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  1. What if AI traffic is added?

    Lots of traffic or not so much. Even less in Viva la France territory and this is on EU2 with it's 1k people more. Main problem is that the traffic is concentrated at west side and maybe some in Scandinavia because of doubles. As i said servers are not limited to EU 2, rest have less people even when full so it leaves more ghost roads. Also i dont talk about normal AI traffic but one that is reduced so we can have low density and just see some vehicles here and there. Also i never said to be added to all servers and said that if added it needs to be on speed limitted server. Maybe u need to think a little a bit on what i wrote. Can it be implemented? How and will it will work? This is something devs can say.
  2. What if AI traffic is added?

    I talk about reduced AI which means less than what we have on single so it will not be a big problem, also i do not suggest to be added on EU2. And why most people think about MP as it is only EU 2 server, like other does not exists? Also i am not making a suggestion, i am just looking for peoples opinion. This is why the topic is here after all. And yes i drive on SP most of the time, because there is no fun in driving 2 hours without meeting any other drivers.
  3. What if AI traffic is added?

    It''s not a suggestion, more like a question and want to see what people think about it. (just curious) Even on EU 2 the traffic is focused manly at one part of the map and rest feels empty which can be seen on the real time map. So i was wondering what will happen if AI traffic is added but reduced so we can have some but not to be intense or it will cause problems. Of course it should be on server with speed limit and need to be synchronized. Tt might make the current ghost roars more fun to drive on. It may work it may not but what about test if it does nor require too much work of course.
  4. I understand your point of view but how many commands we use? It's mainly used for /pinfo and as said above key might be in use so the less the better. You will save only one click so not much of improvement. Also it's much easier to check logs for players ID, where you can also see the time. Since names are taken from MP profile and not steam, the ID to be shown on the video is not needed like it was before. Name changes can be seen and are limited for a period of time i believe so it's not a problem anymore.
  5. Why skoda

    There are servers without car and if it's not car they will do it with truck, whats the difference?
  6. What do you think about that Light rule?

    There were some problems last winter because there was no such rule. People without winter were turning lights when it gets dark for them which is later than rest and basically they were ghost driving in the dark.
  7. DLC Content

    Just wait for discounts and get them, the only DLCs i do not have are the paint jobs for different countries.
  8. Client Hotkeys

    Sounds good to me. +1
  9. There was suggestion for better solution, automatic beacon turn off when there are more people around.
  10. Convoy Load Selection

    Do not forget that the game is singleplayer only, MP is mod for it that allow us to play together so it's normal things to not fit for it the way we want. This idea looks good to me but not sure how and if they can add it.
  11. Name: Language tag for team members Description: Add tags to the list to show what languages each team member knows. Reason to add: Many people do not understand English or their knowledge is poor and can't explain what they need good enough. This makes things hard for people trying to communicate about issue or something else. Adding tags will help people, because they will know who to contact on their language when needed. Simple tag for each member like [BG] [RO] [FR] [HU] or something similar will be good enough. Example Images:
  12. Translation

    Maybe it will be good Idea to add tags with languages for each team member? This way people will know who to contact if needed. Like simple [BG] [FR] [RO] and so on.
  13. Allow fatigue simulation

    Only for simulation servers, will be best for them.
  14. Increase/remove the 200 player queue limit

    Most people want EU 2 and more specific C-D road. This is why we see this suggestion, -1 from me too. You can refresh once in a while and get into the server you want. Will be better if they increase the capacity of 1 and 3 servers and close 5 or something, cause map is empty, only some areas have players. This why i started to play SP more often.
  15. Downvote emoji

    What stops the same people to write -1 instead of downvote? If it does not affect players reputation, there will be no problem with it.