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  5. This is definitely a bit of a controversial topic. I personally still read books but I have plenty of friends that prefer audio books or even e-books over the original nature of a book. There's also the factor of how much time you have that day, if I'm practically free and have nothing to do - I might as well find a cozy spot and open up a book to read. But if I'm multi-tasking or have work to do, listening to an audio book would be in my favor. This topic can be related with writing/typing. There have been studies that show writing something down in person helps you remember it more compared to typing it over a keyboard. Although, typing it over a keyboard is much more efficient when considering factors such as: erasing a mistake, editing a sentence, etc. In my eyes, a mix of both can be quite beneficial. Having the traditional way along with the "new technology age" gives the best of both worlds!
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  7. I have a feeling when people first heard "Washington will be the next DLC", they referred to the capitol of the United States, but it is indeed the state! I'm definitely looking forward to the cities that will be introduced, Seattle is absolutely beautiful in-person!
  8. M6Gaming

    Ban Baiters

    Hello, I'm going to put in my thoughts and see if I can help address your concerns. What you're describing is possible and I'm sure it has happened in the history of TruckersMP before. One way to counter this is simple, if you see someone driving recklessly and purposefully putting other drivers at risk -- you be the good Samaritan and file a report over the website with recorded evidence. A couple people have already provided the appropriate links above and I'm positive you're aware of the reporting system being a member since 2014. The reasoning for this is simple: It allows the game moderator/administrator to view and analyze the violation in more duration or content which helps void the edit or cropped out part and answers the question of, "Why did this driver do such and such?." Another counter is the appeals system: both sides of the story matter so if the banned member feels the ban is incorrect or if they were "framed", they are free to respond with an appeal and this will catch the attention of staff to further investigate what went down. *Side note: Recorded video evidence is different than a picture(s). Within the rules, it clearly states, "Blocking, Ramming and Wrong way reports should have video evidence. Screenshots do not usually show the full story or the extent of the issue." Two wrongs don't make a right. Here's a more simple scenario: If a driver rams the side of your truck while overtaking, that can be seen as a violation. However, it doesn't allow you to go out of your way to ram them back, that can be seen as violating the same rule they did. In other words, just because someone else is violating the rules - doesn't mean you are allowed to violate them too. Be the bigger person in the situation! Briefly covering this: There is no correlation between people who "brag" about their reports and people who "bait" others in order to create such reports. It is a simple matter of taking the initiative to upload and file a report of a violation you've come across. Reports are bound to be declined if there is insufficient details/information and the truth always finds it's way out at the end so be honest with yourself and others at all times. Karma always finds a way to bite you back! Hopefully this helps provide some relief, M6Gaming
  9. Ah, that makes sense. Smart! I played around with it for a bit and couldn't find any other color that would make it better, a white background would seem too simplistic. I would keep the background the same unless you feel otherwise
  10. M6Gaming

    Trailer own

    Hello Briian19, Welcome to TruckersMP! You can purchase a trailer in-game, just as you would purchase a new truck. There is an excellent video guide by Squirrel going in-depth all about trailer ownership here: I hope this answers your question, if you have any others - feel free to ask!
  11. Re-designing my profile page with new graphics, looking forward to refreshing my skills as it's been a while. Stay tuned for the new looks! :)

  12. Hello! Although I personally am not picky about driving in the day time or night time, I still like how you took the time to make this table. You have an eye-appealing color scheme but I would replace the black background! Just some unsolicited advice? Change the document so we can only view it, this will prevent people from messing with your work (adding lines, text, etc.) Here's how to change the setting: 1) Sign-in to your Google account. 2) Go to the spreadsheet. At the top right, click on "Share". 3) Change the following from "Anyone with the link can edit" to "Anyone with the link can view". A picture in case you need it - https://ibb.co/zZNmh9t Hope this helped you out! Once more, thanks for taking your time with the sheet
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