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  1. Maybe less but yes i will play the game in SP. I do it even now, i play both SP and MP.
  2. Batslav

    [BG] Bulgarian Team/Discussion

    Обявиха причианта за тъмнината със закъснение и първоначално беше странно за всички.
  3. Batslav

    I do not see people on the server.

    Try with VPN it fixed the desync problem for me.
  4. Batslav

    Hot topic #6: Automatic save editing detection

    I use only the TruckersMP mod while playing MP. No mods for SP also.
  5. Batslav

    Blocked connection on ETS2MP EU#2

    I have the same problem for EU2 and 3. EU1 works fine and it was good even when the server was full after 1.32 update. This is desynchronization, you are connected and others can see you normal but it's not the same for you. Better record if you play because it looks like hack since you can ram players that you do not see. Total EDM Thank you for this, i will check it when i have time and see if something works.
  6. One of the things i don't like, not the high traffic but the fact that people somehow forgot that there are other roads around and most of the map is empty. I mostly survive because i drive with 90 as top speed and it gives me a little bit more time to react. Sadly many people drive like it's speed racing simulator and overtake everyone no matter what the traffic is.
  7. Batslav

    Desync problem

    Seems like i can't sync at all with about 30 people around. In the past i could stay with 100+ and there was no problem at all. It's not my internet since there is no interruption. Logs are turned off, tried low graphics, i run MP as admin and nothing helps. People keep freezing and chat does not work for me like i am offline but i am not. Edit: I am on EU3, server have 1k people total at the moment. What can possibly have impact for this issue? If you have any ideas i can try them and see if anything work.
  8. Batslav

    a problem with time

    This is normal, the time in MP is different from SP it runs no matter if you are in game or not because it's server based and is more advanced. When you switch from SP to MP it can happen.
  9. Batslav

    Loading a Quick Save

    Ghost mode may have ended before your game loaded, trucks spawn while we still see the loading screen not after which causes this to happen if loading is slower. I am pretty sure that you won't get banned for this.
  10. Batslav

    Desync problem

    Reinstall does nothing for this problem. it happens when there are a bit more players around. No idea why i desynchronize so easy when it's not my connection. Sometimes it takes a while before it happens but sometimes it's instant, especially if i am spawning in town with more players or busy road.
  11. Batslav

    I cannot hire new drivers.

    You need to find enough job agencies to be able to hire more not only garages where to put them in. If u play MP do not hire more than 15-20 or it may cause game freeze when you teleport.
  12. Batslav

    Desync problem

    They are for different issue, problem not solved and i got perma banned because of it. It looks like i am using hack because i rammed people i didn't see. Have no idea what can possibly help, i turned off flags, drivers cab accessoaries, used low graphics and it was always the same. I either desync before game loads, or shortly after, could drive for few minutes but thats the most i could get from my tests earlier today. Will try after CC clean but i do this once in a while so i don't think it will help much. Will report if/when my ban is removed. If no new ideas come in a day or two, you can close it. Edit: Happened again with about 15 people around eu2 is currently not full. Here are ping results: Packets: Sent = 1253, Received = 1253, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 53ms, Maximum = 86ms, Average = 54ms
  13. Batslav

    Desync problem

    Soul Knight The game itself works fine it does not freeze. My problem is server desyhcronization this is why i do not see chat and the other players freeze for me. Tab shows only the people who are already spawned but new does not show up. I use new profile which is only for MP. When it happened last time i was at truck fest as said with about 30 people which is not so much. They could see me cause i am online but that's all. Sometimes it can happen because of internet but i was tracking it, ping was good 50ish and no interruptions. I drove about 8h during the day convoy with about 20 people happened only once, on the last one there were more people and the problems started.
  14. Batslav

    Desync problem

    Thank you all, i will look around and test different ideas. MP was already completely removed and installed so it mus be something else.
  15. Batslav

    Crash vehicle offense when hitting other player's trucks

    The game is for SP, not MP. I have no idea if it can detect the crashes between players. Also you can disable the traffic offense which will make this useless unless offenses are forced to be ON for MP.
  16. Batslav

    [BG] Bulgarian Team/Discussion

    Колеги, имам въпрос. Десинхронизирам се доста често, да сега тествах на ЕУ2, където е натоверно, но ми се случва и на другите, понякога още с влизането има проблем. Вероятно понякога проблема се получава и от нета, но ми се струва, че има и друго, не знам обаче какво. Преди време не беше така и ми е малко странно, пречи ми да ходя на конвой, въпреки, че го правя рядко, защото има доста идиотчета. Имате ли представа дали има някакви настройки, които се отразяват и евентуално да променям? Не вярвам да е от антивирусната, защото и преди бях със същата, ще видя като я спра дали ще има разлика, но не ми се вярва. Случва се да се загубият 1-2 пакета, но е рядкост, а това е от последната ми проба да играя. Packets: Sent = 652, Received = 652, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 53ms, Maximum = 78ms, Average = 54ms Добавка: Сега се опитах на ЕУ3, същата простотия, няма 5 мин и десинхронизация. На други игри нямам подобни проблеми, най-много леко да лагне понякога, но това е нормално. Добавка 2: Днес беше по-добре, може да е и от самите сървъри на МП, ако имате идеи, добре са дошли.
  17. Batslav

    [BG] Bulgarian Team/Discussion

    Ако използваш ФБ, намери Euro Truck Simulator - Bulgaria групата. Там могат да ти предложат доста фирми, по-сериозните са около 10. Има и списък с фирми, линк има в закачния пост на групата, една част вероятно са фалирали, но повечето са активни, може да си харесаш и от там. Повечето имат изискване за някакви километри седмично, но условията се договарят с шефовете, всяка е различна. За влизане правят тест, дали можеш да караш и паркираш нормално.
  18. Batslav

    Associate Steam error

    First of all i want to say that i do not have problems with the game but in our FB group i see question asked almost every day about how to fix it so people can register. Many people say that they get this error even after they make their Steam profiles public and that they have more than 2 hours played. Not sure if they do something wrong but any ideas are welcome. I will attach pic of the error so you can know what exactly i am talking about.
  19. Batslav

    Associate Steam error

    @Total EDM Yes one solved rest when they contact me. You can lock it. Thank you all for the ideas.
  20. Batslav

    Associate Steam error

    @Nathan Great idea, i will get links to their profiles and can post them here unless i find out whats the problem.
  21. Batslav

    Can't see roadblocks

    Best is to turn them off for MP, you can find it in gameplay options, there is slider for random events.
  22. Batslav

    What is this?

    Oversize and heavy cargo from the Special Transport DLC is available at this location. This is why the icon is different.
  23. Batslav

    Associate Steam error

    Waiting and clearing cache didn't really help so if u have other ideas please share, if not you can lock and i will try to help them via opening support ticket so they can get more personal help by checking their steams. Thank you again for your time.
  24. Batslav

    Associate Steam error

    Thank you will translate it and see if it's working when people try some of the solutions.