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  1. Well I didn't expected that the guide get's appreciated that much lol. Anyway thank you for your feedback guys, I will definetly work on to improve on the guide and add new points in future. I know that I've missed a lot, some stuff that should be very obvious but still those mistakes happen but I will include them in future. I will definetly include these points soon. All of these 3 points are definetly factors which are playing a role in many many accidents. Also, thank you for your feedback Both points should be on the top of common road sense but as well all know it still does happen a lot, more likely the overtaking of traffic jams. Even though this is already included in the rules, I will most likely make an more detailed explanation of this. Thanks!
  2. Hai peeps, As not hard to see I'm an game moderator at TruckersMP and today I'd like to talk about the most common mistakes while obviously driving or just in generally playing on our servers. Lately while doing my duties as game moderator while observing traffic in crowded cities and roads it came to my attention that lately so many simple mistakes are made that even can lead to further accidents or worse. Most of these mistakes are really just to easy to avoid but either it happens because the player may didn't know about or did it under negligence, which is indeed another story, however I want to talk about them so may some players can atleast take advantage of it and improve in such. To how this topic will be build up, well very easily for everyone's understanding I hope. I will most likely give some examples of simple mistakes by showing an screenshot or video, for example, of them how it'd be wrong and how it'd right so it's better displayed and also may explain general stuff about this deticated maneuver/mistake/however you want to call it. Well that's simply explained what this topic is about, so let's get started. Mistakes at companies, service shops and similar #1 Leaving a company, service shop and similar The most common mistake that happens at companies, service shops and similar is simply leaving them without taking a look, inside other players, without paying attention and/or even without having the right to leave in first. When leaving a company you will almost always have an yield (give way) or stop sign, only in really rare cases it's not like this. Obviously both signs tell you to stop in first and to have a look if the road you want to enter on is clear for such in first. Ignoring those signs and just entering the road can lead to accidents pretty easily and you're at fault for such then, you can also be punished for such when taking our truckersmp rules into consideration. Even when those signs are not there, you still have to yield to crossing players and have to make sure that the road is clear in first. The easiest way to improve in such is to simply respect these signs and take a look before you're leaving an company, service shop or similar. Every type of ignoring these and you crash into a player or a player does crash into you while you're pulling out of such, is considered your fault in any way. #1.1 Leaving companies, service shops and similar INSIDE of other players Another pretty common but as well unfortunate mistake is to leave companies, service shops and similar (every place which does include a no collision area in general) inside of other players. Some may not even notice, but it happens a lot and you should be aware of the fact that you can cause major damage to others when leaving the no collision area at the same time they do and keep on driving inside of them. Both of the players automatically receive their collision back when exitting those areas, mostly it's just a matter of time until one player pushes another since for the one the collision is back but for the other one it's still not back, basically, this is most likely a bug but you're enforcing such with your own failure to adhere that it's clear to leave the place so it's also taken as your fault if that situation occurs and another player (or even more) receive major damage out of that. The most common place that happens is the service shop in duisburg. When you're standing at the exit of the shop then you should always, firstly make clear again that the road is clear for leaving, but also adhere yourself that no one is example standing infront of the exit already where you potentially go trough since you still don't have collision enabled again. We mostly also remind players to leave the service shop there ONE by ONE and it does help from time to time, but it should be in the knowledge of everyone for such. #2 Leaving and entering gas/fuel stations Another pretty common place for accidents are gas stations. The may different thing about gas stations is the point that those have various ways to enter and leave them. However you're legally not allowed to enter them on the exits and viceversa, sounds like common road sense but it can get a bit tricky for unexperienced players. The smallest type of gas stations you can find at most countryside roads in almost every country in-game, however those are the most tricky ones for unexperienced players. In most countries in ets2 you'll have to drive on the right side of the road, except the uk (and other countries on promods). As shown in an example pinned down below you can see that you enter those always on the first possibility when fuel stations are on the right side. If those are on the left, then you always have to take the second opportunity to enter it since the first one would be the exit in that case. Also the exit and entrance is most likely shown with placed signs, however as it even happened to me once lately again I can tell that it is quite easy to oversee them when you're not paying full attention. Mistakes at intersections and junctions #1 Taking the correct lane for a turn Well coming to intersections let's start with the most common mistake that I encountered in a minute wise while observing high populated areas. Many many players don't really use the appropriate lanes for turning or even just going straight. To take the most common place as an example, which will be displayed down below also, is the main intersection inside of duisburg. When coming from düsseldorf trough the tunnel to enter duisburg or from the opposite the service shop you will be on a road with a right and left lane. The most common mistake made here is that players use right lanes to turn left, left lanes to turn right and, which isn't a point at this intersection, but lanes that are only for "turning left" are being used to keep on straight. As simple as it is, but you're not allowed to use right lanes to turn left or viceversa by road laws and regulations in most countries. Which is also a little side note, as truckersmp