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  1. Fairly simple: you can't run NFS with a 2008 Acer/Toshiba when you're able to only run ETS2 with 40 FPS on the lowest settings. But seriously now, jokes aside, the reason we have so many reckless drivers and children is due to the popularity of ETS2. One kid watches a "funny awesome" video, talks to a buddy of his at school, they get more friends in on it, they play together and don't acknowledge the existence of the rules. It's not a problem of TMP, it's a problem of ETS2's growing popularity, and the popular "idiot drivers" videos, which entertain kids and bring more of them here. It's simply a matter of PR. As far as the speed limit, I used to praise TMP for its implementation due to the ridiculous amount of reckless drivers, but now we know that it doesn't stop them from ramming anyone on sight, at low speed or high speed, they'll still manage to cause some damage. The speed limit does not work. Always remember that the bad guys break the rules, the rules do not affect them, the rules only affect the good guys. I agree with the "simulation" part, but the speed limit is pure bullcrap, even though I personally abide by traffic rules both in game and in real life. Point is: the speed limit does not stop the trolling, the ugly ramming and stupid kids from repeating their offenses. Want a better solution? Have the reckless drivers banned from all servers but one, which is Arcade, a server-wide ban feature is needed here, otherwise nothing will change. Can't be a reckless driver in Arcade, because the traffic rules are non-existent.
  2. Totally understandable. ATS is improving and the content only gets better, it has an unimaginable amount of potentiality. While I recognize the potential content of ATS, it isn’t much of a game as of yet, in comparison to a beached whale like ETS2. ETS2 can still offer more content though, the DLCs based in Eastern Europe aren’t many and small in size, they could also expand Scandinavia north bound. Russia, Ukraine and Belarus could also make one hell of a DLC bundle.
  3. There are a few factors that contributed to this, and it's not difficult to spot these factors. ETS2 is much older than ATS, which means it has its own player base by the time ATS came out, it also provides more content than ATS will ever have. You also have to consider the popularity of ETS2, unlike ATS, which has a small and mostly North American audience. ETS2 has more YouTubers than ATS, and that has attracted too many people to ETS2. Why would you join a server that has 150 players, when there's a server that has 4000+ players? When you have C-D road? When you come across 10 players every other second? When most of your friends play ETS2? There's no reason for people to play ATS, except those who are enthusiastic about American trucks or players who genuinely enjoy the American map because it feels like home to them, which is a small number. Or... homesick players, like me.
  4. I wholeheartedly agree. The size and location of the window can also be manipulated to your liking, I don't see why wouldn't anyone have it open nowadays.
  5. @BeaverTG (left) xenophobia (right)


  6. Alas, it's almost finally released.
  7. Last night's Nitro Booster convoy, had a lot of fun. (Yes, I'm pretty late.)



    1. Shameless96


      Nice a my best for truck.

  8. Unfortunately, ATS isn't as populated to have a third server running, doesn't worth it, considering it would have less than 100 players during peak hours.
  9. A slow process ensures the quality of the staff. Not everyone is suited for the job, and surely not everyone is capable of administration.
  10. Good morning TMP.



    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      have a great weekend :P 

    2. Impossible_qp


      Old daf with nice paint job ! Looks good ;)

  11. A simple solution: remove it from the list, it's likely many won't report at all when they realize the server isn't listed, however, some may or may not select any server available to them just to get their report filed, then at that point, there wouldn't be as many reports as we currently have.
  12. I like to chill and relax on ATS/ETS, primarily because there's not much to do apart from driving from point A to point B, it's a game that will never make you frustrated or upset in any way. A place where you take a break from the problems infesting your thoughts. TMP is mostly what keeps me playing, because I love the community and how tight-knit it is.
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