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  1. Batslav

    New VTC system is out

    My VTC is small one because it want it to be small. I do not have the members and so on. Question is can i register it on your system and what exactly is this verification? Can you go without it? And as [C-S] karol_domag said will it add the company tag on all members? This will be very useful.
  2. Max speed 120 if they want to tweak it but not more than that. I like the change it will be for good. And yes they can allow collision on one of the arcade servers.
  3. Batslav

    Road to Simulation

    EU2 was and will be always full because of C-D road, speed is not the reason for this, it's the traffic. EU3 also had no speed limit but it was as empty as EU1, so stop repeating this, it's not true. As i already said players were complaining even about the 150 limit, so no matter what you do you can't make everyone happy. This change is for good and time will prove it. You do not play alone, there are other people on the road and high speed was problem. Ether accept the changes or quit and play SP. You can even play racing game. End of story.
  4. Batslav

    Road to Simulation

    The speed racers cried even when they added 150km/h as limit, it was too slow for them they said. I am so enjoying their tears right now, will make popcorn and keep reading the comments.
  5. Batslav

    Road to Simulation

    As player who always drive with speed limit i welcome the changes, maybe top speed can be 120 instead of 110 but it's a good decision.
  6. Batslav

    New server with enforced traffic rules

    It's called single player. EU1 is close to that but you can't stop people from overtaking on forbidden areas and so on. Also i don''t see how they can make it work the way you want.
  7. Batslav

    Good old times without speed limiter

    ETS is not racing game i always drive with limitter so i don't care much about max possible speed. I agree about EU4.
  8. Batslav

    [BG] Bulgarian Team/Discussion

    Както съм казвал много пъти след различни конвои. Един конвой е толкова добър, колкото са участниците в него. Присъствал съм на конвои на Евтротранс и мога да кажа, че техните са на доста по-добро ниво от други публични български, но е факт, че проблеми се получават и при тях. Това не зависи по никакъв начин от тях и няма как да бъде избегнато. За да се получи по-добър конвой, трябва да сме само фирми, така може да се получат само дребни проблеми и леки катастрофи предимно заради лаг, което е нещо нормално.
  9. Batslav

    Website v2.6 release

    Thanks for the update of the update now we can read the text of the new button menu much easier. I still think it belong next to others where it was but i will get used to it.
  10. Batslav

    Website v2.6 release

    The old way was better for me, easier to see the menu choices and was next to others as position.
  11. Batslav

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    How exactly will anyone forget how to drive if they are banned? The game is made for SP and it works perfectly without MP. The only positive effect of shorter bans will be to reach the permanent one sooner.
  12. Batslav

    Punishment history private ???

    I made my public but as others said it does not matter if the player has previous bans or not. I decide to report or not after i watch my video and it depends on situation and what happens.
  13. Batslav

    Suggestion to "10 seconds no headlights"

    The message is in red so it's hard to miss it. it happens to me very rare to get this warning but i was never kicked because of it. I agree about changing the way this warning is displayed but the timer is more than enough so no need to touch there.
  14. Batslav

    Winter mod is now available!

    I like it, we did not have physics in the past and now we are able to activate them too. It's a lot of fun but also takes more attention to avoid accidents. The only small thing i do not like is that there is snow inside tunnels even in longer one but i know it's a lot of work to do the details for a mod.