rules apply on our server so do normal road regulations. When turning left from a right lane and an accident occurs with a player that was turning left from the left lane then you're obviously at fault and you also can be punished for such. You always should chose wisely in which lane you're driving in when you're approaching an intersection. Last second changes of lanes are not really appropriate either. #2 Traffic Lights As simple this system is and works, still a lot of mistakes and even misunderstandings happening with regular traffic lights. That red means stop and green means go isn't really the big deal, unless you ingore such on purpose. The most discussed point of traffic lights are the yellow/orange light phases. When a yellow light occures after an red phase, it doesn't directly mean you can go immediately. Technically there is nothing speaking against such, but normally it means that you should get ready to go when the light turns green. However the most misunderstood point is when a light turns yellow after a green phase. This light doesn't mean that you can still go. You're only allowed to run the yellow light if you're not able to brake before it in any matter. If you obviously still have the opportunity to brake, then you have to and stop. Stepping on the gas to get over it while it is still yellow is definetly the wrong decision and you can be punished for it as well. #3 Players that are still on a intersection This is a very roughly discussed topic as well were arguments are meeting each other. What happens or better said what exactly are you supposed to do when you are still on a intersection when the crossing traffic get's a green light or you're in this crossing traffic while another player is still on the intersection? It's simple, if you're still on the intersection then you should try to get off it as soon it's possible for you. However if another player is still on the intersection then you simply give him the time to leave it when it's possible. Trying to cut infront them or even ram them away is unnecessary and not smart in any matter, also such can be punished. #4 Traffic jams at and on intersections With such is simply meant classis city jams. You want to take a left turn but you can see that there is no space for you anymore to properly fit into it without ending up in the middle of the intersection. However still a lot of players manage to do so, which is a clear mistake. If the traffic isn't moving then you shouldn't go either. It's simple as that. The Kirkenes Quarry Road - Special Addition Just regarding something to it in first, I've decided to take a special part for this road since there are a lot of things that need to be respected on this road. #1 Overtaking Just to start of with the most impactful manner on this road, overtaking itself. I would never ever recommend anyone if not absolutely needed to overtake someone else on the kirkenes quarry road, unless those people pull over and want you to overtake (Note: while that you have to make sure that you don't affect upcoming traffic for example). The kirkenes road has maybe 2 spots in total that are just about a little of hundreds meters where it is kind of save to overtake, but the whole rest of it is a uneven, bumpy, tight and just tricky road. If you trailer or yourself bumps off while overtaking for example and hits the player you're overtaking, then you're responsible for it. Also, since the road is very popular traffic jams are still a very common thing there. However it doesn't matter if there is no upcoming traffic or not, overtaking is strictly forbidden when the amount of players near you exceed the number of 25. That is also officially stated in our rules, any ignorance of this will definetly lead to an punishment. #2 Corners Blocked Corners - the most annoying thing that occurs to a lot of players there. You're trying to get up an hill, you approach a corner and apparently it's blocked by players being parked inside of it. Obviously the kirkenes quarry road is way to tight, especially in corners that trucks with trailers can properly maneuver there beside each other. The kirkenes road, and I mean that for real, does require a good communication between players. Even if that is just honking or flashing the lights to signal you can go up or down. Before entering a corner, make sure down or up of it is enough space that you fit in there so you don't block the corner. Just following the player infront by not even looking for such things can get you in a bad situation pretty fast and you're at fault for that. If there is no space at all or you can see that you won't fit, then park infront of the corner so opposite traffic can go down or up, so traffic can keep rolling instead of being blocked by someone in the corner. Hence why communication is an requirement on this road. #3 Priority While really set priority isn't a thing in general on the kirkenes road, there is one place where one side has the priority for going over an bridge managed by road signs so by road regulations. That is the red-wooden bridge before or after, depending on where you coming from, the hairpin bends. If you're coming from the quarry, then you have priority to go over this bridge signaled by road signs while the side coming from kirkenes city direction has to give this priority and wait. While that is the only really set priority place, there is another priority which doesn't has to be hold, but could be kind of useful for everyone sometimes. If players are coming up an hill, give them priority to move in a corner for example. This isn't required to do, however would be a nice meant act besides and maybe could even save yourself some minutes. #4 Out of Map As written in rule §2.5 - Reckless Driving it is allowed to exit the base map of promods over roads to explore it further. However that doesn't include rivers, lakes or the sea in general. The Kirkenes road is quite known for the fact that you can exit the base road and even skip some of it by going over the water, however such is not allowed to do and will be punished. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Well and that's basically it of the basic minor faults that are taking place daily on every server while it's just to easy to improve on them. I don't know if I most likely bored you with this or may even helped you, but I still would like to thank everyone who reads this and may improves out of such. If you have suggestions or stuff to add on this "list", then just let me know. I can tell that those are not all common mistakes, but those are definetly the ones that happen the most at the current time given. Within that, take care everyone! Last Note: I'm aware that my english isn't the best, but aslong you can understand it then it should be fine TruckersMP's Neko and Official Weeb Koneko
  3. getting back to the real OldSkool...

