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  1. Funny Pictures Thread

  2. @FBTC Raphael-BR encounters are always fun so I'd support that
  3. [Giveaways] by [AC] xaverracer | #2 (XMAS)

    gonna give this a try aswell, thank you^^
  4. @KmunBiene you think blocking off entire cities is a good idea? I don't know about that since some people have their home garage there. I agree though, going east is empty D:
  5. 1. I don't think the 10 hours min. Singleplayer time would help keep "idiots" off MP. As written above they'll either wait for the time to pass afk or drive like they normally would and then continue just like that on MP. Don't think anything would change. 2. I personally would enjoy a little Parcour but lots of people will pass that and then just decide to troll on MP anyways, I honestly don't think the "idiots" you mean are bad drivers per se...they just decide to drive in a bothersome way. 3. The Problem with the questions is that people usually know the rules, they just choose to ignore and break them for their own convenience.
  6. @FBTC Raphael-BR what kind of other types of events do you have in mind? I'm curious.
  7. Ranks in TruckersMP Community

    very useful thanks. I've been wondering about this for quite some time.
  8. Support Dark Theme

    looks great, nicely done
  9. @tattytate twitch streamer jenko might have some clips
  10. Thanks for the Follow :)

    1. JessyNyan


      thank you too 

  11. Share your experience!

    I dont think this would be very popular because most of that stuff you learn by trying it out yourself and seeing trucks in real life(or real life driving experience). Maybe some of the older drivers would like to share their skills though
  12. I had the fun of my life honestly. The situations were unexpected and the traffic jams brought interesting voice conversations so I hope this will happen again!
  13. TruckersFM #TWO

    can't wait for it
  14. I try to get out of the situation with no damage, so ignoring or if they're too persistent reporting.
  15. ETS2Map Megathread

    well done and thank you