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  1. Havent used TMP for more then 7 months so which version is supported now? 

    1. VortexHauler


      1.37 at the moment

    2. CroTruck



  2. You should make a "mod" folder not "map" , there is actually instructions on how to properly install the snow mod. https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/84
  3. Have fun on your holidays TMP!
  4. Instrol Logistics comming soon!


  5. CroTruck

    Ban Appeal System

    You can always ask for a different opinion even from the Game Moderation Managers , just create a feedback ticket, also you can make a feedback ticket and there explain why you think the Appeal system is not good.
  6. Soooo I wanted to try out promods MP.. Got ingame, got a delivery to the quarry right at the top of norway... When I got there I saw the C-D Road Copy.... 50+ people on one small dirt road.. and I thought people on promods would play it realistic.... Oh boii..

  7. GiGiEf Happy birthday... Im watching you!

    1. GGF MD

      GGF MD

      oi thanks! Still watching me? 😨 :D 

    2. CroTruck


      Always will , you are acting weird 

  8. Trenutacno to je bag u tmp , prvo sto trebas napravit je stisnut f1 pa tek onda f7 ili f6 , inace crasha.
  9. Wait a second.. You are back in TMP 🤔 

    1. Pillow


      Have been since August.

    2. CroTruck
  10. I guess you were playing on Sim1 and you went to high populated area? If that's the case don't go to high populated places or play on Simulation 2. Most of us who are "serious" about this Simulator play on Sim2 anyways so drop by.
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