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  1. [REPORT MODERATOR] @NinjaRichie Transfers back to the Game Moderator role. [GAME MODERATOR] @Knusperschnitzel has left the team due to personal reasons.
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  3. I get this when I try to install new update and continues to pop up with this code and cant figure out a solution
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  4. [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @Fluffy Bunny leaves the TruckersMP team due to personal reasons.
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  5. [GAME MODERATOR + TRANSLATOR] @Shayrin has left the Game Moderation Team due to lack of time but will remain in the Translation Team.
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  6. Hello everyone! ? Today is the day! I am back streaming! ? I am now LIVE at https://www.twitch.tv/beau10_ Feel free to join the stream to have some fun!
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  7. [REPORT MODERATOR] @Geology Rocks has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator. [REPORT MODERATOR] @ppabli has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator.
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  8. Hello truckers and happy holidays! As we approach the holiday season here at TruckersMP, our Add-On Team has been hard at work making modifications to celebrate the season. From today and throughout the season, you can expect to see a couple changes when playing TruckersMP. Holiday themed map edits When driving around in TruckersMP, you see that we have redecorated some cities for the special season. Our Add-On Team has created custom models that have been added in certain cities in-game. You can expect to see some Christmas trees, presents, and a few extra surprises! Here is something you would see in a redecorated city: Holiday themed cargo Our Add-On Team has also created a custom cargo for you to haul! Similar to the World of Trucks presents trailer, we have a custom TruckersMP trailer with festive lights on. We also have many more changes planned to celebrate the new year. We hope you have a very enjoyable and safe holiday this year. Happy holidays, The TruckersMP Team --> View post on homepage
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  11. Random fact of the day #42! The moon has moonquakes.
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  12. [PLAYER] @weezy rejoins the team as Game Moderation Manager.
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  13. Food For Poor Event Tomorrow really looking forward to 12 hour event thanks to TMP for granting us a event server will be fun I hope ?
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  14. went for a drive with this lovely nub today @Roenz
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  15. Hello there, We are aware of the issue and our Developer team are currently looking into the issue that occurs to our Community players, I would suggest you, and the other people who have this issue to stand by and wait for further information and updates on the issue. Kind Regards, MightyPower TruckersMP Support
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  21. Updated my profile picture to represent my current Christmas mood How do you like it? Thanks once again @BL4CK$K1LL for the awesome work, well done as always! ?
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  22. Hola camioneros, felices fiestas! A medida que nos acercamos a la temporada navideña aquí en TruckersMP, nuestro equipo llamado Add-On ha estado trabajando arduamente para realizar modificaciones para celebrar la temporada. A partir de hoy y a lo largo de la temporada, puede esperar ver un par de cambios cuando juegue en TruckersMP. Ediciones de mapas con temáticas festivas Al conducir en TruckersMP, verá que hemos redecorado algunas ciudades para la temporada especial. Nuestro equipo de complementos (Add-On Team) ha creado modelos personalizados que se han agregado en ciertas ciudades del juego. ¡Puede esperar ver algunos árboles de Navidad, regalos y algunas sorpresas adicionales! Aquí hay algo que verías en una ciudad redecorada: Trailer/Cargas con temáticas festivas ¡Nuestro equipo Add-On también ha creado una carga personalizada para que la transporte! Similar al tráiler de presentación de World of Trucks, tenemos un tráiler de TruckersMP personalizado con luces festivas encendidas. También tenemos planeados muchos más cambios para celebrar el nuevo año. Esperamos que tenga unas fiestas muy agradables y seguras este año. Felices fiestas, -El equipo de TruckersMP -> Ver publicación en la pagina principal.
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  24. Now Live My first stream as affiliate! Come join me! https://www.twitch.tv/owentmp
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  25. Enjoy your Friday, And have a great weekend guys- ?
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  28. So you guys have seen the holiday stuffs in the game. How much did you like them? Trucking with @[BTR] iconsunny
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  29. Witam, mam problem z uruchomieniem aktualizacji TruckersMP, wyskakuje mi przedstawiony błąd i nie mogę nic zrobić. Odinstalowałem już TruckersMP i zainstalowałem na nowo, ets2 zaktualizowany na Steamie, nie biorę udziału w betach, restartowałem komputer i już nie mam pomysłów co mogę więcej zrobić.
