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  1. Happy Birthday!:love:

  2. VW Golf Mk7 GTI Q: What is your dream job ?
  3. I know the feel! None of the in-game reports I have ever sent were claimed althought I ONLY report them when they are seriously (like seriously) abusing the rules! Sometimes it just feels like there are no game moderators at all (talking about EU2). It's understandable that there are waaay too many reports being sent all the time but still.. Our only option is to record everytime we play and if something happens to post a report on the website which gets annoying after the 5-10th report (eventually rendering - uploading - posting a report - waiting for response). Hopefully after the current recruitment there will be more motivated and active moderators who will be dealing better with the reports but who knows And as @weezy said it's totally worth it to get those trolls punished so eventually they will change themselves after that.
  4. I do that too but lately I forget to start the recording and I regret it so bad... On the other hand I love how most players have that REC tag in their nicks to scare the players but from my experience (mostly on the CD road) 50% of them are abusing the game rules. Had a situation when a guy was overtaking me from the right (out of the road) and I saw him writing "recorded you" and I was like ....... DUDE you recorded how you are not obeying the rules !?!? So yeah just drive safely and calmly especially on the busy roads so you don't get yourself punished whether someone is recording you or not.
  5. Thanks for following me! <33 

  6. Are you sure? They are advertising this mod: Click here You can try it on single player. I laughed so hard cuz of the "sound effects"! xDDD
  7. Are you really sure ? Cuz: (2018-01-29) Proper rank will be shown in the chat for Game Moderator or higher, so it differentiate normal Game Moderator and other Upper staff ranks. <<< ( Optimizations. Soo should be like 1 week old.
  8. It's not only you. They just edit the topic instead of posting a new one. But for some reason the MP version is for few days (or a week I'm not sure) and yet there is no information about it.
  9. I just noticed Euro Truck Simulator 2 updated itself and now there is an update for the MP. Does anyone know what's new ?
  10. I know that. Yeah, they will eventually get banned/kicked but before that to happen they can't keep following and ramming you while they have 100% damage on their truck, you know. This is what I meant. Anyway, I will just stop here because it kinda gets pointless discussing it. I guess there will be an another poll and hopefully there will be more votes so the TMP Team could finally decide how it will be working. Have a good day/night folks!
  11. Exactly, and when you used the command once you get to wait the timer and the next time you get rammed you will need to use saves and the command turns out to be useless at that moment. Trolls will keep using both the command or saves(when having cooldown) to get their trucks without damage and keep ramming the others no matter if the fix command has limitations or not.
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