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  1. I change the plate in my trailer but when I tp the tráiler to other country the plate changes, is that normal or I did something wrong? Thanks.
  2. Briian19


    I saw this in a YouTube video.
  3. Briian19


    How can I put an image in my plate? Thanks.
  4. Briian19


    I tried all the things, I opened it with OpenGL, DirectX11 and safe mode and I continue having this problema (images) this is maddening.
  5. Briian19


    When I want to change the color of my TAG, the game crash. Thanks.
  6. Hello, yesterday I opened TMP and I find this problem (see the pictures), and when I open the TAB to see other players I can´t see the names. And the chat doesn´t fit with the image. Thanks.
  7. Briian19

    Console ETS2

    Hello, Does anyone know how to put the console by default? Because I put some commands and I want to deactivate them and leave everything as it was. Thanks.
  8. Hi, does anyone knows the mod of the container of SCS on the road that works in the MP? Thanks
  9. Does anyone knows a mod to change the trailer plate that works in MP? Thanks
  10. Briian19


    How can I change the Tab color that is brown? (I don’t refer to the tag) Thanks
  11. Hi, Anyone know of a mod of double trailer mixed, for example a refrigerated with a tank, that works in the multiplayer? Thanks
  12. Hi, How do I put the speed that I want in the limiter? For example if I don’t want to pass 100 km/ h how can I do this? Thanks
  13. Briian19


    In my profile i see a thing that says ACCOUNT STATUS: Not activated How can I change to activated and what it is? Thanks
  14. Briian19


    In my profile of reports read 10 reports max, and my question is. 10 reports max once a week, once a month, once a year or for all my life of that account?
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