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  1. Happy birthday! Happy Trucking ?

  2. uhhhh???? How can I fix the "/fix" issue if i want to use WoT-trailers???
  3. There seems to be a huge bug going while using WoT-trailers. When you're using "/Fix" while driving a WoT-trailer you will be reset back to the [WoT] known location within 500 meters with 100% damage! This need to be fixed or players need to watch out before using "/Fix" while driving/using WoT-Trailers.
  4. Suggestion Name: Suggestion to "10 seconds no headlights" Suggestion Description: Add a message [with a beep] in the Navigation. Any example images: Why should it be added?: I've got kicked of the servers many times before because I didn't had my headlights on [according to the game]. It would be a great addition to add a beep and a message at the navigation-system to "Turn on your headlights within 20 seconds or you'll be kicked from the session". And why 20 seconds? Because there are people at TruckersMP/ETS2 who are new and still need to have the chance to get used to their button-layout/keyboard-config. Let's hope that the devs/mod-creators will consider this option if possible.
  5. and besides of that, when im gonna DOWNGRADE my game my savegame will be corrupted, so that we cant play ETS2 nor ETS2MP. Nice to know that you think like that...have you tried it by yourself? Updating ETS2 and playing it and after a while downgrading ETS2 before you start to play ETS2MP? Try it and tell me if im right, i hope you will fix this asap...before SCS releases the official version of v1.17.
  6. seriously?!?! You are joking, right? It can take 5 till 6 weeks before the official version of v1.17 will be released. So you apparently gonna ignore the SCS update and the community by saying this....thats kinda weird for a game like ETS2MP to ignore their players.
  7. Hi guys, Yesterday you updated the game into a R4, very nice update! But since SCS updated their version of the game (from 1.16.xxx into 1.17 today), its impossible to enter ETS2MP for everyone with the latest update of ETS2 by SCS. I've contacted SCS about it and they told me that you guys (Devs of ETS2MP) need to fix this because SCS isnt the creator of ETS2MP. So guys will and can you fix this ASAP? Because i dont wanna loose my ETS2MP nor my ETS2 game for caused by update. Please let me know something! Regards, Jay
  8. It stil drives TOO slow...why didnt you gave us back the FREEROAM server like you devs promised it wasnt meant for you
  9. you ruined the game!!! Where is also the freeroam-server as promised a couple of weeks ago?
  10. why?!?!?! Why didnt you guys fixed the main issue called: SYNC BUG? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ And why did you removed the NSL-Server? And why does the NSL-server have only 90km/h only?!?! Something is wrong overhere...you promised us 110km/h outside the town and you just messed with it, its now max. 90km/h at the highway.
  11. Hi all, im a huge fan of ETS2 and ETS2MP, but there is one huge problem at ETS2MP. The sync of the weather, the sync between players, the unknown falling snow (while wintermod is turned off) and many more unsynced stuff causes a huge amount of lag online. So mu question was: i know the devs can fix this, but is this also possible? Let me know. Regards, Jay
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