veteran Driver 5000 points Driving Instructor 10000 points King of the Road! Reputation is a simple metric that increases as your content gets more follows, reactions and community appreciation. Ranks 50 points Newbie 200 points Rookie 500 points Apprentice 1000 points Contributor 2500 points Explorer 5000 points Enthusiast 7500 points Collaborator 10000 points Regular 15000 points Proficient 20000 points Experienced 25000 points Mentor 50000 points Veteran 100000 points Grand Master Ranks are automatic and are issued based on how many points you have. Varying numbers of points are given based on your interaction around the forum, from commenting on threads to receiving reactions and being followed. We do not publicly say how many points each action on the forum is worth, however it is carefully balanced to give the fairest and most equal experience. Badges 1 reply First Post 10 replies Collaborator 100 replies Discussionist 250 replies Posting Machine 500 replies Posting Legend 10 followers Well Followed 250 followers Community Member 1000 followers Community Icon 20 posts Conversation Starter 50 posts Avid Talker 10 reactions Getting Noticed 100 reactions Popular 500 reactions Very Popular 20 best answers Problem Solver 7 days signed in Dedicated 1 month registered One Month Later 1 year registered One Year In 5 years registered Old Timer Badges are special achievements that you can obtain by reaching milestones on the forum, and are displayed at the top of your profile.
  17. Hello everyone, Let's try to keep the comments and replies to this post on-topic. We don't want to start arguments or heated discussions here. Of course we are not trying to mute the opinion of anyone. No matter what your views on TruckersMP are, you can voice those, however we kindly ask and urge you to do so in a more formal manner, such as contacting us via the feedback system so we can directly examine your concern and take it from there. We don't want to clog up the replies for this development post with complaints about bans and the general attitude of staff. You can voice your concerns elsewhere for that. Thank you everyone!
  18. Following discussion with GMMs, we do not see a need for this. It is not possible to know whether someone has edited money or XP, and it has no effect on other people. While the rule is not inclusive about "Gameplay" - we do not see this as a neccesary addition. Since you cannot know whether someone has edited money or XP, it cannot be reported to TruckersMP, therefore has no need to be in the rules. The rules are there to outline what we do and don't allow, and people can report others based on these rules. Since it is not possible to report for this, it won't be added. Thank you for your suggestion regardless.
  19. /Moved to Website Suggestions
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