  4. Back in business baby!

    1. Herr Müller [GER]

      Herr Müller [GER]

      Nice Trailer 👏👍

    2. Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Nice editor, start driving happily!😀

  5. Koneko

    TMP-Regeln Save-Editing

    Hallo Fana, Mit dieser Aussage habe ich grob beschrieben das alle modifizierten und duplizierten Anbauteile and diesen LKW verboten sind. Ich kann es auch natürlich ausführlicher beschreiben. DAF XF 106: an diesem LKW sind lediglich viel zu viele Anbauteile dupliziert und machen den LKW schon daher illegal. Außerdem, wenn man dupliziert dann darf nur eins der beiden Teile Addon Hookups (Lampen, Rundumleuchten, LEDs) enthalten. Dies ist bei diesem LKW offensichtlich nicht der Fall und daher ist dieser nicht erlaubt. Standard addon hookup Scheinwerfer sind zwar auf dem b_grill erlaubt, aber halt nicht mit dem Ausmaß der anderen duplizierten Teile. MAN TGX: Bei diesem LKW kann ich es leider nicht genau sagen da ich nicht weiß ob das exhaust_r accessory auch dupliziert wurde. Wie zu sehen wurde exhaust_l aufjedenfall schon einmal dupliziert was aber noch im erlaubten Limit liegt. Scania S: Hier genau das gleiche Szenario wie bei dem DAF, viel zu viele Duplizierungen. Aber auch hier sind addon hookup lampen auf dem b_grill erlaubt. Mercedes Actros MP4: Hier wurde zwar nur einmal dupliziert (zumindest einsichtig), jedoch haben beide bars addon hookups was nicht erlaubt ist. Entweder wird eine bar entfernt oder du entfernst die addon hookups von einer beliebigen von beiden. Nur als kleinen Hinweis, deine komischen Kästchen und Bezeichnungen sind zwar nett gemeint. Aber diese irritieren nur und vermindern auch die Sicht auf den eigentlichen LKW von daher würde ich davon abraten. Nicht alle Game Moderatoren haben 100% Ahnung von Save Editing und manche haben sowas auch noch nie selbst probiert, was auch kein muss ist. Ich würde die Anforderung nicht zu hoch stellen da Save Editing ein schwieriges Thema für die meisten ist, nicht auf die Regeln bezogen, im generellen. Erst wenn man selber save edited und/oder es voll und ganz versteht kann man auch mit den Regeln geordneter arbeiten. Ich hoffe die Fragen haben sich demnach erübrigt. Falls es immernoch welche gibt stehe ich wie immer gerne zur Verfügung. mfg, Koneko, TruckersMP Game Moderator
  6. Koneko

