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    Suggestion Name: Tachograph simulation Suggestion Description: Tachograph simulation for players Any example images: Why should it be added?:
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    Suggestion Name: Improving the PM system in-game. Suggestion Description: So, when somebody send us a message in-game we will see the information about a new message. Any example images: Why should it be added?: While driving, not everyone is looking non-stop at the chat in-game. If we get this message, we will always know that somebody's send us a message. Yes i know, paint skill 10/10.
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    Hello, A while ago, we started looking into possibilities for having more servers around the globe, for our community members who are located far away from our current servers. This weekend, we were able to provide a new server for you guys. It is located in Singapore, and should provide a good connection to people from a part of Asia and Oceania. We're planning to get at least three or four extra servers all around the globe. The arrival of the new servers was announced last year when we started our Patreon campaign. Being a Patron gives you exclusive access to certain features, and will give even more access to other things in 2020. New features will be announced on the posts page of our campaign, and via a blog post. --> View post on homepage
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    Suggestion Name: Let people know when you are typing. Suggestion Description: When you begin to type in chat, there should be a Text on top of your truck below your username. Any example images: Why should it be added?: It will be a nice little feature to add, and might be pretty useful. edit - removed some spelling mistakes
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    Name: /fix fixes owned trailers. Description: The /fix command fixes the trailer you are hauling if it belongs to you. (Not necessarily the cargo inside) Example Images: Nope Why should it be added: I feel if the /fix command fixes your truck then it should fix your owned trailers too, as they belong to you as well. Also it would save money in repairs. Thanks for reading, any comment is appreciated.
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    Suggestion Name: Commend System (Similar to CSGO) Any example images: Example from CSGO How I think it should look in ETS2MP Smiley Face - Friendly Hazzard Lights - Thankful Hand - Patient Suggestion Description: Adds the ability to commend somebody if they're a friendly driver etc. Why should it be added?: It'll probably encourage people to drive and act friendly around others so they can collect these commend points. (Only if it is shown in the tab menu, as seen in example image.)
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    Suggestion Name: Client Hotkey Suggestion Description: So here is the thing, We are able to adjust voice chat volume, truck volume.etc via TruckersMP client (Tab), but I believe there should be a option to set hotkey to toggle mute other vehicle sound & voice chat. Any example images: Why should it be added?: There are many places where I wanted to quickly mute voice chat to avoid some stuff that I don't want to hear for the timebeing such as someone blowing into mic, Too much voices.etc Yes you can press tab and put the volume to 0% but what if it's happening while you are driving? You gonna have to do it without crashing and it takes time. This same thing applies to other truck sounds where there is a job with too much truck beeps by reversing, It really hurts your ears. This is a simple request and I am sure it will make peoples time easier. Thanks
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    Suggestion Name: Players Card Suggestion Description: a change with the command /pinfo!... "/Pinfo" would display the players card! • This playercard shows different informations about the player : - the used vehicle and the trailer - Their Name - Their VTC (if they have one) - Rank - A Forum Badge (reserved to forumers) - Achievements - TruckersMP ID - ActivatedLinked games: • Regarding the badges : - The Forum badge would be given when you register on the forums. - The rank of the staff is given when you register as a staff member. Any example images: Explain Video: it does not necessarily have to be that Command, I leave the choice for the developers . Why should it be added?: Get to know each other better, meet each other and quickly make friends with some information, Cool the player also has ats! or you want to report somebody... to be sure that it was him, you can see it through the photo of the vehicle. Regards -Hinter
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    Suggestion name: Crash sounds that everyone can hear Suggestion description: Consists in that every sound of crash that happens near the player, he can hear it. For example: I'm stopped in a traffic jam at the Rotterdam-Brussel bridge, then someone on the other lane crashes the player in front of him, so that makes a sound and I can hear it (the same noise that we make in SP mode, but it's not me who had the accident). It could be deactivated, or modified their volumes just as the user would want. Any example images: Nope. Why it should be added?: I think that it should be added just for a more realistic experience, so when you hear the crash sound, you start looking around just to see what happenned. Maybe the game original sound is not the best for a high speed crash, but it's possible to find anothers. Thanks.
