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  1. Happy Birthday Mate

  2. Happy Birthday 🥳

  3. Happy Birthday!:love:

  4. Thanks for following me! <33 

  5. Great route! I hope there won't be too many impatient players on the way to Lyon. Will be there for sure!
  6. Are you sure? They are advertising this mod: Click here You can try it on single player. I laughed so hard cuz of the "sound effects"! xDDD
  7. SpecT Released

    Are you really sure ? Cuz: (2018-01-29) Proper rank will be shown in the chat for Game Moderator or higher, so it differentiate normal Game Moderator and other Upper staff ranks. <<< ( Optimizations. Soo should be like 1 week old.
  8. SpecT Released

    It's not only you. They just edit the topic instead of posting a new one. But for some reason the MP version is for few days (or a week I'm not sure) and yet there is no information about it.
  9. SpecT Released

    I just noticed Euro Truck Simulator 2 updated itself and now there is an update for the MP. Does anyone know what's new ?
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