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  1. Recently ProMods Team finished building the general scenario of ProMods Canada so it's getting closer to its release. After the release, sooner or later, will you consider supporting it? I understand that there are less people playing ATS but it'd be better to see it done in the future.
  2. Congrats Emma for joining the team !!! 🎉

    1. Emma.x


      Thank You ❤️ 

  3. Happy Birthday TruckersMP


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    2. MarkON


      I'm also in this picture.

      My Kenworth 🚚 on the right side of the white scout 😀

    3. #22 Rare_002_BJ Plane
    4. Λ C Ξ    (Kaviya _ JTOSL
  4. Cargo delivered, time to get home



  5. hello, please check this thread and choose your game version as NONE - Opt out of all beta programs
  6. 只有缺人手的时候和人事部手头处理的事情已经结束的时候才会开新申请,而且没有具体时间
  7. Hello, as the replies above, you need to follow what the knowledge-base article says to downgrade your game to the latest official version. Moreover, the profile saved in 1.37 cannot be used in 1.36, so If you did not back up your profile(s), head to your Document\Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder and find the profiles( folder. After replace the all the items to those in your current profile folder, your backup profile is back for you to use in 1.36 and truckersmp. Regards, Edmund
  8. Suggestion Name: Add timer to require players to take time reading rules Description: Whenever rule updates are available, add a timer of either 15, 30 or 45 seconds to require players to read the rules for a little while for a basic understanding of what's changes, what's allowed and what's disallowed, instead of instantly scrolling down without getting any useful info. When the timer does not end, player cannot click anything. Any Images: Why should it be added: There are many people who play MP without any intentions to take a single view of the rules. If doing so, when new rules are enacted, more people will prefer taking times to read what's changed to adjust their saved trucks and driving behaviors to the new rules. Although there may have some people playing phones to wait for the end of the timer, the average understanding of MP players to the rules will increase due to this change and it may eliminate some bans due to ignorance.
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