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  1. NickThe0ne

    Speed Limiter

    I think that the speed limiter should be on 110 KM/H to be honest, I dont think you need to go faster in this game. And yeah trolls will be trolls no matter what but then again we do have our Game Moderators for that
  2. NickThe0ne

    How many miles do you have on your truck?

    I've just reached 100000km in my new Scania S
  3. NickThe0ne

    Who wants vans?

    I think vans would offer a nice change of scenery. It's nice to see a bit more variety of vehicles on the road (like SP). But with the new game mode that's in the works I think only having trucks and the Skoda is just fine.
  4. NickThe0ne

    Krone DLC Treasure Hunt

    Update: If you already have the Krone DLC you can get a paint job DLC of your choice instead.
  5. NickThe0ne

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

    Why you do dis? 1
  6. NickThe0ne

    [Forum game] Try to get there to 0!

  7. NickThe0ne

    Krone DLC Treasure Hunt

    Thank you I think I will be doing more of these since who doesnt like treasure hunting!
  8. NickThe0ne

    Krone DLC Treasure Hunt

    Hello, So since many people can't afford the Krone DLC or dont want to spend the money on it I figured id giveaway 10 copies of it (steam gift). But there has to be a bit of a game involved to get them, makes it more fun What do I have to do to win? Well, you got to get a picture with one of the Bring Logistics drivers. (Make sure you get one with the driver's name as well) You can only win 1 copy per person. Reusing the same picture is not allowed. What if I'm in Bring Logistics and want to enter? Then you have to make a creative picture with our company truck using visual effects. (Photoshop and such programs) What do we look like? We will also have a tag in our name that says "Bring Logistics" This makes the giveaway both enterable for our VTC members and people who are not in our VTC. For the non-Bring Logistics members, this is kind of like a treasure hunt. And for the Bring Logistics Driver's this is all about creativity. Update: If you already have the Krone DLC you can get a paint job DLC of your choice instead. Good luck and have fun! Remaining copies: 10
  9. You cant, you can only remove the speed limiter on Freight Market and Cargo Market loads.
  10. NickThe0ne


    I got 95 games, my favorite game is ArmA 3
  11. NickThe0ne

    Which trailer do you prefer?

    I like both. Doubles offers a challenge from time to time and the normals ones, Well they are just normal and easy to drive.
  12. I dont find it stressful, that would be the wrong word for what its like. I dont feel stressed when I drive on EU2 im just being more aware of other drivers and enjoying the game/gamemode/mod.
  13. NickThe0ne

    Best cargo to haul on MP

    I dont really have a favorite as I usually just drive whatever is available. But if I would have to pick id pick Refrigerated Trailers.
  14. NickThe0ne

    Road collision

    It really depends on the situation, if its where it was more intentional by the person that hit me id report him no matter what but most of the time it's by accident if someone hits you from the back. They either didn't pay attention (which they should), Their breaks aren't good enough and they didn't maintain a decent distance behind your truck. Most of the time if people actually want to ram you its a head-on collision or them cutting you off.