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  1. You have to pull over, and figure out what's going on. They're probably pulling you over for hauling an over-sized load without the sign. Hope you don't a one week get ticket to the realm of outcasts. Just kidding, the staff team uses police vehicles, so that means they're admins. You don't have to do anything at all, it's normal to see them driving around in their police vehicles.
  2. The moment that I see a player driving a car on the incoming lane, is the moment that my anxiety sets off. That's my worst nightmare.
  3. Include the option to disable VTC advertisements in the settings just for personal preference. This way whoever doesn't like them can simply turn them off.
  4. I own all expansion DLCs for both ATS and ETS2. A couple of paintjobs as well for flavor.
  5. Your killstreak is now over.
  6. The Gods of TruckersMP favor me, thus I'm here to win.
  7. Having multiple accounts is not against the rules as long as you're not ban evading. However, assuming a rule is broken for the sake of instance, your accounts will be treated as one. If someone else uses your account and breaks a rule, despite who the person is, the account itself will be responsible for it, even if it's yours. For further information check out this topic.
  8. As slow as a turtle in traffic jams, populated areas, cities and towns, as fast as light on highways [when it's dead empty.] I stop at stop signs, traffic lights, and roundabouts.
  9. Idaho is going to be a game changer. More of a major crossroad between wonderful states, players will be able to cross to Washington from Nevada through Idaho without Oregon, and with the addition of Utah, long rides couldn't get more exciting. Alas, we're finally getting a larger-than-usual DLC. Hopefully Iberia will shift the abundance of veterans who're currently in eastern Europe towards southern France where it's virtually semi-dead. Besides, a long ride from southern Iberia to north-west Norway will be a ton of fun.
  10. From what I've seen in previous posts, I expected you to take it personal but not this extent, I'm obliged to call the fire department at this point. My response was primarily focused on your opinion of TMP's policies. In contrast, your response is heavily influenced by sheer will to try to offend me (I might add, you failed miserably at that) simply because I rubbed the soft spot, I love the smell of salt in the sea, Fisherman. No one has really mentioned anything about being British, American, Swahili or Norwegian, nor did anyone "show off" or brag about titles. This is a debate about the speed limitations that TMP has imposed, not anything else. I merely responded accordingly to you, a little taste of your own medicine. You might need to go through my reply once again, since the human mind can't think properly when they're in a moment of anger. Thought I would have a civil debate over here, but it seems to me you'd rather let your emotions have a firm grip on you like TMP's fantasy of simulation and realism already did. "Try to behave properly [in-game its not NFS or any other racing]" "That post gave me urinal infection." Says much about the nature of your usual conversations. Happy fishing, enjoy the salt o/. (It's free after all.)
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