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    Suggestion Name: Clean Sheet (Server) Suggestion Description: A new server for veteran players that who has no ban punishments in the past year. Any example images: No need. Why should it be added?: We need safe driving without any blocking, ramming or hacking. It will improve multiplayer. Some trolls keep buying this game to disturb people. This idea will prevent them. We can replace Simulation 2. Best Regards, Next7
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    Suggestion Name: Clean the in-game-time mess. Suggestion Description: Resolve the time difference between offline and online mode. A example for how to do this, is running the day-night time of the server in a separate (scripted) dialogue. Whilst your offline time, which actually counts for your profile keeps running on the background, to be there when you're offline again. (multiple resolutions are possible) Why should it be added?: I'd wish to play on a clean game, no cheats and such. This giant time difference brings my in-game days up to 600,000. And my money into the millions, I didn't do anything for it. So this time issue isn't really supportive.
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    Suggestion Name: ProMods 1 Higher on the list Suggestion Description: Put ProMods 1 higher on the list server. It's frustrating to enter a wrong server because a new "One time use" server has been added to the List. Any example images: Why should it be added?: May peoples will easly see it and join the server and It's frustrating to enter a wrong server because a new "One time use" server has been added to the List.
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    Suggestion Name:new rules regarding cheating and a possible reinstatement of the anti-cheat system with a perma ban function Suggestion Description: same as above Any example images: n/a Why should it be added?: i remember the first time i signed up to truckers mp there was a anti cheat system in place where the system would detect a cheat code such as a NCZ hack and it would not let the players connect to any server. recently the anti cheat system was removed this was a bad move because it allowed users to connect to the servers with the intention of cheating/hacking to cause damage to other people trucks and cars spoiling the game for other users. i think this system should be reinstated to stop the influx of players coming in to the community and causing mayhem for other players that enjoy playing with in the multiplayer community. furthermore i think it should be reworked to auto ban / IP ban these players if they are detected by the servers if they are using such cheats and hacks this way it would ease the work load of reports and ease the workload for the admins and they can concentrate on other areas of the map that need admin interaction. the only reason why i make this suggestion is because ive been hit 15 times in 2 days from people using the NCZ hack not only on the C-D its in ither areas of the map aswell. I'm sure if many of you agree there should be such a system in place
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    It was a really good trip in the Sunday afternoon with: @TheGoodGuy1515 [Have a nice and beautiful Sunday Truckers!]
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    ATS multiplayer is dead: cannot inject core (initalization of client failed) since ages nothing is fixed. I read topics. I retry once a week. Again and again, nothing is fixed.
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    -1 If you read the TruckersMP rules correctly, you should know how to appeal to the TruckersMP site. In addition, Game Managers/Moderators are extremely rarely punished incorrectly. I think this system doesn't work very well.
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    Well in terms of racing, the Arizona race track is actually exempt and can be used for racing as it is designed to be that way in the rules. §2.5 - Reckless Driving* Driving in such a way that is considered unsafe and that puts other players in danger, driving backwards, ignoring traffic lights and road signage, speeding, racing other users (except for the Arizona race track), ignoring other players and rules. Being outside of the map boundaries, this includes spots inaccessible by normal driving. Attempting to use desync lag or quick saves in order to cause damage to another user's vehicle is forbidden. Using the ghost mode feature to go around traffic jams. Even if you have the right-of-way you must make reasonable efforts to avoid all collisions. Even if someone else is in the wrong, you must take actions to avoid a collision. So for racing, the Arizona race track is somewhere that can be used, if you're referring to racing on the rest of the server then this would be different but just wanted to see if this would help clarify anything for you.
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    Gratuluję @[C-S] Pan Serduszko, @BARTO! @MarkON zajęcie podium ! Korzystając z okazji wszystkim uczestnikom edycji Styczniowej chciałbym życzyć powodzenia
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    Dzięki za wyróżnienie i gratulacje dla wszystkich pozostałych!
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    Graty dla wszystkich, którym się chciało . Dla podium szampan i zdjęcia z hostessami. Bravo! p.s. International de Best
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    Gratulacje dla zwycięzców! Powodzenia w kolejnym konkursie!
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    [PLAYER] @Fezz98 joins the TruckersMP Team as Trainee. [PLAYER] @Koneko_ joins the TruckersMP Team as Trainee. [PLAYER] @Vennas joins the TruckersMP Team as Trainee.
