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  1. happy birthday

    1. Samito_BG


      Urm, sorry but my birthday it's on May 17! 

    2. [TØP] CΣZAR

      [TØP] CΣZAR

      oh sorry I lent my phone to my girlfriend and I don't know what things she did

  2. Thx for this present, and good lucky to everyone, merry xmas
  3. i'm fine, and you


  4. Hello everyone, today as you know today was the Real Operations V8, what did you like about the event? To me buses, blocked roads and accidents. MY VIDEO:
  5. I like to drive the AI cars of ets2 and ats, but in TruckersMP

  6. Hello friend, it will be a pleasure to help you. 

    In your ping problem, this is due to your internet connection, if you see that your ping is higher than 150ms you will have problems.  Sometimes also the region where you live will also be the problem. 

    Regarding the winter mod, I really have no idea, but in my opinion I think not.

    1. xThe0xYg3n


      Hey thanks for you fast reply well that's what i was thinking about for unreliable connection but maybe i've still ADSL i have an 65 ms in average so i don't think that's the problem, i've recently saw that it happend when my game "freeze" like when i launching my game and starting my savegame some time it "block" the loading and i've got the message unreliable connection please reconnect so that's awkward (well right after i restart the game and everything's working) and i come from France so i don't think that's a big problem lmao Macron give us some good internet no problem lmao and alright i hope the wintermod come out, that was a cool mod, mostly when i was making sliding my 44 tons that was such a pleasure haha.

    2. [TØP] CΣZAR

      [TØP] CΣZAR

      LMAO, here in Mexico AMLO and Infinitum does not give us a good internet, my ping is 210ms hahaha

  7. Hello Friend. I will tell you something you can do. Create or download a profile, then put the colors and your skin as a preset (I don't really remember what that function is called, but you find it in the workshop when you modify the painting, I think it says "keep as preset") Choose the colors and put them there. Share that profile with your friends. Something you can also do is to use basic and easy-to-find colors when changing the skin of your truck.
  8. Hello friend, it will be a pleasure to help you.  Preferably, park on one of the closest roads.  In case your ping is very high, be the first to enter to avoid an automatic kick.

    1. SkodaRunner


      Ok so can I spawn at duisburg and drive their?

    2. [TØP] CΣZAR

      [TØP] CΣZAR

      not for much time

  9. nope because i wanna view your tuning style
  10. [TØP] CΣZAR


    hello everyone today I would like to see your favorite truck designs and brands I REALLY LOVE THIS PICTURE
  11. hello everyone today I would like to see your favorite truck designs and brands PASSION FOR DAF EINDHOVEN
  12. I like to drive with CUMBIAS MEXICANAS because is perfect to trucker job
  13. 7 YEARS OF EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2 Hi guys, you know, on October 19 on this year [2019] a great event is held for most of the SCS Software and TruckersMP community, as well as any fan of this wonderful game, Euro Truck Simulator 2. According to my account and registration of Steam has been playing this game for more than 1,200 hours, in my opinion, they are the best hours I've lived, many experiences in TruckersMP (for example: bans) and offline mode (using mods). The first time I played ETS2, I had a poor quality computer. I still remember when I was very anxious to play and see what would be of this game, I started the game in version 1.1.1, the first version released on Steam by the developer. I still remember my first profile, the first truck I drive was the Scania R730, the first city of the game I met was Paris, that time I made a small delivery, then, I went to drive a DAF, an Iveco and so I was adopting a game mode. With the passage of time I have seen that the game has been changing a lot, some changes did not please me!, others I did not realize of affected me, but the most important were when they put new trucks, or when SCS brought to light a new DLC. From the first time I play, I..... i no have words to describe my emotion. Noe the game is more interactive and more extensive in a matter of the map. All of this is for the community and the workers of SCS, for all, thanks to make one of my dreams. Well, after all my boring speech I get to the point. I created a video and uploaded it to YouTube, so that generations that could not have the ability to know what the game was like before, how we felt in, how the graphic was then. Video Link: The other grain, is that, I want everyone who is reading this topic, to get a little nostalgic and tell me, how was the first time they played Euro Truck Simulator 2, as you felt at the time. For your attention, thank you very very much everyone. Sorry for bad english, I translated with Google Traductor
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