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  1. -------------------------------Brotherhood Association------------------------------- China Transport Team 中国运输队 Today, we will sail again, transporting machinery, construction materials and food materials to our destination, and all infrastructure equipment will be on this transport list.Express the deep mourning for the victims of the Wenchuan earthquake 13 years ago and the highest respect for the construction assistance force! Love you,China! 今天,我们将再一次启航,运输机械设备、建筑材料和食品物资前往目的地,所有的基础建设装备都会在这一次的运输名单之内。以表达对13年前汶川大地震中遇难同胞的深切悼念以及对援建力量的最高敬意!爱你,中国! ------------------------------
  2. -------------------------------Brotherhood Association------------------------------- China TruckersCHN Event No.33 中国车队联盟第33次活动 France is located in western Europe with an area of 550,000 square kilometers. The terrain is high in the southeast and low in the northwest. The plains occupy two-thirds of the total area. The main mountain ranges are the Alps, Pyrenees, Jura, etc. We put this event here. In addition to the scenery along the way, you will have additional gains. Come join our team! ! ! 法国位于欧洲西部,面积55万平方公里,地势东南高西北低,平原占总面积的三分之二。主要山脉有阿尔卑斯山脉、比利牛斯山脉、汝拉山脉等,我们将这一次的活动放到
  3. ----------------------------------------------Brotherhood Association---------------------------------------------- China TruckersCHN Event No.32 中国车队联盟第32次活动 Hello everyone, Norway has a long and narrow territory from north to south, a long and tortuous coastline, and many coastal islands. It is known as the "country of ten thousand islands". Norway is a highly developed capitalist country and also a highly industrialized country. The petroleum industry is an important pillar of the national economy. Papermaking, shipbuilding, machinery, hydropower, chemical industry, and wood
  4. ----------------------------------------------Brotherhood Association---------------------------------------------- China TruckersCHN Event No.31 中国车队联盟第31次活动 Hi, everyone, the Spring Festival is coming soon. This is a very grand festival. You can reunite with your family to have a New Year's Eve dinner and celebrate the beginning of the new year. Our event will come as scheduled. Individual players are welcome to join our event, but we must follow the staff's command! Happy new year! ! ! 嗨,大家好,春节即将到来,这是一个非常隆重的节日,可以和家人们一起团聚吃年夜饭,庆祝新一年的开始。我们的活动也会如约而至,欢迎个体玩家加入到我们的活动中,但一定要听从工作人员的
  5. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brotherhood Association TruckersCHN New Year's Convoy 联盟新年车队 Hi, everybody! We will organize the TruckersCHN New Year's Convoy activities to welcome the new beginning, and welcome you to join in the activities to celebrate together. Happy New Year 2021! 嗨,大家好!我们将组织新年车队活动,迎接新的开始,也欢迎你们加入到活动中,共同庆祝。2021 新年快乐! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. ----------------------------------------------Brotherhood Association---------------------------------------------- China TruckersCHN Event No.29 中国车队联盟第29次活动 I am very happy to meet you again. This time our planning team will still place the activity center in the game itself, so that more teams or individual players can join in. We plan to complete this activity before Christmas. Wish everyone in advance: Merry Christmas! 很高兴和大家再次见面,这次我们策划组依旧将活动中心放在游戏本体进行,以便于更多的车队或者个体玩家加入进来,我们计划在圣诞节到来之前完成这个活动。提前祝大家:圣诞节快乐! -------------------------------------------------
  7. Thank you very much for your information.I will wait patiently for the 1.37 release. It has a more realistic sound system that is worth looking forward to. I think what we should give TMP staff is support and encouragement, understanding and tolerance.
  8. Each update means that the game is diversified and changed. Keep exploring and moving forward. Thank you for your efforts.
  9. We look forward to this exciting moment could come early.
  10. This is an exciting news,I am looking forward to,thanks TMP!
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