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  1. Axorell

    Micro stutters every 10-15 seconds.

    Hello again, Do you have any launch options set for ets? If you do, please try launching the truckersmp without these. If you dont, i want you to launch truckersmp after you put in "-64bit -rdevice dx9" without the quotationmarks into your launch options. This will force the game to run in 64-bit DirectX 9 mode. To add a launch option, Rightclick ETS2 in the steam library > Properties > Set launch options. This gotta be a small thing we’re overlooking, hmmm.. / Axo
  2. thanks for the follow! :wub:

  3. Goodnight goodnight, Construction site :P w/ my Bestfriend-replacement @Keezome :love:  (& @NickThe0ne but that's not so important, he's a pleb c: )



    1. NickThe0ne


      Wow..... you so mean ;)

    2. Keezome


      I love you both 

    3. Axorell


      I'm very glad that you chose me <3 (who's this other person u mean with "both"? :huh::kappa:)

  4. Once again driving together with @Keezome and @NickThe0ne :love: :wub:



  5. Driving with @Keezome & @NickThe0ne tonight :love:




    Edit: Finished for tonight in Rotterdam with @NickThe0ne parked on the left, and @Keezome in the middle:wub:


  6. Axorell

    Micro stutters every 10-15 seconds.

    Hello, Have you tried: - Disabling development logging in the TMP overlay settings? (Restart the game after you hit Apply/OK) - Disabling Game DVR? - Checking task manager to see if there are any possible processes running that could impact performance? (I'd suggest checking the "details" tab as well as the "processes" tab) - Spawning in an area where there are no nearby players? Ex. any city/town on the far east side of Going East (if you have this DLC.) - Gone to TruckersMP's "Graphics" setting tab and unchecked the different checkboxes, and lowered the Draw Distance to the lowest? (Requires a game restart) It's weird to me that you're having this issue because I have similar specs. Though I do get random stutters as well, but in my case, it's pretty much just when a couple (or more) players are loaded in at once. I hope you get your issue solved! Best Regards, Axo
  7. Axorell

    Connection error

    Hello, Is your issue resolved? Firstly, there are some good suggested solutions above, but I would like to fill in. If it's not fixed, I would suggest as well as doing what's above you uninstall TruckersMP (C:\Program Files\TruckersMP Launcher), delete the folder, and verify the integrity of game files (Steam: Library > Rightclick ETS2 > Properties > Local Files > "Verify integrity of game files..."). Then install TruckersMP again, and log in then see if this worked. If your issue is still going on, let us know in case someone has a different solution that might work. Best Regards, Axo
  8. Axorell

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

    Bruhhh 1
  9. Axorell

    Future DLCs, what would you like to see?

    I would like to see the map expand more toward Spain and Portugal like they had in the original Euro Truck Simulator. I would be very excited to see the rest of northern Scandinavia because that's where I live, and I was born in the most northern part of Norway. Seeing BDF-chassis added into the game is something I've wanted for a very long time, and I hope SCS get to do that one day in the nearest future^^
  10. Axorell

    Double Trailer Restricted Sign

    Adding signs around the map is not the easiest task. A more doable idea would be to put markers on the navigation map where needed. These should be visible indications, which stand out, that the area you're driving towards is restricted for doubles. I see this as a possible thing to do and it would be a good addition to the idea I had. It allows people to be able to spot where doubles are restricted before entering that area, and also if they weren't aware of that as they're already heading towards it.
  11. Welcome back to the TruckersMP staff team!

  12. Axorell

    [SCS Blog] Saint Petersburg - Western Diameter

    I'm hyped to be able to drive along these roads with my friends, being able to get a first look together, only thanks to TMP <3
  13. Just finished a ride with my friend, admeeeeeeen ( @Keezome ) :wub:

    (No beautiful ReShade photo bc goldfish me forgot to do so)