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  1. Hey, dear [TØP] CΣZAR   Thank you follow

  2. Thank you for the follow ;) 

  3. Happy birthday beautiful person! 

  4. Happy Birthday! 🎉🥳

    1. [TØP] CΣZAR

      [TØP] CΣZAR

      thanks so much! 

  5. Now yes, happy birthday friend.

    1. Samito_BG


      Thank you so much! :) 

  6. Si no pasa nada en mi casa, estaré allí!.
  7. happy birthday

    1. Samito_BG


      Urm, sorry but my birthday it's on May 17! 

    2. [TØP] CΣZAR

      [TØP] CΣZAR

      oh sorry I lent my phone to my girlfriend and I don't know what things she did

  8. Thx for this present, and good lucky to everyone, merry xmas
  9. i'm fine, and you


  10. Hello friend, it will be a pleasure to help you. 

    In your ping problem, this is due to your internet connection, if you see that your ping is higher than 150ms you will have problems.  Sometimes also the region where you live will also be the problem. 

    Regarding the winter mod, I really have no idea, but in my opinion I think not.

    1. xThe0xYg3n


      Hey thanks for you fast reply well that's what i was thinking about for unreliable connection but maybe i've still ADSL i have an 65 ms in average so i don't think that's the problem, i've recently saw that it happend when my game "freeze" like when i launching my game and starting my savegame some time it "block" the loading and i've got the message unreliable connection please reconnect so that's awkward (well right after i restart the game and everything's working) and i come from France so i don't think that's a big problem lmao Macron give us some good internet no problem lmao and alright i hope the wintermod come out, that was a cool mod, mostly when i was making sliding my 44 tons that was such a pleasure haha.

    2. [TØP] CΣZAR

      [TØP] CΣZAR

      LMAO, here in Mexico AMLO and Infinitum does not give us a good internet, my ping is 210ms hahaha

  11. Hello Friend. I will tell you something you can do. Create or download a profile, then put the colors and your skin as a preset (I don't really remember what that function is called, but you find it in the workshop when you modify the painting, I think it says "keep as preset") Choose the colors and put them there. Share that profile with your friends. Something you can also do is to use basic and easy-to-find colors when changing the skin of your truck.
  12. Hello friend, it will be a pleasure to help you.  Preferably, park on one of the closest roads.  In case your ping is very high, be the first to enter to avoid an automatic kick.

    1. SkodaRunner


      Ok so can I spawn at duisburg and drive their?

    2. [TØP] CΣZAR

      [TØP] CΣZAR

      not for much time

  13. Hello how are boys and girls, from here I will give you part of the little experiece that was the old version of TMP. (if you see misspellings, I'm sorry, use the google translator) In some of my days I like to remember how things were before my birth, as well as the things I don't remember (I know it sounds a bit ilogical), nut; I still don't forget the first day of TruckersMp, in these days is called ets2mp.com, for a youtuber called YekkoYek is that there was a multiplayer mode for one of the games on my computer, butat the time I had a pirated version of the gamee, but just when I wanted to go through creting an account and download the mod, the version patch came out 1.14, that day I felt so bad, sice the time I declared my crush and rejected myself, I had not felt so bad, for a long time whaat I had to do to live that little experience is to watch videos of how it was. All of that, and i like it, in 2016 after I grafuated from university I went to work to earn money, and everything went well, I bought an apartment, a better computer, and if the original version of the game, it is so download the mod, and that was... of the best experiences of my life, not to make the vanilla version (ets2 but without mods) so boring. I liked the idea of being in a way by which I can "socialize" but without leaving my house. Some things that I would have liked to live, was the Real Operations that i missed, when the EuroPort was the busiest rouyte, when the mod hud war different, when the community was less toxic (without offending anyone), when the new ones came out trucks like the Mercedes Actros or the DAF XF EURO6, when the map was not so big, but in the end, not everything in life you can get, after creating my account i play a lot, and I also miss the times when users they ware carrying trailers from the companies of the game, when it was my turn to see the injured (which is still in the game), when all of us who had a new dlc used it and presumed it, when Europe 2 was the most sought after even expected minutes just to be within whe experience, in short, what was of ets2mp from 2014-2016 is what I would have liked to live. Now everything I liveevery day is good, I do not say that the mod is already past and is flashing, but... I don't know how to end this sentence, now i feel very nostalgic. With nothing to say, all before, greetings to all. VIVE FELIZ EN LO VIRTUAL COMO EN LO REAL. CHEERS
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