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    [PLAYER] @Lorciaa joins the TruckersMP Team as Trainee. [PLAYER] @Patriktanki [DTQ] joins the TruckersMP Team as Trial Translator.
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    [PLAYER] @Knusperschnitzel joins the TruckersMP Team as Trainee. [PLAYER] @[LKW Tr.] Supreme [DM] joins the TruckersMP Team as Trainee. [GAME MODERATOR] @Elsassisch_Trucker [FR] additionally joins the Community Moderation Team as Language Moderator. [PLAYER] @Bitte_mit_Sahne joins the TruckersMP Team as Trainee. [PLAYER] @Peeters Pyatrow joins the TruckersMP Team as Trial Translator.
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    [GAME MODERATOR] @Pillow additionally joins the Event Team.
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    [EVENT TEAM] @Whitelodge transfers to the Add On Team. He will stay in the Event Team as additional rank.
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    [PLAYER] @[WT] Talwinter joins the TruckersMP Team as Trainee.
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    [GAME MODERATOR] @KasperE joins the Media Team as additional rank.
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    @BL4CK$K1LL был повышен до модератора игры @[IMPERIAL] Skazochniсk получил дополнительную роль - переводчик.
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    [SUPPORT TEAM] @[IMPERIAL] Skazochniсk joins the Translation Team as additional rank.
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    problem is : who is going to use the exit properly and not just yolo from the side and still make worst traffic jam ?....i mean if you think to enlarge the exit( by removing fence..?) ... more troll will attempt to go out at the same time or get inside the repair station... the problem will be worst right ? ( i might be wrong .. but... )
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    All official rules are in place during an official TruckersMP event. Although, there are some that are different from the public servers. Be sure to follow these rules when attending an official TruckersMP event. Last updated: 2 May 2020 Overtaking - It is not permitted to overtake during a convoy. If you are overtaking, you will be kicked from the server on your first offence. The second offence will be a ban depending on the situation. Cars - Use of cars are prohibited during any convoys organised by TruckersMP as they are reserved for staff. The only cars you will see during a convoy will be either Game Moderators or the Event Team. If you are caught using a car during an event, you will be kicked from the server. Repeated offences may result in a ban for the duration of the event. Reckless Driving - Please ensure that you are keeping a safe distance from the player in front of you, to ensure you can stop safely. There will be Game Moderators watching over the event, making sure that participants are acting appropriately. Free-roam - Roaming throughout the server and not following the event is not allowed. You must be participating with the convoy, or in the surrounding areas. Failure to comply will result in removal from the event server. Convoy Control - You must follow convoy control instructions given by the Event Team. They are there to ensure that everyone is driving in the correct direction and alert you of upcoming hazards. You can identify the Event Team by their blue username!. They will be driving a Police car. Their instructions must be followed at all times, otherwise, you will be removed from the event server. Trailers - Unless explicitly stated otherwise, a trailer is required to participate in our convoy's. For Euro Truck Simulator 2; you should not exceed two (2) trailers For American Truck Simulator; you should not exceed three (3) trailers If your trailer is too heavy and causing gaps in the convoy, you may have to pull over or teleport to the Services. Traffic Signals - The convoy will always have priority over traffic signals. It is not required for convoy participants to stop at red traffic signals, or yield at junctions. The event servers are only online for the duration of the event, they are not available 24/7.
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    I've tried all three, and they all look nice. I can't decide which one I want to stick with
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    Suggestion Name: Escort Recuesting Suggestion Description: So you would press a button in the player list (tab) to filter a type of players. This type of players has gone into the player list and pressed a button making them able to reciave escort recuests. When the player that has filtered clicks on one of the players that has accepted escort recuests they have an option to recuest escort. The player that then reciaves the escort recuest gets a notification where they can ask the recuesting player where they will be going and what stop they will make. Then the reciaving player can choose either to accept or deny the escort request. If the reciaving player accepts the escort request they cant be requested again untill they finnish or quit the escort. Any example images: Why should it be added?: It would add a new feature to multiplayer and a warning car if there is a heavy or oversized trailer. It would also add a acctual purpose for the scout pilot paintjob. Sorry if it's confusing.
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