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  1. GCEE Group Photos by: @sQCF - Beater and @VCouto
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  2. It's that time of the year again.
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  3. ? https://ibb.co/q9vFqCc https://ibb.co/j6GDBVR https://ibb.co/31rYWjN
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  4. @i z m Bilader h.o ateş parçası gibisin xD
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  5. Got out for a drive again this evening with some new people, and familiar faces. Gotta love this community @Alon_TMP
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  8. [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @en_field leaves the TruckersMP Team due to personal reasons.
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  9. Thanks to all participants of the Nitro Booster Convoy! Thanks to @Lasse for planning, organizing and leading this event! @LordBenji @Picklez. @AndyTF @[Chenxi/COO]*Sange @[Chenxi/EM]*Edmund @[Chenxi/400]*Air Canada @Jeronimeau @3ventic @Koneko_ @joerkig
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  13. [TRANSLATOR] @Sneezy leaves the team due to personal reasons. Thank you for your time and effort.
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  14. [Report Moderator] @[GER] Robin has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator. [Report Moderator] @DJFrontier has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator.
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  15. Suggestion Name: Players Card Suggestion Description: a change with the command /pinfo!... "/Pinfo" would display the players card! • This playercard shows different informations about the player : - the used vehicle and the trailer - Their Name - Their VTC (if they have one) - Rank - A Forum Badge (reserved to forumers) - Achievements - TruckersMP ID - ActivatedLinked games: • Regarding the badges : - The Forum badge would be given when you register on the forums. - The rank of the staff is given when you register as a staff member. Any example images: Explain Video: it does not necessarily have to be that Command, I leave the choice for the developers . Why should it be added?: Get to know each other better, meet each other and quickly make friends with some information, Cool the player also has ats! or you want to report somebody... to be sure that it was him, you can see it through the photo of the vehicle. Regards -Hinter
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  16. Suggestion Name: Improving the PM system in-game. Suggestion Description: So, when somebody send us a message in-game we will see the information about a new message. Any example images: Why should it be added?: While driving, not everyone is looking non-stop at the chat in-game. If we get this message, we will always know that somebody's send us a message. Yes i know, paint skill 10/10.
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  17. Witajcie kierowcy. Świąteczne pozdrawiania! Niektórzy z was mogą już o tym wiedzieć, że popularna witryna streamingowa Plays.tv z dniem 15 grudnia zostanie zamknięta. Twoje filmy będą niedostępne od 15.12.2019r, ponieważ wielu naszych użytkowników korzysta z Plays.tv do przechowywania dowodów, będzie to miało wpływ na Ciebie oraz TruckersMP. Poniżej możesz przeczytać, co zrobić, jeśli używasz Plays.tv do przechowywania dowodów. Od momentu ogłoszenia i kontynuacji wszystkie reporty z dowodami przesłanymi na Plays.tv, które oczekają na sprawdzenie zostaną odrzucane. Prosimy o ponowne przesłanie dowodów na inną stronę, jeśli chcesz, abyśmy sprawdzili Twoje zgłoszenie. Zostanie to uwzględnione w przyczynie odrzucenia. Dla osób, których reporty z dowodami na Plays.tv zostały już zaakceptowane, NIE muszą pobierać i ponownie wstawiać dowodów. Chociaż prosimy graczy o zachowanie dowodów przez co najmniej 30 dni od daty wygaśnięcia bana, nie będzie to miało zastosowania do aktualnych dowodów przesłanych na Plays.tv. Jeśli masz na swoim profilu bana, który zawiera dowody przesłane na Plays.tv, ban ten NIE ZOSTANIE usunięty, gdy film nie będzie już dostępny po 15.12. Jeśli masz jakieś pytania lub wątpliwości, prosimy o komentarz poniżej, abyśmy mogli Ci pomóc. Życzymy szerokości i bezpieczniej drogi - Zespół TruckersMP
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  20. V urodziny Blue-Trans Spedition Obecnie zatrudnionych jest 30/35 kierowców. REKRUTACJA JEST ZAMKNIĘTA! Strona główna: http://bluetransspedition.eu Forum: http://bluetransspedition.eu/forum Facebook: http://facebook.com/bluetransspedition
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  21. Saw while driving @Schak Bruijn , l wiah you have a nice day ^^
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  22. HARMONY CONVOYS DECEMBER 2019 4 months into the event and still going strong! Over 130 people joined us the time around, which is extremely good for it being hosted in a DLC area. I want to thank all of those who attended this time around and we hope you enjoyed our last convoy for 2019. I want to thank the Event Managers for providing us a server and the Event Staff at HC for helping us run the event. We hope to see you all next month again!