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  32. DLC Śmietnik w Kabinie.....
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  35. Thank you Add on Team for this Amazing Event Cargos. It's Amazingly decorated
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  36. Had a great time driving with @NeoFoxTTV and @Dylan R last night during my stream. It was nice seeing so many new Freightliner Cascadias!
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  37. What a week! This week I began streaming on twitch and in such a short amount of time I have managed to achieve affiliate on the platform - something I am very proud of! Beyond that I have faced some issues at college IRL and I have overcome them quite well I would say ? To top it all off, I recently surpassed 500 Rep on the forums as well as 100 followers too! Thanks everyone for all the support and I hope everyone is having a great week. Let me know of any personal achievements you've made recently. Back to my essay on African American Civil Rights Leaders Have a great weekend
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  40. @butilka123 Saying the first and second option sensibly seems to be one of the best solutions to this problem, but thinking about all the players and at any time I believe that the second and third option could be reformulated into a single item, so that the person not being able to drive your vehicle or something similar until the game is fully loaded, however, there must be a consistent time limit for the person not to spend all day trying to load all players if there is a very bad internet and a very bad computer too. I say this from my own experience, especially with the old "0.0m" problem which is very dangerous. Despite not being able to present technical arguments and playing since 2014 on the TruckersMP network with my "Potato PC", I believe that the current "Unrealiable connection" system has come to be an ally and kick people with excessive internet connection problems and the server, however, I have noticed that even though there is a stable internet where there are no ping fluctuations, where only the FPS can oscillate due to my computer, I'm also kicked by an unreliable connection. Although not the subject of this topic, but here is my question, is the connection unreliable as far as it's usually presented and is part of my knowledge, isn't it intended for people with connection problems instead of FPS? In addition to the items mentioned above and also based on the opinion of other people, for me it doesn't seem too bad to create the reconnect button to the servers after a kick or any other problem, if it's possible to develop. Therefore, even if the topic is old I believe that I can leave my opinion here and I apologize if there is something incoherent or confusing, after all, I'm still not good in the English language.
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  41. [EVENT TEAM] @TFM_Flaming joins the Game Moderation team as a Game Moderation Trainee, whilst also remaining in the Event Team.
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  42. Hello, From the 1st of December until the 1st of January 2021, we are going to be looking for talented individuals to join our Support Team. Over the past few years, the number of registered players on our platforms has increased significantly. As TruckersMP progresses, more and more people request technical support or assistance with their questions and new issues occur regularly. The Support Team consists of people who are in direct contact with customers on a daily basis and whenever their help is needed. The Support Team is the first place players come to when they have issues or if they are unsure about any TruckersMP related matters. The number of tickets and requests we receive increase on a daily basis and in order to handle this dynamic, a professional, open-minded, and customer friendly team is needed. The main goal of the Support Team is to ensure that our players get the help they need in a timely manner and in order to reach this goal, teamwork and communication are key. Requirements Have good knowledge of TruckersMP and the rules; Must be a member of TruckersMP for at least 12 months; Must be registered on the TruckersMP forum for at least three months; No bans / forum or Discord punishments within the last 12 months; Must have no more than 3 bans in total; Show activity on the TruckersMP services; Must have overall good behaviour, which includes in-game, forum, Discord and our official social media pages; Language skills - English is necessary; Good communication skills; Resilient, active and flexible; Ability to work within a team and on your own at times; Eager to learn and progress your knowledge; Organised and adaptive; Be able to accept constructive criticism. Additional skills for this position Good problem solver Enjoyment in helping other users Experienced with using Discord and the TruckersMP Forum Languages that we are primarily looking for French Portuguese Dutch Italian Turkish Russian Polish These are what we are primarily looking for, however, we are willing to be flexible. You can apply for this position here. End date: 1st of January 2021
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  43. [RETIRED LEGEND] @Zirox rejoins the team as a Community Manager.
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