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  1. Batslav

    [BG] Bulgarian Team/Discussion

    Шофьори няма толкова , колкото български фирми, защото всеки иска да е шеф. Аз също имам фирма, Mad Cow Logistics, фирмата е нова и с малко хора все още, но и не мисля да взимам повече от 15-на. Предпочитам малка фирма, но да са по-сериозни като цяло. За сингалните светлини вече има команда от конзолата, това е от 1.33. Ако искаш по-малко идиоти, препоръчвам ЕУ3, вечер има хора и в него. ЕУ1 е най-добър избор и аз лично го харесвам като правила, но за съжаление е празен през повечето време и е по-добре на сингъл, отколкото в него. Също така е хубаво на ЕУ2 да се обикаля по-далеч от Кале - Дуйсбург пътя. Аз минавам и от там, но гледам да е 1-2 пъти седмично само, че е някакъв ужас.
  2. Batslav

    Flag(s) next to Name

    if i remember correctly it was not accepted, also people can use flag as avatar. it may cause additional lag so this should be optional. Not a bad idea but it's not something important.
  3. No need to be paid, just limit the speed like on EU1 and most of the players will stop playing MP on their own and roads will be safer.
  4. Yep people think that this game is for racing and drive with 120+. I drive with limitter so i am often told "you drive too slow", no 80-90 is not too slow, you are too fast...
  5. Batslav

    RiP C-D road

    Will have a lot of players for about two-three weeks and then it will be pretty much empty. Was the same with Italy DLC.
  6. Batslav

    Sounds of crashes for everyone

    Sounds like a good idea but not sure if it's possible to be added. After all the game is designed for SP.
  7. Seasons for start i do not use mods and will be nice to have option to chose which season to be in game. Truck dirt is not in game because of licensing i think, same way there is no physical damage after crashes. A bit weird because it will be just some dust on trucks, nothing special. Maybe we will see it some day.
  8. Maybe less but yes i will play the game in SP. I do it even now, i play both SP and MP.
  9. Batslav

    [BG] Bulgarian Team/Discussion

    Обявиха причианта за тъмнината със закъснение и първоначално беше странно за всички.
  10. Batslav

    I do not see people on the server.

    Try with VPN it fixed the desync problem for me.
  11. Batslav

    Hot topic #6: Automatic save editing detection

    I use only the TruckersMP mod while playing MP. No mods for SP also.
  12. Batslav

    Blocked connection on ETS2MP EU#2

    I have the same problem for EU2 and 3. EU1 works fine and it was good even when the server was full after 1.32 update. This is desynchronization, you are connected and others can see you normal but it's not the same for you. Better record if you play because it looks like hack since you can ram players that you do not see. Total EDM Thank you for this, i will check it when i have time and see if something works.
  13. One of the things i don't like, not the high traffic but the fact that people somehow forgot that there are other roads around and most of the map is empty. I mostly survive because i drive with 90 as top speed and it gives me a little bit more time to react. Sadly many people drive like it's speed racing simulator and overtake everyone no matter what the traffic is.
  14. Batslav

    a problem with time

    This is normal, the time in MP is different from SP it runs no matter if you are in game or not because it's server based and is more advanced. When you switch from SP to MP it can happen.