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  24. We started using this app with my vtc members. We're using this from last week and we didn't saw any issue about it. Whenever i have a question i always contacted with Alex and he helped me every single time. Players who wants to play this game with simulation standards should use this app and i am hundred percent behind of it, i'll highly suggest that. I hope more people will use this app and people start playing this game properly. I want to say huge thanks to you and Alex for making this app.
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  25. [RETIRED TEAM MEMBER] @i z m rejoins the Game Moderation Team as Game Moderator. [PLAYER] @MousemanLV joins the TruckersMP Team as Trial Translator.
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  26. Seasons Greetings, Truckers! For those affected, you may already be aware. The popular streaming site Plays.tv will be shutting their doors on December 15th, 2019. Your videos will be unaccessable starting on 15/12/2019. Since many of our members use Plays.tv to host their report evidence, this will directly effect you and TruckersMP. Below you can read what to do if you use Plays.tv to host your evidence. From the time of this announcement and going forward, ALL Plays.tv reports in the report queue will be declined. We ask that you please re-upload your evidence to another streaming site if you wish for us to review your report. This will be reflected in the decline reason. For those who have previously accepted reports on Plays.tv, you DO NOT have to download and reupload your evidence. While we do ask players to keep their evidence available for at least 30 days from the date that a ban expires, this will not apply to current Plays.tv evidence. If you have a ban on your profile that contains Plays.tv evidence, it WILL NOT be removed when the evidence is no longer available after 15/12. If you have any questions or concerns, please comment below so we can address them. Safe Travels, TruckersMP Team --> View post on homepage
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  27. Uhh honestly IDK what am I doing anymore....
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  28. Jeszcze raz dziękujemy za fajny konwój i życzymy szerokości! TransBED
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  34. @[BAR] Drexyy thank you again for the solution.It works for me..?
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  35. Check out some of the photos taken during our last special GCEE convoy of 2019, we wish you all Merry Cristmas and a Heppy New Year, all the best! See you next year! Also a Special Thank for: @Mike Dragon @DJFrontier @VCouto @Ivanzito Photos By: @VCouto & @sQCF - Beater
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  39. [TRAINEE] @Angel_Arrow has been kicked from the team due to ISP Violation. [TRANSLATOR] @ElectroHouse20 has been kicked from the team due to violation of the Official TruckersMP Rules.
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  40. [PLAYER] @Lorciaa joins the TruckersMP Team as Trainee. [PLAYER] @Patriktanki [DTQ] joins the TruckersMP Team as Trial Translator.
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  42. Успешна българска общност съм виждал едиснтвено в Guild Wars 2 и Elder scrolls Online, където хората се уважават и помагат едни на други, но предполагам, че това до голяма степен зависи и какво точно представлява самата игра. Имало е успешни кланове и в други, но като цяло винаги е имало и някакви разправии и простотии в тях. В ЕТС се е случвало няколко пъти да ме блъскат нарочно други българи, като за здрасти, вместо нормален поздрав. Или са ми казвали, ама що го репортваш, да не си правим мръсно, а реално репорта е точно защото даден човек е направил мръсно. Мен не ме бърка кой от къде е, има правила.
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  43. Hello Truckers, The results for this month's competition are in and we are going to showcase three of our best competitors in this month's edition of Picture of the Month. 1st Place @MousemanLV 2nd Place @#Reis 3rd Place @_Winged Hussar_ We would like to thank everyone who participated in this competition for giving their best shot with their work, and we wish you the best of luck next time. The next month's edition of Picture of the Month is now open, feel free to post your entries in this topic which can be found here: Happy trucking! TruckersMP Media Team
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  44. Campeones Any other players on the forums? Post university, I still play multiple times every week. We just wrapped up our season by winning the top division and I was the top GK with the least goals allowed.
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