    TMP-Regeln Save-Editing

    Hallo Fana, Jeder deiner gezeigten LKW verstößt gegen unsere Save Edit Regeln in jeglicher Hinsicht. Alle LKW überschreiten das Duplizierungslimit (von 1) und sind daher illegal bzw. sind diese nicht auf unseren Servern erlaubt. Jedoch sei auch bedacht, man darf zwar einmal duplizieren, jedoch darf nur eins der beiden duplizierten Anbauteile (addon hookups: lights, beacons, etc / Lichter, Rundumleuchten, etc) haben. Wie schon gesagt, da jeder gezeigte LKW von dir gegen §3.5 verstößt sind diese alle nicht zur Benutzung auf unseren Servern erlaubt und daher auch das Savegame von dir hinfällig, bzw die enthaltenden LKW. Falls noch Fragen bestehen stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung. mfg, Koneko, TruckersMP Game Moderator
  7. It's worth to buy it, definitely. Beautiful scenery and gorgeous landscape roads, you can see the love in detail. iirc there are also some famous real life sightseeings that got implemented into the dlc. According to new gameplay in the dlc, well not really in the dlc itself but the 1.36 update added and changed a little bit of stuff but nothing major. Anyways, in my opinion the Road To The Black Sea DLC is worth every cent
  8. Some Pictures of yesterday's drive from Riga 🇱🇻 - Port Said 🇪🇬 :wub:


  9. Thanks for the lovely drive yesterday @Moh_ and @I3lackReaper :wub:


  10. After getting some kilometers in the trucks it was time for a new ride for the holland fleet. Well here it is! :wub:

  11. Something else today! :wub:

  12. I don't have a fav brand, but here are my 3 Singeplayer Rides I currently own and drive The Style I prefer pretty much explain itself
  13. New Trucks in the Garage:wub:


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      Save Editing :wesmart: :LUL: jokes beside, it should be a mercedes new actros cabin intake iirc


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      Uiii, I love your trucks. They are looking always nice!! 

    4. IceRaged [NO]
  14. I will stick to the good old Bergen-Oslo landspace road, still my favorite
  15. Back on the Road!

  16. The first time it got teased was already 3 years ago
  17. It's the T for sure. The video that go posted earlier in this week on Instagram and Twitter was promising it already if you compared the engine start-up sound out of the video with the real life start up sound. Also I think the T will arrive with the 1.36 for sure!
  18. I wonder if someone can remember this old forgotten trailer :thinking: "updated" it and it's ready to use in 1.35 now :wub:

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
    2. Koneko


      well it maybe is coming back when the Range T get's into the game, atleast let's hope for that:wub:

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I remember that trailer, loved it, even had a cow one :D :wub:🥰  Really hope it does come back when the Renault T comes

  19. April, 2019~
    The time I bought the Antos and were used to drive with it in SP.

    September, 2019~
    Well what can I say, same truck but she got hardly reworked. Over the time my tuning taste changed... and this is her now! :wub:

    Also stopped on a tour to watch some lovely cows on the meadow🥰🐮

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