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  1. Share your favorite truck drivers who're currently vlogging, giving us an insight of how it's like being a truck driver out there! This is one of my favorite videos of JBG TRAVELS, otherwise known as Johnny Be Good. He's an active vlogger since 2011.
  2. Back in mid-late 2017 I was trying to find a way to convince a friend to buy ATS, I looked up ATS multiplayer and came across TMP on YouTube, at which point my friend was convinced. He left and I stayed. Didn't regret it.
  3. I respectfully disagree. The Skoda has God awful physics which clearly shows it shouldn't be used or added at this point. How many times have you seen a Skoda flip while taking a turn or crash face to face with a truck? Countless times. I believe the speed should be limited on the Skoda so their drivers don't crash into every other trucker on the road because "omg it's slippery i can't control it". We're in a trucking game after all, we should make do with what we have in the game. I'm not addressing the trolls, I'm addressing the players who unintentionally cause an accident.
  4. How is this needed? We already have blips for players which is more than enough. It won't make any difference to have a custom blip for the Skoda, if you hate it so much, make a suggestion that it should be limited or removed, this way we rid ourselves of the Skoda reckless drivers. Either way, the GPS is used for directions. The addition of blips that we currently have is a generous subtle touch to alert us of the presence of players in the proximity so we don't make a mess crashing into each other at every other turn and corner even though we should use our mirrors and instinct rather than the GPS. Don't ruin it.
  5. I personally own a few, but I prefer to use whatever trailer comes with the cargo.
  6. You have to pull over, and figure out what's going on. They're probably pulling you over for hauling an over-sized load without the sign. Hope you don't a one week get ticket to the realm of outcasts. Just kidding, the staff team uses police vehicles, so that means they're admins. You don't have to do anything at all, it's normal to see them driving around in their police vehicles.
  7. The moment that I see a player driving a car on the incoming lane, is the moment that my anxiety sets off. That's my worst nightmare.
  8. Include the option to disable VTC advertisements in the settings just for personal preference. This way whoever doesn't like them can simply turn them off.
  9. I own all expansion DLCs for both ATS and ETS2. A couple of paintjobs as well for flavor.
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