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  1. Congratulation

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      Thank you and thanks for your follow:D

  2. Chenxi VTC Confirm attendance at this event And congratulations on your happy birthday, my best partner.
  3. I have a friend.He is a Scania employee in reality. I saw him driving a variety of cars. It is great. Maybe I have the opportunity to share photos and videos with you.
  4. Hey danbrown2002: I understand what you mean, because the vast majority of players see Skoda on the C-D road, they will think that the trolls are coming, they are rampage, which greatly affects the game experience. At the same time, Skoda has his meaning and role as a Pilot car. Some VTCs use it to probe the road ahead and use it as a escort vehicle, something that some trucks can't. So we can only expect more people to abide by the rules of the game, reduce the appearance of trolls, and make our game environment better, which is what we should do as a player. In summary, Skoda is necessary on any server. Happy Trucking! Sange ChenxiVTC
  5. This is also part of the simulation road that TruckersMP has been implementing. In fact, many trucks are also 110KMH in reality. This is true. I am very happy to see this change, hoping that more and more players will follow the rules. After all, this is not the Need for Speed and Horizon, not even GTAV.
  6. We don't have to worry about this at all. In fact, many players don't have all the map DLC, and they don't have a plan to buy so the Promods server is more about game diversification and load balancing.
  7. Scania, because in reality my friend is driving it, a great car, whether it is design or driving experience, support Scania Btw, Scania (China) Co., Ltd. is also one of our VTC partners
  8. Recently we participated in Pries Convoy, ETS2MCG friendly Convoy and looked forward to our activities at 05 OCT 2019
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